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Default Re: Easy Batch Notes

Judge: VisD

Embrace (gold stinger) [8.5/10]
1.053 move to a 3 - this 3 note sequence ending here is the same as the one that starts at 1.386 and gives room for the 4 at 2.719 to stand out
32.154 you could definitely move the 8th anchor here to a 3 to break this uber long chain up. You keep the 8ths to a sequences of 8 after this, not sure why this one is 16 in particular, especially when the note itself is different (32.154 is lower than 31.710)
In this section that ends at 46.154, while each individual pattern of runningmen/crossovers has correct PR within, I also felt like as a whole the anchor sequence itself could be made better. For instance, the bit beginning 35.710 has the repeated note on the 8th
clearly lower than the other repeated 8ths in this section, so it plays a little oddly that the anchor here is a 4 whilst the ones right before and after are lower (2 and 1).
53.265 excellent catch on the [23] here being the same as previous
56.599, 58.377 these 3s should probably be 2s to complete the anchor, it's the same note (same as the first sequence in this section). Also, why not make the 3rd sequence anchor on 1? The note that's being repeated on the 8ths is clearly different
and lower than the sequence that is in 56.599.
After this the file is perfect but I particularly want to highlight the bit that begins 1.32.377. This is taco reax stuff, the pattern switching keeps things fresh but still represents the underlying music really well. I loved this part.

Really good, straightforward beginner's file with memorable patterns. Please fix some of the PR stuff up. I think this will easily be one of the most-played beginner's files released in a while.

Kingdom of Silence (M0nkeyz) [6/10]
Fractal Dreamers! Yes!

- Really not a fan of the grace note usage in this file. It feels super over-the-top to me for a chart that is designed to be this easy (basically 8th stream or less at 140bpm with occasional 16ths).
Like at 10.316, you literally have to slow it down to 10% to actually hear the point at which these two notes diverge in their attack, and on FFR these two arrows are going to be
converted into the same frame anyway (probably), so I'm not certain how much value-add this file gets from hitting new players with this particular pattern so many times.
- And then the two at 15.459 are just completely ghosted. I couldn't tell any justification for graces at all even at 10%.
(I know, I know, I made Atop the World so lol - but even there, you can hear the difference between grace and the note on-beat at 100%, and even in that file it was already arguably too much imo)

My best recommendation here is that nearly all the graces should just be made straight jumps. You can keep a few of the more distinctively obvious grace notes as such - these
would likely be the ones with a 48th gap or more.

- Missing jump at 16.316?
17.173 1-3-4 would be better PR here if you compare these three notes with the last three
19.316 - should this be a jump? also again the offbeat note here is just kind of...
20.601 - the grace note here is one of the few I'm fine with, because you can definitely hear the distinction at 100% - you don't have to strain your ears for it, you don't have to be
particularly paying attention for it, a casual listen is enough to detect this grace
Patterning in this section is really good btw
23.173 - optional: jump?

30.887+ - I'm going to stop mentioning the graces now, but this section is where I first started to be put off by these things during my playthrough. Yes, you can tell that there are two
distinct notes on the foreground piano at many of these spots, but I don't think that means that you have to color all of them
32.601 not even really sure why this one needs a grace or a jump at all, tbqh. Sounds like a single
33.673 random 8th from the background piano leaking here?
37.744 move to 1 for PR with 38.173
41.173 this is going to be a hand with this grace note after's actually not a bad spot for an actual hand, but definitely a little bit ugly as a color hand
42.887 understand the intent behind this 123232 pattern but it does play out kind of trilly for what is an upward melody
45.887 pr with previous grace jump thing
49.744 jump?
52.101 this is kind of nasty for a newer player. at minimum the 8th at 52.530 is ghosting this jump
54.030 should this be a jump? not sure
58.744 jump?
1.15.887 jump?
1.16.316 jump? this is a good spot to keep the 48th grace actually
1.28.101 4 -> 1 for pr?
1.43.316 shouldnt be a jump?
1.45.459 jump?

Was on the fence about CQing this because this is honestly a decent file, it gets the patterning right and PR is pretty good for the most part. Song is also very pretty and something I believe
newer players will enjoy playing. I'm a little hesitant to give the CQ because one of my absolute must-dos is to make a very large number of these grace notes become jumps, and I feel this borders
on transgressing on authorial expression; I don't want you to have to make changes based on how /I/ think an easy file for this song should be expressed.

My personal opinion is just that grace notes like these should be used more sparingly at lower-leveled files, and I can literally not hear much of a justification for a lot of these graces at 100%.
There's clearly two notes playing at a time, yes, but the divergences in their attack are so minor bordering on unnoticeable even at some lower rates. I'm not sure it's worth it to highlight all of them like that.

Coupled with repeated inconsistencies in jump usage (I know it's very not easy with a file like this, because of how muddy and faint the foreground piano can be at times), I don't feel like I can accept this file.
Giving this a 6, because grace note usage like this borders on pure subjectivity, so you can consider appealing for a 2nd look, although I can't guarantee the result will be any different.
(Alternatively - if you choose to resubmit in a different batch, I can at least promise you this: if I get to judge it again, and the grace notes have not been changed as a conscious artistic decision, I'll just pass the file; if you do generalize them as regular jumps, I'll judge the file normally.)

Oedo Hop (Psychotik) [9/10]
4.031 - 1 for pr? (same as 3.537)
11.933 - 2 for ^
13.415 - reverse pr on the next couple of notes
30.949 could share a column with [34] from previous for the kick continuing
Why are 41.568, 43.544, 44.532 jumps when 40.580, 41.321, 45.026 (etc.) are not? Looks like it's got to do with avoiding bursts that start/end with jumps? Cool idea, actually.
46.013 very pretty coloring for the sound effect here, I really like it, but I wish you'd add an extra arrow at the end of it for 8 notes instead of 7, just so the pattern feels "complete", in a sense - the sound effect is clearly still playing.
And move the last couple of them around (visually a little odd that the burst ends with 2, 3, followed by a series of [23] jumps for a sound with no relevance to the sound effect whatsoever)
47.742 a little mean to introduce a hand with a 8th minijack...
1.01.929 whee
1.07.729 jump feels a bit heavy for this sound alone, a white R would fit better imo
1.14.659 you already know i'm a huge fan of this shit but I do think the effect ends a bit awkwardly by not encompassing the 8th at 1.15.383. I think it's fine to stop it at the 4th with the clap after.
1.33.924 runningmen are always fun but this one is a little off PR wise, sorry the stuff on 16ths isnt the same sound throughout. OK to keep though. I think the fun-ness of this pattern justifies it.
1.37.144 what is it like to have self-control and not make this an evil burst

VERY solid easy file. I think there were a couple of PR things I missed out on listing down, so maybe go back and listen to the song at a slightly lower rate again just to 100% PR. Otherwise, big fan of the artistic and layering choices you've made here.

One Look (Psychotik) [**7.5/10]
18.352 starting here, consider 432 32[13] or similar for better relative PR between these two series of notes
12.052, 21.562 as far as I can tell, the notes follow the lyrics and then switches to the bass, with a jump to reset each phrase. However, I don't get these 4ths (and others like them). Unlike the one at 16.852, these have neither vocal nor bass on them.
There maaaay be bass, but it's so faint, is this what you're stepping to? Or are you just filling in these kicks as transition points? They played a little oddly in my playthroughs.
**28.852, 43.252 etc. The guitar plays more notes here than you are representing. There is a chain of seven 16ths, even though some of them are fainter. You do this correctly at 31.252, 38.452. The exception to this seems to be at 36.052, for some reason, which you correctly detect.
28.852-48.052: this bit was extremely confusing in my two casual playthroughs, and it took me a while to figure out why (beyond the missing notes above). Starting from the measure at 28.852 that begins this choral section, you follow, by measure,
guitar - guitar - voice - guitar - guitar - guitar - voice - guitar
This is a really weird sequence. I get that you want to avoid "downtime" by following the voice in the quieter measures, but it makes it very hard to follow the switchup in the moment of the file.
I much prefer what you did in the first 12 measures, where the voice gets "preferential layering" of sorts; whenever it's present, it's being followed. It's way way more prominent than anything else you're following, certainly including the guitar you're switching to.
This would mean switching the 1st and 5th measures of this sequence to dominantly follow the lyrics ("why - why - oh why") may feel a little emptier, but I believe this makes a lot more sense than what you have currently.

Won't make this note a conditional, because to me this is kind of a subjective "your take vs mine" thing, so the difference is reflected in the score, but I won't force you to change it. But I strongly recommend it!

48.202, 57.802 missing
1.04.852-1.06.352 you can afford to step the missing guitar notes here as you do on the 8th at 1.06.352

1.15.652, 1.25.252 pr here is a bit funky - these 4 notes should be something like 2321 or 3432
Other than ^, this section that ends at 1.45.652 is really well done and a lot of fun. (See in this section that you also reflect vocals whenever available - there's really no reason not to do it for the earlier section I mentioned too )

1.45.052 could have better pr on this very explicitly downward sequence
1.48.502 missing (faint - same deal as earlier, 7 16ths in a row, arguably even 8 here, but 7 is ok)

Rest of the file sort of repeats, it's fine - could afford to fade out a bit earlier but ok as is.
Overall a very interesting easier file, switching the followed instruments back and forth this rapidly is a nice risk to take. It paid off for the most part IMO.

CONDITIONAL: Fill in the 16ths to the guitar notes in the section labeled ** above (and the similar ones later on where you do the same)

Preset Junkies VIP (TC_Halogen) [8.5/10]
40.717 This whole section reminds me of a cool, easier version of that one bit in Capoeira Sundance, and this is a very nice switchup that similarly happened there. I like it
43.651 I get the jumps here, but they do feel sort of heavy. You also lose the contrast with 50.051, 1.09.250, and repeats later on when there are kicks to actually back these notes up.
1.18.717 missing note
1.37.250 layering checks out here but not sure I'm a fan of this many hands. I'd at least consider removing the ones at places like 1.42.851, 1.49.250 etc as they come on the back of a different hand and are layered to a cymbal crash that's pretty faint.
2.32.851 kind of mean...although there was a right-handed OHT earlier, so I'm guessing this is just to balance it out and make sure mirror doesn't help too much
2.34.851 not sure why the minijacks you were doing just a measure ago have been stopped here and then resumed later on? For variation? Not a big deal, one way or another.

Lots and lots of pattern and layering variations to switch up what could have been a long and repetitive slog. I must admit that despite your best efforts, it did start to feel a little draggy by the end, and I'm sure some kind of cut could be made that would retain
most of the goodies in this file. But I'm clearly not in the target audience for this file anyway; I suspect the frequent switchups will keep relevant players engaged and entertained the whole time. The effort to keep things fresh all the time with still
identifiable layering was pretty great to dissect, tbh.
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