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Default Re: TWG 187 Senpai [Post Game]

Originally Posted by inDheart View Post
there is a school of thought that believes host communication in the thread is fine, and i think that same school regards asking good questions as either alignment as fairly skill-testing, but

in general i like keeping host comms private, and
i get the sense that people here would not like that as an element of the game that they have to read

i don't really want to touch the angleshooting stuff but using it as a defense sounds like it should self kill you, if that's what happened
Town Haku is bullshitting lies about what lost wolves know and decide to private message the host to clarify if wolves know each others.
If the host accept to clarify things because Haku is town and really doesn't know; It means that Haku cannot be a wolf.
This should be modkillable tbh, but it shouldn't happen as well.

This tend to be more true than not because wolves don't usually pm the host to fake clarify things because it's not cool to play like that in general.
I don't think people want to get in postgame and go like; "wow, very nice fake clarification from the host, you really outplayed us, good job man".

Honestly Xiz had the right call, but added a little too much info imo. (It didn't really matter if I misinterpret how the wolf team works, but it's cool to edit role pm from dead players, announce it in the thread and make it consistent)

It's subtle stuff.

I'm still not sure what's the best course of action for Gradiant.

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