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Default Re: What's the Difference Between the Old Runescape and Runescape Now?

why not just play osrs?

edit: its generally same in terms of areas (somewhat, alot has changed like teh starting zone being in burthrope (the members area) instead of lumbridge)), but since its been out for so long, alot has been expanded.. like, they reworked the TzHaar caves, added new stuff like the Fight Kiln instead of just the fight cave etc and made it bigger. It has the same quests but they are continued, like mournings end (the elf quest line) got finished and the elf area expanded.

Im pretty sure like, nobody pks anymore in the wilderness in rs3, but in osrs its really active, edgeville pking and deep wildy and stuff. It also doesnt have the same art style, personally i'm not really a fan of the new graphics

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