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Default Re: Bugs that don't deserve their own thread

- Extra spaces on profile dropdowns.

-Page title has "SpinItUp 2" in it. (I know that it was legitimately considered SIU 2 at one point but as far as I can tell it's not considered as that anymore. At least publicly.)

-Remove "on" from "Highest Rated Girls/Guys on" or put "FlashFlashRevolution" after it.

-Says "Profile Search Results" instead of "Highest Rated Nada."

-The template for site navigation on the left side is from the old site design.
-This has been brought up before but old administration etc. The navigation bar at the top shows a user for the level stats and forum as if these pages are actual profiles. I know that it's how it was designed to work with the profile pages, but it would be nice to see that fixed for these instances. (I guess either removing these two tabs or changing them to reflect on the user viewing the page instead?)

(This is for any friends page.)
-Template for site navigation on the left side is from the old site design.

-"Latest Upload Photos" would make more sense as "Latest Photos" (to match the page title) or "Latest Uploaded Photos."

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