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Default Re: El Paso and Dayton Shootings (SERIOUS TOPIC)

I'm gonna preface my response with this:

1. I own a pistol for self defense.
2. Equally, I have a license in the state to concealed carry said pistol. I typically do not at the moment, but intend to.

It's 2019, and America has already had over 200 mass shootings in various locations across the country. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if other nations called us "crazy assholes with guns."

We have inner turmoil in the country over gun rights. I'm all personally for being able to own say a pistol, and a non automatic riffle for say hunting, or home defense, along with a shotgun. For someone like me, it's very comforting that at the very least, there is a chance the field is either skewed in my favor, or me and the intruder would possibly be on equal footing. Not really interested in the notions about regulations here though.

It really sickens me that people would pull stupid shit like this, and what's worse is that some people are blaming it on a stupid shirt for being the reason for the shooting. Why? The shirt is completely moot, as is the weapon used. I wanna make the point that while the gun WAS used and is, in effect, involved in the shootings, the REAL thing to put the blame on is the shooter himself. Not the gun, not the shirt. It doesn't matter what the crime is or the method of carrying out said crime. The person committing said crime is ALWAYS at fault. And in 2019, people STILL don't understand this very simple fact.

People are blaming things? I softly disagree, and have to actually say they're led to believe because of how hard media influences choices. To blame the music, or even fucking video games though, is such a far fetched opinion you'd think we'd long be over this by now.

The person had issues, and decided the best way to go about trying to force change (misguided as it is) was to shoot people to get their message heard.

But like I said, it's sort of a moot point in 2019, until these types of people realize that social media is actually the correct way to sway change it's rough. And if someone wants to argue this with me I'm just gonna cite that you need to look at the modern social justice movement, and then get back to me.

We literally have someone in the world, in a nondictatorship, who was tried and convicted of offending the public. You've got to be kidding me.

I get really tired of crap like this and it just puts me in a sour mood if I'm being perfectly honest about it. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and the families and close friends of those victims. As for the shooters, I KNOW they'll get their comeuppance for this.

It sucks, and if better people had surrounded those people maybe it wouldn't have been a thing.

However I disagree that the shooters get their comeuppance. People are going to run their name around, and people now know who they are. They got what they wanted.

Fuck these people though. As much as I fucking hate the use of social media, I'd rather deal with that, than shootings.
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