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Default Re: Recommend me some 2020 albums halp

Day 755: Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers

Fuck you melon you got it right this time and I hate that. I feel like if it wasn't rona time, I'd be a lot harsher on this but somehow this just speaks to my isolation, cabin fever, loneliness and desperation for human connection that is likely going to lead me to some uncomfortable, dangerous places.

Wait, fuck, all of that about myself still applies outside a pandemic. Godfuckingdamnit. But still, I'm gonna have to revisit this when I can go outside again and see if I like it as much.

Best Track: Moon Song
Rating: 8/10
The above post has a 50% chance of being useless. Potentially. Maybe.

BEST AAAs: WANDERLUST, Pandora, Necropotence, Mourning The Lost, Eradication, Feldschlacht

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And if you have not recommended any albums yet, do so. Please. I have a goal to reach. Here.
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