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Default Re: TWG 191: Don't Trust Your Mentor - Game Thread

Seeing as we're opening about The Games We're Playing, I'm re-playing Mass Effect 3 again, but without an ME1 save file and holy shit, let me tell you how pissed I am that Ashley is the canon choice regarding who lives because GOD I loathe her...
Also RIP Wrex..
Everything else is whatever, and Mass Effect 2 remains to be a damned masterpiece.

Also, I picked up Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore for the Switch because I'm a damn Fire Emblem weeb now, and according to both Cipher (the TCG), AND Heroes (the mobile game), it counts.

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Ugh, I hate not being able to play on my main where I actually have a user title instead of this generic one..

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I would agree with you here, however seeing as the last time I voted for T-Force I died, I do not believe this to be a smart idea
Whereas this lad has some good quality ideals about him.
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Why are you fucking pockets again?
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