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Default Re: Easy Batch Notes

Why are 41.568, 43.544, 44.532 jumps when 40.580, 41.321, 45.026 (etc.) are not? Looks like it's got to do with avoiding bursts that start/end with jumps? Cool idea, actually.
That's is exactly why. All about the difficulty control.
but I wish you'd add an extra arrow at the end of it for 8 notes instead of 7, just so the pattern feels "complete", in a sense - the sound effect is clearly still playing.
I personally like it that way. It just feels right to me, ending it on a 2 3 and proceeds to a series of jumps on the same notes.
I do think the effect ends a bit awkwardly by not encompassing the 8th at 1.15.383. I think it's fine to stop it at the 4th with the clap after.
I kinda see what you mean, but once again it feels better without adding any burst.
1.37.144 what is it like to have self-control and not make this an evil burst

Fixed everything else mentioned. On to One Look.

There maaaay be bass, but it's so faint, is this what you're stepping to?
Yep it's following the bass synth. I don't think it's faint at all, I can hear it pretty clearly.
This is a really weird sequence. I get that you want to avoid "downtime" by following the voice in the quieter measures, but it makes it very hard to follow the switchup in the moment of the file.
100% agree. One of the hardest parts of creating this chart was just figuring out the layering and what to follow. I love the way your simplified solution looked and played so I toned down this section and the repeating section at the end a bunch.
1.45.052 could have better pr on this very explicitly downward sequence
So a lot of the time when I have funky PR, it's usually because I have a pattern in mind that sort of fits the song that is more fun to play and less rigid or repetitive than the actual PR. I do fix these PR instance when pointed out, but I just explaining myself why I do it.
CONDITIONAL: Fill in the 16ths to the guitar notes in the section labeled ** above
With the layering changes and general toned that version, most of the guitar in that section isn't followed anymore so there isn't a need to add this. Let me know if this counts as fixed.

Everything else mentioned was fixed.

I've uploaded both updated charts.
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