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Default New Years Tournament!

Welcome to justin_ator's New Year's Tournament, co-hosted by yo man im awesome! For the start of the new year, we figured we'd host a tournament to stir up some more competition out there, as practice for those still in the Official Tournament, and as a replacement for those who aren't! We hope you are as excited for this as we are! Here are the rules and information you will need to know! Please read all the points before entering, it won't take you that long!


1.) Minimal Sign-up Requirements - You must have a minimum of 150 games on your FFR account, spanning over at least 75 fully played songs. This is not only to ensure that alternate accounts don't raid the tournament, but also to ensure that we can make a proper placement based off of your level ranks. SIGN UP WITH YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT, or tell us the name of your main account if you're signing up on a less known account. We will contact a moderator if we think you're sharing an IP address of a well known account.

2.) How to Sign Up - Sign-ups are now closed.

3.) NO CHEATING. If at any point in the tournament we feel like you have used/abused any loophole, exploited any particular rule, played on someone else's account/had someone else play on your account, or have used other means to increase your scores, we will contact an administrator to verify your gameplays. We reserve the right to request video proof for any user at any time.

4.) Be respectful - To all other competitors in this tournament. Arguments will NOT be tolerated, and can result in immediate removal in the tournament. We reserve the right to remove any participant from the tournament at any time.

5.) Divisions -This will be a 6 division tournament, without A/B subdivisions. This is done to achieve larger divisions while getting those in the bottom of each division a chance to fight due to higher density within divisions. We will be basing decisions off of individual level ranks, recent gameplays, placements in the Official Tournament, and off of everybody in the tournament as a group. If you have any quarrels with placements, please take it up with either of us via FFR PM or via AIM.

6.) Submission Guidelines - Submissions must be either:
-Screenshots: all screenshots must include the in-game timestamp/user name, and should not be cut off/modified for any reason. Replays will not be accepted on their own. Feel free to accompany your screenshot with a replay.

For those of you who do not know how to take a screen shot:
Mac users:
- Command + Shift + 3: Takes a screenshot of the entire screen, and saves the image to your desktop. From there, you can upload it to a site like and crop it if necessary.

Windows users:
- Press the print screen button. From there, open Paint (or another image editing program) and paste your image in Paint. If you'd like, you can resize it within Paint at this time. From there, you can upload it to a site like and crop it (if you haven't done so).

Acceptable example of a screenshot

-Videos: all videos must show the entire song, from first note to last note. When the song has been completed, the video must clearly show the score, and all of the elements to make a complete screenshot. If you're in doubt about the video containing all of the necessities, take a screenshot along with the video and post it.
Scoring and Eliminations
This tournament will be scored using FFR's raw scoring system. For those of you who are new to tournaments, this is the score on the bottom of your game screen while you're in a song - it is also your score before any bonuses are factored in. This means that combo will NOT factor into your overall score. Simply the accuracy in which you hit the arrows.

This tourmament will consist of 6 rounds, starting at minimal difficulty for each division and progressing upward in difficulty as the tournament goes on. At the end of every round, eliminations will occur (barring divisions less than 8 people) based on the users who receive the lowest raw score for that round. Those who do not submit for a round will receive a score of negative infinity on their song. If multiple people have a score for negative infinity on any round, they will be placed into a random number generator to determine eliminations. The first round will begin on January 1st, 2012 at 12:00:01 server time, and will conclude at 11:59:59 on January 7th.

THE TWIST -- there will be a twist in the tournament pertaining to score, but we aren't going to state what it is until the tournament is ready to begin! Rest assured, it is Wilson (iironiic) approved. Check back to this section when we near the start of the tournament!

At this time, I can no longer change speedmods for users. I will be using the value that you posted when you joined.

This is what the speed-mod portion was for.

The twist is going to be a potential score bonus for anyone who wishes to experiment with their speedmods!

We're going to be using a formula to determine a player's raw score for the song that they played. Values of speedmods (both the player's normal and what they used) are input into this formula, along with their actual Raw score. Based off of their performance, they can actually gain points by playing at a higher/lower speedmod!

The formula looks as such:

r = Player's Raw Score
s1 = Player's Typical Speedmod Setting
s2 = Player's Used Speedmod Setting
g = Number of Goods (rounded down)
and h = the total possible raw score for that round's song
[(~)*.3] = The .3 is ONLY for those using a lower speedmod.
It looks complicated, but it's really not rocket science! Here is the explanation.

Using a spoiler system to make things more manageable since it's a complicated order of operations deal lmao

A player's raw score (r) is kept intact, regardless. You will never lose points.

Added to that, is:

The difference between what a player typically uses (s2), and what they used on that particular song (s1). This number is then divided by .05, to determine how many .05 intervals away from their typical speedmod the user's play was.

This is then multiplied by:

.1% (MINUS .005% for each number of 50 goods a player gets in their score) of the TOTAL POSSIBLE RAW SCORE for that song. [this value obtained in this step is the total amount of Raw Bonus Score a player will receive for each interval of .05 that the player changed their speedmod]

There is one catch though:
If you play lower on speedmods, you will only receive a portion of the bonus raw, since most people have an easier time reading slower speedmods and will typically play at their normal maximum. You can still play lower, but you won't be receiving quite as much score boost.

Also, another point:
For those who still manage to AAA on a higher/lower speedmod, that effort doesn't go to waste. A SMALL percentage of that leftover Raw Bonus will transfer to the next round to help you out, in amounts proportional to the raw scores' proportions (so you don't transfer 7000 raw bonus from a long hard song into a 10000 total raw song cause it's short or something, obviously). This could be a huge help to some in later rounds!

Last thing:
This is COMPLETELY optional. It's set up to give a slight advantage and motivation to do it, but if you can do well enough without it, you will do just fine as is and are not going to be forced to play on other speedmods.

If for some reason this fails and things get ridiculous, I apologize. I tried to develop something that would work, and all I can do now is test it and see how things go. If it isn't working, we will be forced to revert back to normal tournament rules unless I can modify it to make things reasonable again. I ask that if that becomes the case, PLEASE be patient and understanding...

You will be able to check your scores yourself, using a spreadsheet I will provide here. Due to the nature of this idea, if you wish to use different speedmods you will probably want to experiment to see what kind of scores you can get. Here I will explain how to do that.

First, open this document:
This is an excel spreadsheet that is set up with how to calculate your score. Once on this page, go to File (on the page) and then Download As. Then, download it as an excel file (if you don't have excel, talk to me about it) and go ahead and open it [in excel].

From here, you need to input some things: in the proper division space, insert your perfects, goods, avgs, misses, and boos. This should automatically put in your Raw score, make sure it matches up haha! Then, from there, input your normal speedmod and your USED speedmod for that song. It will then give you the proper difference between the two, as well as the number of .05 intervals you increased/decreased. This should ALSO give you the number of 50 good intervals. ROUND THIS NUMBER DOWN TO THE NEAREST WHOLE NUMBER. The additional raw score will now be correctly calculated, as well as the new total Raw Score, the score that will be used in the tournament. :]

Also, if you play down on speedmod, use the values in the lower box rather than the upper box (as described earlier, playing lower will still help you, but not nearly as much as playing up!).

You can calculate scores for your own benefit, as well as to check my math (we're not perfect!), but you do not NEED to post them with your score unless you wish to. I'll be doing ALL scores myself (unless yo man does some as well), so posting them is simply for your guys' benefit.

If I missed something, I will try to mention it shortly. Experiment with some scores and the spreadsheet for the next hour, and ask questions if you need to!

Donations will be greatly appreciated. I'm going to kick off the tournament with 77,340 credits. Send all donations to justin_ator.

Starting Pot: 77,340
Donating people
yo man im awesome - 126,551
badman7772 - 92,660 <--donated prior to tourney, since he was leaving FFR.
fenderg - 30,000
SD_Tsugamush - 20,000
TheThong - 15,000
WSCB - 15,000
reuben_tate - 10,000
_Zenith_ - 2,400
icontrolyourworld - 34

Current Prize Pool: 388,985

  1. -Go_Oilers_Go - 1.8x
  2. -EzExZeRo7497 - 2.3x
  3. -YOSHl - 1.75x
  4. -xHolyxOrders - 2.0x
  5. -sticklydude - 2.0x
  6. -dragonmegaXX - 1.925x
  7. -bballa48 - 1.95x
  8. -reuben_tate - 1.8x
  9. -_Zenith_ (XKiNGXkILLaX) - 1.9x
  10. -rusty_spoons - 1.85x
  11. -samurai7694 - 2.0x
  12. -Elite Ninja - 1.75x
  13. -Xx{Midnight}xX - 2.0x
  14. -The_Toymaker - 1.75x
  15. -Mr. Tinkertrain - 1.75x
  16. -icontrolyourworld - 2.0x
  17. -TheSaxRunner05 - 1.9x
  18. -salinas0990 (Zekramcross) - 2.2x
  19. -FrozenAngel91 - 1.7x
  20. -alloyus - 2.0x
  21. -popsicle_3000 - 2.0x
  22. -CammyGoesRawr - 2.025x
  23. -lumphoboextreme -1.9x
  24. -XxMidigamixX - 2.15x
  25. -wildfireskunk - 1.8x
  26. -ljrox@makingalts - 1.95x
  27. -Tidus810 - 1.9x
  28. -magicturbo - 1.9x
  29. -MrPreggers - 2.0x
  30. -XTempestX - 2.05x
  31. -WSCB - 2.15x
  32. -nois-or-e - 2.15x
  33. -Jerry DB - 1.0x
  34. -Niala - 1.9x
  35. -hi19hi19 - 2.0x
  36. -xXOpkillerXx - 1.975x
  37. -MagicCarpetRide - 1.9x
  38. -DissonantMuse - 1.85x
  39. -Snuwfer - 1.75x
  40. -Altivu - 1.5x
  41. -Zakvvv666 - 1.875x
  42. -xTitan69x - 1.75x
  43. -i will pwn u - 2.05x
  44. -Poison- - 1.9x
  45. -megamon88 - 1.9x
  46. -8 Hour Whore - 2.0x
  47. -Trogdor!!!! - 1.85x
  48. -.wc. - 1.75x
  49. -Dark Saga - 1.875x
  50. -FontSize72LOL - 1.9x
  51. -AK-14 - 1.6x
  52. -yo man im awesome - 1.65x (not playing for prizes or eliminations, just for fun)
  53. -Im Vince - 2.1x
  54. -sayuncle990 -1.25x
  55. -swagged -1.9x
  56. -xxx169 - 1.85x
  57. -Avery63 - 1.75x
  58. -Gilly G - 1.775x
  59. -BIGEZAY - 2.05x (not playing for prizes or eliminations, just for fun)
  60. -Sweet_Feet - 1.85x
  61. -00Razor00 - 1.775x
  62. -One Winged Angel - 1.9x
  63. -I Like It - 2.0x
  64. -Hateandhatred - 2.25x
  65. -bob bob - 1.9x
  66. -Guest15937 - 1.75x
  67. -Reshiram - 1.7x
  68. -SD_Tsugamush - 1.85x
  69. -fenderg - 1.85x
  70. -runescapedude1126 - 1.65x
  71. -XCV - 2.175x
  72. -Bobogoobo - 1.5x
  73. -baseball1915 - 1.25x
  74. -MikeShinoda12345 - 2.05x
  75. -Emo_Saur_ - 2.1x
  76. -frigtionn - 1.8x
  77. -CJ_speed - 1.75x
  78. -hobgoblinpie - 2.0x
  79. -SkRAWRk - 2.2x
  80. -Anaru - 1.75x
  81. -prefx - 2.0x
  82. -hXcalltheway - 2.0x
  83. -Cold Kitten - 1.9x
  84. -TK_unreal - 2.15x
  85. -JJTrixX - 1.9x
  86. -konacraze22 - 2.0x
  87. -Ksl33zy24 - 2.05x
  88. -Renevatia - 1.8x
  89. -xBBx Takedown - 1.9x
  90. -MephBoss - 1.9x
  91. -NocturneAunamic - 1.8x
  92. -j-rodd123 - 1.8x
  93. -AlexDest - 1.975x
  94. -Arbliterator - 1.95x (not playing for prizes or eliminations, just for fun)
  95. -x_lambourghini_x - 1.95x
  96. -.Gazelle. - 1.95x
  97. -typing like wat - 2x
  98. -jprox445 - 1.8x

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