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Default Re: 2nd Unofficial FFR Tournament - Shminals!

Originally Posted by Sinoya View Post
i like how for the songs "GGC" is listed, and then the full name is listed. kind of redundant don't you think?

GL to finalists.
Just for those who dont know, and GGC has been around long enough to be known as GGC, i wouldve put LGC for expert but then things get out of whack wit the Abbrev. usage also thats how Phynx tol me =P

Originally Posted by -Laggy- View Post
Fix the date again, it says sunday 24th, it should say friday. Oh if it this really does end on the 24th, then that would make this round five days, I dunno if you planned that but just pointing it out.
Phynx might change that, I put it the 24th cuz the round started like 8 hours later than it should have and Friday seems llike a more epic day for it to end.
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