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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

In the night...

wineandbread has died

wineandbread's role PM is as follows

wineandbread, you are Calill. You are an exceedingly talented Sage, and the lover of the Berserker, Largo. You don’t talk about yourself much, beyond rambling about how great and talented you are, but one thing is for sure, you and Largo enjoy each other’s company.
You are masoned with [REDACTED], who is Largo. You may discuss whatever you want with them in your private chat, which may be anywhere, so long as I may be present as well. You may discuss here only. You should discuss with one another using whatever means you wish where you want this private chat to be during the pregame phase.

Day 4 will last 48 hours ending at 11:59 PM Server Time Tuesday, November 22nd.

Day 4 begins now
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