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Default Re: TWG Reminiscence Thread

Originally Posted by thesunfan View Post
Steve Rodgers
Legit Doctor
DBP red-checks Manti
danceguy kills all the blues (fiction's birthday party)
Charu submits a no-kill
RIP Storn d0-d0
remembering storn42
you can't milk those! (pts 1 and pts 2)
the ballad of James May
the ballad of Afrobean
the ballad Tasselfoot
the ballad of Red Blaster
the ballad of rzr
the /short/ ballad of ffa
Smash Bros
King me, bitch
lurker doesn't say hello to Mashi
raeko thinks this formal is dumb
fg wins AN2015
mashi and dbp's chances being so bad that the mods didn't write flavor for the game continuing
everyone gets modkilled capitalism
backpack betrays roundbox
shado seers his n0 green on n4
star being Chihiro
star is concerned about the air quality in Texas
the very short ballad of Nakah
raeko is high, but agrees with sunfan
impersonating jrodd
drekk's revenge
Shado gets modkilled over his love of mtamburini
wabby rapping in TPB
the spongebob script
Sage of the Forest tries to seer Manti
BDN's setups; the ballad
fojar owns Tass
twg LX the mystery game

viccica is the firefighter, jrodd and tps aren't
spongebob script
ant outting his wolf team in rage
the ballad of runescapedude
tokzic claims Gregory Edgeworth
ffa wishes to know the setup
illegal vanilla towns
I'm honestly surprised not to see me in this list, especially during my "least dense black hole" parade (which I still feel immense remorse about).

Reading some of these though puts a tear in my eye, such good times with everyone here
Originally Posted by MinaciousGrace View Post
and then you realize retaining skill is like 95% of the game after d7
Originally Posted by Xiz View Post
Getting Charu upset is like having Gandhi punching his children.

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