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Default Re: TWG Reminiscence Thread

Originally Posted by rzr View Post
I did over 2 years ago, kid. You guys are so childish. But, whatever. I'm not playing double jeopardy then. Scum read.
Originally Posted by rzr View Post
Just ch ecking in on you mofos. Would like to reiterate for Manti I'm not bothered by any ban but I am bother by nobody acknowledging baiting in this instance.

Haku will spill his beans and mess up another game
For those of you that don't know what Manti refers to, I played about 8 years ago with an irl friend and got banned for pulling a red blaster. Have I gone 8years proving I'm an adult and then getting screwed in this situation with that idiot? Yep. Would I have kept cheating and stayed in the game WSINCE I KNEW DBP WAS TOWN BECAUSE I WAS TOLD BY A DEAD PERSON WHILE U WAS ALIVE AND ATTACKING DBP? Yep. But it doesn't matter. I'm working in a place dealing with similar laws to what you guys attempt to enforce. No hard feelings or animosty I just don't want to be misrepresented here dohoho. Have fun guys feel free to have a mod strip my credits and hand em out like candy, people on this site are so wrapped up in their own importance it's the reason people like Zenith and I are forced to be reserved. We expect no less.. Maybe he does that's the problem.

The tokzic and vendettas and roundboxs are the only players here that are worth being defined as such, everyone else is just a mod prospect.

I'll see you in epic, I'll see you on daily, he'll I'll see you on my alts here if I wanted to. Have fun being petty instead of trying to enforce rules Nd just playing games creating ban lengths.

Cheers to the real dudes man, and choof you should probably just kill yourself like you keep bragging about. Edit that if you want yosh. Good luck guys see you on other sites
Originally Posted by rzr View Post
Hope that answers your question since getting things out of Manti is as frustrating as synthlight. Seriously tho my intentions were never negative or to cheat, so have fun throwing dirt all over that without addressing any of what Wed talked about. You will eventually see the same decline for the same reasons that I did. I'm no madmatt, but if you treat everyone that way then they will act that way. Bye guyz
Originally Posted by rzr View Post
no emojis? fuck you anyway haku (:
I know I need glasses and all, but I'm not seeing any of this acknowledgement.

PS. Haku never did break any more rules in TWG games after that so ~whoops~
A+ prediction.
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ive spent more time with photos of t-force than im proud of
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