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Default Re: What Are The Best Controls?

For optimal play, I would definitely recommend spread as has been suggested. Of course, if you're just playing for fun, you can play however you want (sometimes I like to see what kind of scores I'm able to get playing with alternate play styles).

ASKL is a common choice for spread but there are a lot of other choices and it boils down to what feels comfortable and if your keyboard supports hitting all four of these keys at once. Here are some things to consider:
-spacing: you might want to do spread but have the key close together, such as FGHJ or have them far apart like QWOP.
-angled: ASKL has no angling to it. Some people like to play with V-shaped angle such QSLP or a ^-shaped angle such as AWIL.
-fingers used: most people play spread with their index and middle fingers although I know of at least one player that plays with their middle and ring fingers instead
-wrists: some people like to play with their wrists planted (resting on whatever surface) or non-planted (so that the part of your hand that's touching anything is your fingers). I've noticed most upper-tier players play with their wrists non-planted. I personally play with them planted. The reason I play planted is that I feel like I have more 'control' when doing so and because I find playing with them non-planted makes my wrists tired or sore. Players that play with their wrists non-planted usually experience more speed from what I've seen.
-general position: sometimes the general location of where you press keys could be more comfortable for you. For example, a FGHJ-player probably would not want to play QWER even though they are "equivalent" in a sense since QWER is shifted way too much to the left. Also, sometimes the position of keys relative to other keys could be important (e.g. you might want to avoid hitting the Windows key). I usually play with QWOP, but sometimes I switch to something else because I don't like how my left hand/wrist lays on edge of my laptop.
-keyboards: I personally just play on my laptop, but many higher-tiered players will tend to play on certain keyboards for optimal performance. There are multiple threads regarding keyboards if you look around.

I think that covers a lot of it. Happy keysmashing!

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