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Default Nuclear Blast JS Awesome Bomb Filez 5 OH SHIT IT'S OUT

Download Nuclear Blast JS Awesome Bomb Filez 5 here:!2ohgCIRB!d2t3ly...1NExHakf-xgZGk
Smo Mirror: thanks foxfire!

If you're running on a toaster and need this pack in parts download it here:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Thank you TK_Unreal for mirroring this pack to mediafire in parts! <33

2 and a half years has gone by and all out nuclear war has finally commenced upon you and your pet dragon,everyone is pissed at you, but as you teleport to dodge explosion after explosion you realize something; NUCLEAR MOTHER FUCKING TITTY BLAST 5 IS FINALLY OUT. It's as big Megabyte wise as Nuclear Blast 1-4 combined (they're both 670mb). Your scrotum might have handled the beating of the last 4 packs, but now I'll show you who pees in the urinal and who eats the cake. With 6 hours of playable music you might as well put your fingers in a blender. Clasp your ass cheeks together and swallow a bunch of viagra, it's about time you hit that download button!

Song List:
12 little fragments of silence (IcyWorld)
30's Swing Tek (IcyWorld)
Alchemist (IcyWorld)
Amber Starlight (IcyWorld)
Anata Ga Mawaru (IcyWorld)
Arcanum Guardian (ilikexd)
Astrofalcon (Mollo & IcyWorld)
Baby One More Notch (MetzgerSM)
Back To The Gate (IcyWorld vs rCaliberGX)
Battle of the Mind (Mollo & IcyWorld)
Be My Pet! (Anaru)
Black Sheep (ilikexd)
Bodiless Sleeper (IcyWorld)
Bokura no 16Bit Wars (Kommisar)
Cyberteam in Akihabara 2011 (IcyWorld)
Dark Matter (IcyWorld)
Deconstruction (IcyWorld)
Deep Inside (Mollo & Valor)
Destroy The Dragon (IcyWorld)
Disconnected (rCaliberGX)
Dolize (IcyWorld)
Eagle (IcyWorld)
Eth (IcyWorld)
Everytime I hear Your Name (IcyWorld)
Fallen World (IcyWorld)
First Flight (IcyWorld)
Future Invasion (IcyWorld)
Futurescope.NEXT (Valor)
Gundam-Dude (Gundam-Dude)
Hero From The Past (IcyWorld)
Holding On (IcyWorld)
Jersey Spirit (IcyWorld)
Jomanda (rparty89)
Legend Of The Black Shawarma (IcyWorld)
Lil' Slugger 250 (samurai7694 vs Staiain)
Lily Clock (IcyWorld)
LuvLabPoison 22ate! (CBR vs Torrent)
Magic Cycles (IcyWorld)
Maniera (ilikexd)
Mirage Garden (Parousia) (ilikexd)
Mmmmmmm (IcyWorld)
My Style (Valor)
Neopolitan Dreams (neontimebomb & IcyWorld)
Nergal Burning (IcyWorld)
Nisemono Chuiho (IcyWorld)
Nothing Left (MetzgerSM)
o'er the flood (IcyWorld)
out of Blue (IcyWorld)
Pacific Girls (IcyWorld & rCaliberGX)
Pandemonium (IcyWorld)
Paraclete (ilikexd)
Paradiso (Scintill)
Polis Ruin (IcyWorld)
Powerbookfiend (Valor)
Rampage (IcyWorld)
Remixou Morbidou (IcyWorld)
Revival of Kalpa (IcyWorld)
Revolution (MetzgerSM)
Revolution Deathsquad (IcyWorld)
Rise Up (rCaliberGX)
Sacrament Of Wilderness (ilikexd)
Send My Love to Mars (IcyWorld)
Shine!! (IcyWorld)
Shitsubou Choco (ilikexd)
Soldiers of The Stamina (IcyWorld)
Sorairo Days (IcyWorld)
Speed Dial (IcyWorld)
Spellbound (IcyWorld)
Squartatrice (IcyWorld)
SuperSmash Sonic Kombat (samurai7694)
T&J (ilikexd)
The Formula [Rea'du] (IcyWorld)
The Nature of Dying (IcyWorld)
The Power of Underground (RainFallen)
thinking of you (ilikexd)
This Is Awesome (IcyWorld)
Thrillseeker (IcyWorld)
To Dimension (IcyWorld)
Todestrieb (Razor)
Touch The Angel (IcyWorld)
True Final Boss (Choof)
Vicious Delicious (IcyWorld)
Weapon (Kommisar)
What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse (MetzgerSM)
World Sound (Xephon) (debit13)
You Time You Show You Universe (IcyWorld)
Zirkfied (bmah)

Credits (sorry if i missed anyone):

Honorable Credits:

Mollocephalus for providing many many sets of graphics!
Minacious Grace for playtesting the entire pack at one point in time and reviewing it!
TK_Unreal for being my feedback whore ever since I even started the pack haha
Wafles for setting up, organizing, and basically doing the graphics thread! AND submitting tons and tons of graphics!

Playtesters/feedback (I don't have a complete list but if you gave me feedback at any point in time thank you very much I love you!)

Charters (even people that didn't get into the pack!):
Anaru/mi40, blindreaper, bombastik, Choof, Coolboyrulez0, debit13, Elite Ninja, Gundam-Dude, HawkE, hi19hi19, IcyWorld, ilikexd, Kommisar, megamon88, MetzgerSM, Minacious Grace, Nick Skyline, Razor, rCaliberGX, rparty89, rushy, samurai7694, Scintill, Staiain, Torrent, Valor, YoshL
Everyone that submitted helped make this pack that much better by offering a fine selection of music to pick from, you guys really helped a lot even if your chart didn't get in the pack! Thank you very much!

Graphics Credits (alphabetical and everyone that submitted a set!):
AlexDest, Arntonach, choof, Coolboyrulez0, flash dualist, Evnoir, .Gazelle., Gundam Dude, Iggybuggydo, lurker, Mollocephalus, Necki Menji, Pseudo Enigma, RainFalleN, Renevatia, Sgt. Traveler, TC_Halogen, Tibbers, tosh, Wafles, xVaLoRx
You helped make this pack cosmetically pleasing and added value to each file you made a set for! Again even if your graphics set didn't make it in the final pack you seriously helped contribute to making the pack better (by providing amazing graphics options to choose from!) and I thank you!

Music Artists (stepmania packs literally can't exist without you guys!)
Betwixt & Between, Blind Witness, Blitz Lunar, Bloody Vomit Bukkake, BOKKENDODOME+MAGENTA, cranky, CrYmson, Daisan, Danny Baranowsky, dbk2, Devin Townsend Project, Dissociative Identity Disorder, DJ SEVEN, DJ Sharpnel, Dragonforce, FLOXY Vs BILLX, Gizmode, goreshit, Helblinde, iconoclasm, Igorrr, Impact, Infected Mushroom, Jake "virt" Kaufman, Kid606, Kommisar, Konami, lactate, LeaF, Loli Ripe, Manabu Namiki, Nightwish, PrototypeRaptor, The Queenstons, L.E.D., Rusty Cooley, Savant, Shoko Nakagawa, Assertive Fluttershy (aka megamon88), Sonata Arctica, Sound Remedy, Spawn Of Possession, t+pazolite, Vinter In Hollywood, xi, YMCK, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, 403, Anettai Maji-SKA Bakudan, As I Lay Dying, Lazarus A.D., GomurplsDougal & Gammer Feat.Niki Mak, The Black Dahlia Murder, sasakure.UK, Joey Riot & Enemy, polycube, sialua, Musical Masterpiece, gmtn vs. kozato fw. Ruze(Luze), 150p & IA, Virtual Riot, Junk, Pia-no-jaC, Nu-Prophet, Stormtrooper & Devastate, Kernel400
I know most of these artists will probably never know of the existance of this pack or community, but I can say for certain that their music is very very awesome and has touched and even molded many peoples lives! Thank you all for making amazing music!

Picture artists (like the guys who actually made the wallpapers and digital art included in this pack)
I wish I could easily list all of the artists here, but it's hard to actually trace back to where all the pictures came from x.x I don't want you to feel unapreciated though so if you happen to find your artwork in this pack please know that you and your art are awesome!

And you (whoever you are reading this!) for playing the pack! Thank you for playing! I started these packs for my personal enjoyment and progression in skill, but everyone has truely blown me away with the support I've gotten on these 5 packs! I absolutely love hearing even years after my last pack that people are still enjoying these packs so much, it's one of the best feelings to have

A lot of people helped contribute to this pack, and it's very heartwarming to have so much support! This pack has taken a very long time to complete and now that it's done, have an enjoy, and see you next time!

You can download all nuclear blasts here:

NB1 was released May-23-2010
NB1 had 15 files. 3 months to make.

NB2 was released August-12-2010
NB2 had 15 files. 3 months to make.

NB3 was released April-24-2011
NB3 had 42 files and 2 hours 35 minutes and 57 seconds of playable music. 8 months to make.

NB4 was released November-3-2011
NB4 had 45 files and 2 hours 27 minutes and 57 seconds of playable music. 7 months to make.

NB5 released today June-16-2014
NB5 has 92 files and 6 hours of playable music. 2 years 4 months to make.

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