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Default Re: Bugs that don't deserve their own thread

Originally Posted by HammyMcSquirrel View Post
Thanks for the quick fix on everything before, Velocity.

Gonna be more nitpicky now. A good chunk of this is just with page titles actually having a title that pertains to the page you're on.

-"Change Log" could go in the page title.

-Replace "Video Upload" in the page title with "Manage Uploaded Videos" or something that relates to the page.

-Same situation as above. Replace "Video Upload" with "Video Stats" or whatever works.

-Page title could say "FFR The Game (Low Res)" to differentiate from the main game.

-"Today's Top Fifty Songs" could go in the page title.

-"Most AAA Scores" could go in the page title, or maybe change the page to say "Top 100 AAAs" so it matches with the category name under the navigation bar.

-"Top 1000 Players" could go in the page title.
-The link at the top that says "FFR Top 10 Songs" should be changed to say "FFR Top 50 Songs."


-Spontaneous Hydroxide V2: Makes more sense to remove "on" from "AAA'ing on" in the token description.

-Hellbeat V2: Should say "fewer misses" instead of "less misses."

-Spinning With You: Should say "fewer than" instead of "less than."

(To save myself from being too redundant, I believe it's safe to say that you can replace every single
instance of "less" in all of the token descriptions with "fewer" lmfao)

-V1: "less" -> "fewer"

-Battle AX: "less" -> "fewer"

-Liquid Moon: "less" -> "fewer"

-{Midnight}: "less" -> "fewer"

-Starman: "less" -> "fewer"

-{Satori} v2: "less" -> "fewer"

-Dance To Moroder: "less" -> "fewer"

-CAULI FLOWER: "less" -> "fewer"

-Otaku Speedvibe [Heavy]: The description shouldn't include
the bit about the song being a difficulty 65 since that's not
true anymore.

-ViennaCore: "less" -> "fewer"

-PLANETZ: "less" -> "fewer"

-Abyss (Downbeat Mix): "less" -> "fewer"

-Incognito v2: "less" -> "fewer""

-Prelude to Rites: "less" -> "fewer"

-Cold Breath: "less" -> "fewer"

-Made In Innocent: "less" -> "fewer"

-Kyuin: "less" -> "fewer"

-Distant Land: "less" -> "fewer"

-MaxX AttaxX: "less" -> "fewer"

-The Five: "less" with "fewer.

-Pokemon DnB: "less" -> "fewer"

-5.1.1. (AG Supercool Mix): "less" -> "fewer"

-Im Raving (B0UNC3 Mix): "less" -> "fewer"

-Do Not Sex To This: "less" -> "fewer"

-Like Glass: "less" -> "fewer"

-Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia Mov.3: "less" -> "fewer"

-Gacha Gacha Hertz Figu atto Radio: "less" -> "fewer"

-Disconnected Hardkore: "less" -> "fewer"
If you're really bored, you could put a period at the end of every description since some have it and some do not. :P Regardless, I think that's everything for now.
All Fixed, also cleaned up all existing tokens.
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