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Default Easy Batch Notes

We're going to be getting started with the Easy batch shortly, check back here for notes


Child Protective Services Theme Song
Elesis Theme [Future Bass Remix]
Embrace (gold stinger)
Oedo Hop (Psychotik)
Preset Junkies VIP (TC_Halogen)
Sam's Song (gold stinger)
Mysterious Wall (Pizza69)
The Phoenix (TC_Halogen)


Alien Blues
One Look (Psychotik)
MG1 (mi40)


Kingdom of Silence (M0nkeyz) [6/10]


Motivation feat. Zer1 & Funky-T (VisD)
Love U [Light] (VisD)
Dragon Hop (qrrbrbirbel)
Reluctantly Accepting Temporary Overexhaustion (hi19hi19)
Flare (qrrbrbirbel)
Stricken [Light] (storn42)
Bubble Beam (VisD)
Indestructible (storn42)
Paladin (Telnaior)
Riptide (VisD)
Defcon Zero (hi19hi19)
Identity (Part 1) (mi40)
Appetizer Expensive Meals (Deamerai)
Cloudley (Deamerai)
Precious Things (Deamerai)
Shin Takarajima but we are on the elevator (M0nkeyz)
Control (trumaestro)
Moons In Her Eyes (Deamerai)
Too Young (ositzxz369)
She (ositzxz369)
The Trees In Juarez (mi40)
Snowy (Ultimate Mike7)
The Big Black (mi40)
ATHOTH A GO!! GO!! (mi40)
Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl (ositzxz369)
Trip to the Moon (Club Remix) (ositzxz369)
Vega (trumaestro)
I'm Sorry I Failed You (Deamerai)
Welcome New World (bmah)
Scarlet Mask (bmah)
Holy Prayer (bmah)
CG901B (remixing ver.) (bmah)
Kingdom of Silence (M0nkeyz)
Right Now BLUE Ver. (Psychotik)
Audio Avenue (Psychotik)
Platforms & Pitfalls (Psychotik)
One Look (Psychotik)
Precipitate (qrrbrbirbel)
Flora (AutotelicBrown)
Spaceship Toyvox (AutotelicBrown)
-Never ending journey- (AutotelicBrown)
Excite Bike (ositzxz369)
Chiyeko melancholy (M0nkeyz)
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