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Default Re: League of Legends profiles!

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
I made you a BG
Just set it as your BG and let it tile, Morde is too cool for textboxes and shit anyway

On a serious note if someone wants to make me a Sona profile that'd be cool (someone posted a sick Hextech Sona image in Blaze chat, that would be awesome if it's not already claimed)
I'll even change my avatar for a while, I'll just add the corn eyes and it will be fine
Irelia, Xerath, Zilean or Kat would be okay too... idk I like a lot of LoL champs :3

EDIT- you know you want to make this profile

Zilean approves of his new face

LOL the faces


my first attempt @ my own profile is done XD

comment and let me know what you think.. need help with my avatar area with background imaging but the basics are finished.. just the final touches need completion.
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FFR retards at their finest. gg
My hero
Originally Posted by 04im View Post
u so heavy even aphro cant carry ur ass

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