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Default Re: TWG 187 Senpai [Post Game]

Originally Posted by devonin View Post
I assumed, since he made the post before he died, that it was a post made before he died and was therefore fine to refer to?
It's using information about what the host says or does in order to solve the game. Angleshooting would be me sitting down and theory crafting as to why Xiz killed Gradiant (Was it because he got the wrong info? But why did he die? Did Gradiant break the rules? Did Dev visit or did something else happen?). All of those questions are illegal and shouldn't be used to solve the game.
If I tried to angleshoot and deduce what happened, I only would have guessed he died because he received the wrong info in the night. However, this would have been wrong. Soundwave should have lived and Gradiant should have died. We wouldn't even have made the right conclusion even if we tried.
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