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Default Re: TWG CXLIX: Cedolad Replaces Out GAME THREAD

was digging through red blaster's posts and something doesn't sit well

Originally Posted by Red Blaster View Post
Honestly I'm so out of the loop right now it isn't even funny.
I'm more in tune with developments as of Day 2, but even now I find myself skimming posts in a failed attempt to get caught up.

Zenith's made his usual bonehead play of the game, gotten railed for it and made a post about subbing out. Charu's been pretty hard on his case today but other than that I'm not really seeing much else.
Originally Posted by Red Blaster View Post
I'm not well enough informed to have a suspects list yet, as of this moment if I was forced to make one Zenith would probably be on it though.

From interactions I've read I'm giving Charu and Backpack town clears for now.

If V is the SK, which I seriously doubt, we shouldn't lynch him today or any time soon.

Everyone else is a big ol bag of for now.
these are the only two real posts where he mentions zenith. the first post he mentions zenith in the context of charu's case and doesn't seem to think much of it, in the next one he admits that zenith would be on his suspect list, and then for seemingly no reason zenith/me progresses more and more on the scum list until it gets to this

Originally Posted by Red Blaster View Post
You misunderstand how badly I wanted/want to kill Zenith.
I see nothing that would make that happen especially since zenith hadn't posted at all after red blaster made those first posts

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