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Default Re: 13th Official Tournament Predictions Thread

1) There will be a meme tiebreaker file in D7/D8 (Whimper Wall tiebreak for D8)

2) I can already see a few particular people raging on bragboard and others getting pissed about it.

3) Any combination of AnMaO, myuka, SillyFanGirl, snover for top3 in D8.

4) From D8 will come a new highest AAA (108+)

5) Someone injures themselves (either due to arrow smashing or outside of tourney) and drops out.

6) Ultimega mentions that he should still be D6 (over under on 50 mentions, will take bets)

7) Klimt gets promoted to D5

8) Kayla loses her shit because:
a) someone is being annoying about prizes
b) someone is complaining about files being bad
c) someone is complaining about division placement more than half way through the tourney
d) FFR stream crashes during a preview day
e) someone is asking to join tourney during Round 8
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