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Default Re: Weekly Batch Updates

Sunday, February 21st, 2016 8:09 PM EST

Updates from last week:

- If you haven't already read it, please read the Important Batch Updates front page post.
- The results for January/February 2015 Set 1 are posted. January/February 2015 Set 2 is still awaiting a Primary Judge -- it has enough user reviews.
- November/December 2014 Set 7 is finished, which leaves Sets 2, 3, and 8 in that Batch. DarkZtar is the Lead Judge for Set 8, and Lead Notes for Set 2 have been done for a while by ilikexd (it just needs a Veteran Judge for the Reviewer Task).
- The Lead/Veteran Judgment System Document is replaced by the FFR Special Judgment System thread. This is important as it provides a clear distinction between the Regular Batches and Special Batches.
- The current Batches going by the Special Judgment System are the High FGO Special Batch, Official Tournament Batch, and November/December 2014. November/December 2014 is going by the Special Judgment System to prevent logistical issues; January/February 2015 and after are the Public Judgment System.
- Remember to create a Song on the Batch Search Engine site after submitting through email. The second post shows the submissions that users need to create a Song for.
- While this does not directly affect users, the two spoilers below are an archive of the steps taken to put up the new Batch Search Engine site. Today on February 21st I cancelled the FFR subscription to Atlassian as it was too complicated and heavy for the needs of our staff -- it was worth a try.

To Do

January/February 2015 Batch
Primary Judge Set 2 - Unassigned

Judge Hard Song Batch
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 5 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen
Judgment - Phase 1 Pt 6 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen

November/December 2014 Batch
Judgment - Pt 2 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI
Judgment - Pt 3 (Lead) - psychoangel691
Judgment - Pt 3 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen
Judgment - Pt 8 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI

Official Tournament Batch
Judgment - Set 11 (Lead) - psychoangel691
Judgment - Set 11 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen
Judgment - Set 12 (Lead) - psychoangel691
Judgment - Set 12 (Reviewer) - TC_Halogen

Pending Conditional Queue Fixes
Pending Conditional Queue Fixes (High FGO Special Batch) - TC_Halogen

In Progress

Official Tournament Batch
Reserve Files For OT - psychoangel691

November/December 2014 Batch
Judgment - Pt 8 (Lead) - DarkZtar


January/February 2015 Batch
Primary Judge Set 1 - gameboy42690

November/December 2014 Batch
Judgment - Pt 7 (Reviewer) - DossarLX ODI

Other Batch Updates
Queue/Batch Discussion Thread Restructuring - DossarLX ODI
Special Judgment System - DossarLX ODI
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