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Default Re: Favorite Manga?

Originally Posted by Mourningfall View Post
What is your favorite manga?

Mine's 'Dororo' by Osamu Tezuka. this 845 page behemoth sits proudly on my bedside table at all times.
It's a fantastic read I'd recommend it to anyone who appreciates the astro boy era of manga.
Dororo is a goddamn masterpiece. "Black Jack" is also a classic.

Devilman and Cutie Honey are also solid. I have a fuckton of respect for Go Nagai... the man literally invented ecchi and mecha manga.

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Whenever this thread gets bumped I feel inclined to see if my answer would be different, but in this case I think Diamond is Unbreakable is still my favorite, and I will forever love Great Teacher Onizuka and Kenshin even if at times their age holds them back (GTO is actually pretty bad about that)
Have you read Steel Ball Run yet? It's the absolute pinnacle of the Jojo series (and manga in general). Diamond is Unbreakable is my second favorite still; it has my favorite overall cast (<3 Rohan Kishibe) and the anime ironed out a lot of the pacing issues (e.g. introducing Yoshikage Kira earlier than literally 50% through the story)

My all-time favorite Jojo character after all these years is still Bruno Buccellati. I hope to cosplay as him someday. He's a true role model, absolute mom material.

VERY IMPORTANT EDIT: I almost forgot. Absolutely check out Gal Cleaning! It's a fucking rollercoaster of emotions for all the wrong reasons.

The plot itself is actually surprisingly interesting: the MC is forced to live with this spacey gal character, which sounds generic but the MC doesn't give a fuck about her and only cares about cleaning up the messes she makes in his house. The dude is just a master at cleaning his house. That's his thing. Entire chapters dedicated to "oh no, how do I get this juice stain out of my blouse?" and then him explaining the God-given blessing of lemon water and baking soda. He's the goddamn Sherlock Holmes of housekeeping. The manga is wholesome, informational as fuck and the MC is a massive chad.

Unfortunately the publishers announced they'd be axing the series after its conclusion due to low sales. This announcement occurred partway through the syndication and... uh, the mangaka had a fucking SEISMIC MELTDOWN at the news. There's literally no other way I can describe it. The ending of the manga goes off the fucking rails, driving the readers into the realm of LEGENDARY BAD.

You will notice that the MyAnimeList posting tells you the manga has 25 chapters. You will also notice that the manga itself only goes up to "Chapter 10." Why is this, you might ask.

The answer is because Chapter 8 is actually 15 chapters long. It starts at "Chapter 8" and ends on "Chapter 8.99." I'm not fucking with you. How do you prevent your manga from being cancelled? Easy, make it such that it never fucking ends, give us the Sexual Horror equivalent of Haruhi's Endless Eight. And yeah, throughout Chapter 8 we get to see the mangaka losing his goddamn mind in real-time, all while we're subjected to absolute storytelling ASS. As an experience, reading Gal Cleaning! Chapter 8 is like reading the entirety of Berserk's Golden Age Arc except every character is fucking Casca.

I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing this disaster as it unfolded in real-time, and I had a support group of some IRL friends to weaken the impact. It's the manga equivalent of watching a squirrel get run over by an 18-wheeler and staring at its dismembered lower-half, just waiting for it to stop twitching. There's just... nothing like it. This dude from the MAL forums described it best:

its the evangelion of gyaru manga
So yeah, this was important enough to hijack my entire post. Godspeed, Comrades.

DOUBLE EDIT: I turned this into an actual MAL review because fuck it, nothing actually matters

Originally Posted by TWG Dan Hedgehog View Post
there are 743 matches for hedgehog suicide on deviantart
that's kind of a sad statistic

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