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Post Ultramarathon Gigapack Released!

As by request, I am posting about the official release of this pack, so without further ado...

Size: 2.4Gb (had to use rar format to keep it in one part)
Click the banner to download

Do you love playing long files? Want to work on your stamina, or just zone out while smashing arrows? If so, then this pack is for you. This is a collection of the longest Stepmania charts I could find, dredged from the most obscure corners of the internet, and compiled here for posterity. You'll find everything from easy pad files to super-hard dumps, as well as some epic masterpieces of stepauthor prowess. The song lengths go from a relatively short 9 minutes to well over an hour. Think you can handle it?

Pack Statistics

There are 119 separate song folders here, with a total of 175 singles charts (not counting duplicates or nearly-empty files). There are also some charts for other numbers of keys, such as solo. The shortest song clocks in at 8:56; half of them are 11:47 or longer. The average song length is 17:44. These files add up to 35 hours, 10 minutes, and 52 seconds of playing, or 49 hours, 18 minutes, and 55 seconds if you try all the singles charts - that's more than two full days! Not counting duplicate songs, this pack includes a grand total of 31 hours, 25 minutes, and 8 seconds of music.

Song List

Song Name					Stepauthor					# of Charts
140BPM Streamathon Tester			Wildfireskunk						1
140BPM Streamathon Warmup			Wildfireskunk						2
1h54min JS challenge				IcyWorld						1
A Change Of Seasons				ViruS							1
A Fox In The Stable				Aoreo							1
Abgoration					rikame							1
Animation 100songs Medley			?							1
Approved Bootleg				Hellowen66601						1
Art of Life					?							1
AYU Trance 2					Chris Chen						3
ayu trance 4					Chris Chen						3
Back to You					eyotic							1
Best Progressive House Mix 2013 Vol. #5		DWI Extreme						1
BLAZING WITH POWER				Insane Steve						1
Boss Rush					Happy Feet						1
Boss Rush					Renard							1
Brilliant Silkroad				R.V.N.G.						1
Can U Survive? Part III				DjSeVeN							1
Can U survive??Part IV				Mr.SeVeN & Dj.Lup					1
Contra						Stupid							1
Croqel						moches							1
Dancing With Kadafi				CZIP							1
DDR EXTREME Nonstop Megamix			Habble							3
Denjin K Megamix				Mazrim, Eggman, Xythar, & Putf8umHawke			1
Dungeon.1					Linus							5
Eastern Ghost Highway				Kytsune							2
Endless Sacrifice				Darkmage						1
Endless Sacrifice				MURDER.V01DKeng07					1
Erian's Mystical Rhymes				Skor							1
Free Bird					Kevin							1
Gangnam Style STREMZ				Happy Feet						1
GARBC						ORMIX							1
Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness			Rikame							1
Ghost Love Score				Dog_E							1
Ghost Love Score				Mina							1
Hardstyle Tokyo Nightcruising 1			Rikame							1
Hardstyle Tokyo Nightcruising 2			Rikame							1
Hardstyle Tokyo Nightcruising 3			Rikame							1
Hardstyle Tokyo Nightcruising 4			Rikame							1
Hatsune Miku seems to have learned...		qqwref							3
Horie Yui Non-Stop Mega Mix			Rika							1
I Am						Sudzi781						1
igorsson's StepMania training program		igorsson						1
In The Presence Of Enemies pt. 1		MURDER.V01DKeng07					1
IRIA						dakemoto						1
Kumikyoku 'Lucky Star Douga'			Ilonaya							1
Kumikyoku (15 Users Version)			Hazel							1
Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga			Altari							2
Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga			Bluemoon						1
Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga			Cyrenics						1
Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga			QED							4
Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga			rose							1
Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga			vz4ever							1
Langrisser OST(o2jam)				Sunkun							2
Lifestyles of the Digital VIP			Charu							1
LV.4 Nonstop Mix				Jmar							1
Mona Lisa Overdrive				Kuroto Nekoma						1
Nanairo Nico Nico Douga House Remix		rikame							1
Nanairo no Nico Nico Douga			Kong							1
Nanairo no Nico Nico Douga			Rika							1
Navras						CZIP							1
Nico Nico Haruhi				Alrios							1
Nico Nico Haruhi				rose							1
OceanLab Megamix				mute							1
Poetry for the Poisoned				Gazebo							1
Prophet of the Last Eclipse			Behemot vs ddt						1
Psicokinesis					Leo137							2
Pulse						BeMaNiRuLeR						3
Pure Trance Anthems				Captain Black						1
Queen of the Dark Horizons			angelheadedhpst						5
Queen of the Dark Horizons			young_editer						1
Reflections of Style 2				Zanaso Bayncuh						1
Sharpnel Sound Megamix 3			TYLR							1
Shogun						MURDER.V01DKeng07					1
Shoot the Bullet menu screen BGM		?							1
Smile, Smile, Smile!				Jayce							1
So Deep						Learwolf						1
Soldiers Of The Stamina				IcyWorld						1
Soldiers of the Wasteland			Melonman67						3
Soldiers of the Wasteland			Cosmic Pope						1
Soldiers of the Wasteland			technik							1
Super Sonic Megamix				owenviau1						1
Space Battleship sorcerian Z			rikame							1
Speedcore Megamix				Torrent							1
Stream of Consciousness				ShinerCCC						2
Super Mario Ceremony				ITGAlex							1
Super Mario Ceremony				Roar							1
Swing City Miami				DWI Extreme						1
Szycag						MrTea							4
Testament of Ian				Aoreo							1
The Best of Moto Blanco Megamix			DWI Extreme						1
The End						gold stinger						2
The End						Kyt-Xune, WinDEU & Hatena Zubon				1
The Games We Played				Rebirth0						1
The Gammer Mix					mute & ChaosUnown					1
The Glass Prison				DukAmok							1
The legend of TAKA				Dokurorider						1
The Medley of Kirby SSDX			Jayce							1
The Medley of Kirby SSDX2			leonid							1
The Medley of Kirby SSDX2			ITGAlex							2
The Medley of Pokemon				ITGAlex & SteveReen					2
The Medley of Pokemon				leonid							1
The Odyssey					ShinerCCC						3
The Seven Gates					Renard							1
The Sunlight (Original Mix)			Kasuma							1
The Ultimate Super Mario RPG Medley		Jayce							1
The Wizard's Last Rhyme				Rikame							2
Touhou 5th Stage Relay				Kardia							1
Touhou Challenge				bombastik						1
Touhou Rensou Kyoku				Tweety3187						1
War						Ilonaya							1
When The Water Breaks				ElectricWerewolf					2
YONAGA NO AISHUU-KEI Medley			?							3
Zealous Entropy					Darkmage						1
ZERO-ONE(simon respect mix + H + more)		pencil							1
...And Justice for All				?							1


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