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Default Re: FFR Scores ~2012 Remix~

Man, this song brings back memories. This is the one song I used to whore a lot when I still played 1 handed, cause it was super challenging and a really good song too. I'm running down my 8s trying to clear out the shitty ranks. Happy I got this one out of the way

Edit: rank jumps

Edit2: Every single Rebirth0 file is trash imho.

Edit3: UGH. one good at 2030, and another around 2530.

Edit4: Another stupid song down. I don't like ragtime.

Edit5: A fun one, this one could be a 9. It has some pretty fast 24th bursts and the stream isn't the easiest thing for an 8.

Edit6: This one is pretty hard. Really awkward patterns, and the speed is just in the middle of that slow enough to be consistent or fast enough to be accurate, so it ends up super awkward. I don't like this one too much. Could be a 9 as well.

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