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Default Re: League of Legends

Originally Posted by pmonibuv1 View Post
pr0 carry. All 3 of our inhibs down, we defended and my bloodthirsters did all the work.

You always play Cait, have some variety !_!
Playing Random is fun, I have some pictures to upload on my Windows later, Like I first time'd Voli and went Straight up Tank (MR Boots, Warmogs, Force of Nature, Thornmail, Rylai's Scepter) Cept' that last item, I had the money from many kills.

Originally Posted by choof View Post
dump on ya dads chest
Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
every post from choof is a kick in the dick

Originally Posted by danceflashrevo View Post
banned for banning someone for dissing foodfight and not simply recommending said person to watch it again because omg foodfight

you wanna talk about food fight i've seen food fight as many times as i've seen the room fight me irl
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