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Default Re: Easy Batch Notes

Thanks for the notes, I personally thought the grace notes would be a unique feature for a low level file. I do understand how newer players would be overwhelmed by the strange and unusual patterning though.

However, I think graces are correct for most of these as there are clearly 2 notes being played within very close proximity. It's noticeable for me even on 100% and also observable on the waveform, alot of the jumps you suggested I think are when the piano is loud; which I think is a fine way to approach it, but I specifically went for the grace note gimmick here and didn't want to muddy the waters with a bunch of extra jumps to up the difficulty. For this reason I was debating before I submitted whether or not I should keep the jump at 41.173 in, but I decided to keep it because I think it's the loudest sound in the entire song.

Once again I can 100% see where you are coming from with the layering criticism and like always the notes on PR are objectively correct.

I would like another judge to take a look as you suggested; I personally think the grace notes are kind of cool in this file, but if 2 judges disagree with the layering choice then I will change the file accordingly.

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