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Default Re: Easy Song Special Batch - Submission Open

I personally have no idea how to step songs, but I'd gladly learn how, if someone put time in to help me.

Originally Posted by EzExZeRo7497 View Post
Shut the fuck up Middie, the fact that you've already did this multiple fucking times disregarding every fucking warning/ban given to you, this is why no one fucking respects you both as a member and as a simfile artist.

It's totally fine to be vocal about your opinions, but your attitude has been nothing short of intoxicating and you should just get the fuck out of any simfile thread ever because apparently you have no fucking idea when to shut the fuck up and realise that your opinion doesn't fucking matter as long as your attitude is shit.

Good fucking riddance.
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I can't be the only guy who has wondered what it'd be like to menstruate all over the shower.
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