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Default Team Blaze

Hello FFR community!

It's me Zekramcross with Reuben_tate bringing you a blast from the past.
We are talking about teams. We made a team so that we can help out new members get around and help out each other. This is a FFR team so everything is going to be FFR-related in the team. There will be team only events, weekly matches, for those of you that like it pokemon online matches, Multi-player matches, and so much more. There is a minimum requirement to join:
25 AAAs and 200 FCs is the minimum to join. There are no try outs to join, but there is one for team captain.

Team motto: We ain't afraid of a Dossar.

Warning to anyone joining that isn't a part of the team:
You're welcome, but if we want to make a voice call there can only be 24 people in the group at the time, so people will get kicked if they are inactive/not part of the team, so we can make the call. Feel free to re-join if that happens. Also, it is a VERY active group. If you're gone for a few hours, you can easily have over 300 new messages from the group, so be warned.

Team Blaze Member Spreadsheet:

we reserve the right to kick anyone for any reason, so keep that in mind

1. Thou shalt not mock newbies.
2. Thou shalt not mock leaders.
3. Thou shalt be honest.
4. Thou shalt not cheat.
5. Thou shalt represent team.
6. Thou shalt not ask for more power.
7. Thou shalt help out newbies when thou can.
8. Thou shalt have fun while in team.
9. Thou shalt root on other team members in tournaments.

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