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Default Re: The FFR Profile Shop

Official Profile (etc) Graphics Shop!

Welcome to the Official Profile (and forum) Graphics Shop!
First off, I would like to thank emerald000 for this beautiful thread that I borrowed as a template to create this. Hope you don't mind.



The reason behind this:

People on FFR, like you, can advertise the graphics that they are willing to sell in return for credits. If you are interested in a profile background/avatar/banner, and have extra credits burning a hole in your e-pocket, you are able to purchase such items in this thread.


Quick list of shops:

- Magda's Shop (+6;-0)
- Gravity's Shop (+5;-0)
- Hurley's Simple Shack (+0;-0)
- XCV's Shop (+0;-0)
- Gaz's SAIL Shop (+1;-0)
- Tiffany's Shop (+7;-0)
- Beserk's Cursor Shop (+0;-0)
- YOSHl's Shop (+0;-0)
- Ben's Shop (+2;-0)

To learn how to open your own shop, please continue reading.


Red List:

-none yet

This is a list of not trustworthy sellers. Do NOT buy from them.


The Shops
Shops in red are closed. PLEASE do not contact these people at the current time about profile layouts or designs.
Shops in green are open. Feel free to contact these people at the current time about profile layouts or designs.

Magda's Shop
Feedback: (+6;-0)
Previous Works: (Avatars-1/2/3/4/5/6, Backgrounds-1/2/3/4/5)
Items For Sale:
  • Background, Banner, and Avatar Set -- whatever you want
  • Forum Signature -- whatever you want
Seller's Notes: I usually do my work for free, just message me about special rates~


Gravity's Shop
Feedback: (+5;-0)
Previous Works: (Portfolio, independent thread)
Items For Sale:
  • Forum Signature -- 3,000 credits
  • Desktop background -- 5,000 credits
  • Youtube background -- 5,000 credits
  • Twitter background -- 5,000 credits
  • SM GFX Art -- 5,000 credits
  • Album Artwork -- 5,000 credits
Seller's Notes: All of these prices are negotiable with your bank amount. My portfolio has all of my contact information.
Queue: justin_ator - YouTube layout and Desktop bg, kmay - FFR Profile; WSCB - Desktop Profile; Kidney Stone - GFX Package; funmonkey54 - FFR Profile & Avatar, zekramcross profile


Hurley's Simple Shack
Feedback: (+0;-0)
Previous Works: (View his profile, or Backgrounds: 1/2/3)
Items For Sale:
  • Lots of things -- Free
Seller's Notes: Simplicity. If you are interested and have questions, ask.


Gaz's SAIL Shop
Feedback: (+1;-0)
Previous Works: (Photobucket)
Items For Sale:
  • Background -- 10,000 credits
  • Avatar -- 2,000 credits
  • Banner -- 3,000 credits
  • Signature -- 3,000 credits
  • Background, Avatar, and Signature -- 15,000 credits
  • Desktop BG -- 5,000 credits
  • Youtube BG -- 5,000 credits
Seller's Notes:
Queue: Profile for MephBoss


Tiffany's Shop
Feedback: (+6;-0)
Previous Works: (Deviant Art Page, Current Profile)
Items For Sale:
  • BG and Banner (as a set)
  • Banner (by itself)
  • BG (by itself)
  • Avatar
  • Avatar, BG and Banner set
  • Sigs (never made them, but it can't be that difficult)
  • Everything else
Seller's Notes: All prices are negotiable.


Beserk's Cursor Shop
Feedback: (+0;-0)
Previous Works: ()
Items For Sale:
  • --Custom Cursor - 255-1000 Credits (Depends on details, also any cursor)
  • --Custom Cursor Pack - 1000-10000 Credits (Depends on details)
Seller's Notes: To download my custom FFR Cursor Pack, please go to (


YOSHl's Shop
Feedback: (+0;-0)
Previous Works: (Backgrounds 1/2/3/4, Other)
Items For Sale:
  • --Background - 10,000 credits
  • --Avatar - 5,000 credits
  • --Banner - 10,000 credits
  • --Signature - 7,500 credits
  • --Background + Avatar Combo - 15,000 credits
  • --Any random other request (desktop, song graphics, etc.) - Name your price
Seller's Notes: Pay at the time of completion of the image & Each week I take to complete a request that I've confirmed gives 10% off the price
Queue: Reshiram's Profile


Ben's Shop
Feedback: (+2;-0)
Previous Works: (Profile Layouts 1/2/3)
Items For Sale:
  • --Avatar: 5000
  • --Avi + Background + Banner Combo Set: 15000
  • --Signatures: (never made them, but I'm sure I could do one) 5000
Seller's Notes: Prices are negotiable.
Queue: The #1 umbreon's Profile, xXFFR-_-MASTERXx's profile, Zakvvv666 profile, bmah's profile, the_toymaker profile


(waiting for next shop to open)
Feedback: (+0;-0)
Previous Works: ()
Items For Sale:
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
Seller's Notes:


Independent Artists:
These people are those who still make layouts, but charge typically higher prices and don't feel the need to advertise in this thread. (still only added upon request).

How to become a seller:

Make a new post in this thread. You must include your prices for each item you are willing to sell. You may also choose the name of your shop. If you don't, I will use a basic title (Username's Shop). I also suggest that you provide a few links to graphics or images you have previously done, an online portfolio of what you have done, or something similar, that way people can get a feel for the quality of work that you are capable of and whether or not they want to hire you for the job. For profile layouts, I ask that you link to actual uploaded images of the bg/avatar/banner rather than linking to specific user's profiles saying "I made this profile," since people tend to change their layouts periodically. If you need some help creating layouts (first consider if you should be attempting it then...), you can use the templates found in this post thanks to Emithith to help you get alignment started.

If you wish to close your shop (for a certain period of time or not), you can say so in a post and I will close the shop (change shop title to Red).



How do I send credits?

Open this link. Enter the username of the person you wish to send your credits to and how much you want to send. When both fields are filled, click the "Transfer" button. Make sure you enter the username correctly and use the correct credit value (ie 40000 NOT 40k or 40,000), or you will lose your credits to the 10th dimension and never see them again (copy/paste can help you to make sure you got usernames right). After this, I ask that you please provide a screenshot as proof of the transaction, that way it can easily be proven that a customer has paid. If you don't know how to take a screenshot, PM me or ask in the thread.
Similarly, you can also do it through the Shop in FFR The Game, and it will look like this (thanks Middie).

What are the (+8;-1) next to the sellers' names?

They are the buyers ratings. When a buyer finds a good trade, they may give a +1 rating signifying that they liked the service. On the contrary, if a buyer doesn't get what he wants, can't get in touch with the seller, or is dissatisfied with the seller for any justifiable reason, he may assign the seller a -1 rating. These ratings can't get removed unless the buyer changes his/her mind or when a negative rating has been given without any good reason. Reasons must be given for -1 ratings.

I want to buy something. How should I do that?
  1. Make sure there is a shop opened that is selling what you are looking for, and that you have enough credits to buy what you want.
  2. Make a post saying what you want to buy and from whom. I will contact the seller myself to notify them of the offer.
  3. Give the seller all necessary details on what you are looking for, how you think things should look, the ideas you had for the project, etc.
  4. Once the seller has agreed to the offer, send the required credits to the seller. See the walk-through above if you don't know how.
  5. Wait patiently for the project to be completed.
I opened my shop and someone wants to buy something from me. What should I do to make sure everything goes well?
  1. Communicate properly with the potential buyer to work out pricing issues (if there are any), as well as receiving an understanding of what the customer wants in their project. After this is worked out, agree to the project/purchase.
  2. Confirm that you received the credits.
  3. Do the work in a reasonable time-span. We don't expect things to be finished by then end of the day unless you are that fast, but don't take months to fulfill somebody's purchase request. If you are taking an excessive amount of time, you jeopardize your seller rating!
I just received what I bought. Must I do something?

You aren't obligated to do anything, but it would be appreciated by the seller if you posted in the thread saying you got what you want. You may also rate the buyer if you have not done so yet for your most recent purchase.

I have not yet received what I want. What should I do?

First, don't get upset. Every transaction takes time. You may send a PM to the seller asking how the project is coming along. He/she should be able to inform you on what is going on. If you don't get any answer within a reasonable time frame (about a week) post in this thread saying so. I will try to sort this out personally. If after 10 days we are still without any news from the seller, the matter will be addressed with staff and the credits returned to the customer.

I want something but don't know which FFR user to contact based on the shop name?

The profiles of the individuals who opened the shops are located in the "Quick List of Shops" section.



Gibson63: Coordinated the first shop thread. Without him, there wouldn't be emerald000's thread, and this one would be far less appealing most likely.

emerald000: Thanks again for not suing me over using the Credits for Items Shop thread as a template. Great thread man, great thread.

Emithith: Thanks for supplying us with the templates for the profile designs. Definitely helpful.

Sellers & Buyers: Without sellers, no buyers. And without buyers, no sellers. You get the idea.



If you see any mistakes (typos, grammar, or other stuff), it would be very kind of you to notify me.

(anyone can claim these, just view the post. If you accept say so in the thread)
who_cares973 SM Graphics
dragon890x Profile
funmonkey54's Profile
~Zero~'s Profile
FFRGreen's Profile
Emo_Saur_'s Profile
coolrun's Profile
Winrar's Profile
Cyth's Background
iDaedae's Profile

(anyone can purchase these, just view the post. If you accept say so in the thread)


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