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rparty89 12-31-2016 10:40 PM

FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
Might as well even though it's new year's for half the world.

Plus to all a hapi neu yr

DDRNGGin 01-1-2017 03:59 PM

Re: FFR Scores -2017 edition-
Here are some scores I have acquired to start Day 1 of 2017:

Overall, I feel that some of the training I have done on osu!mania has paid off a bit; however, I still think I am not used to the spread playstyle. :( Don't worry, I am still an Index player, above all else. :)

MP3 player 01-1-2017 07:16 PM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
Super hype about this one!! It's been along time coming! D6 Till I die! xD

After 10 Restarts it's finally here. AAA Kyrie

V-Ormix 01-1-2017 07:57 PM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
mp3 u monster

from couple days ago, kind of bad pa but I dont remember having an fc woop

MP3 player 01-2-2017 06:01 AM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
Gracias Senor Ormix.

Here are some more D6 fo life scores.

Byste 01-8-2017 12:55 PM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~

New highest difficulty FC! ^_^

One Winged Angel 01-8-2017 10:58 PM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
posting not because I find this particularly impressive (even despite the scoreboard) but because this was done on an absolutely shit keyboard that I've yet to FC punkture on (which was a relatively free AAA on my old laptop)

attn devs: where's the shit keyboard factor for 102 AAA equivalency or something

Josemba 01-9-2017 12:44 AM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~

Originally Posted by One Winged Angel (Post 4509403)

What the fuck.. Man your jack is too powerful

One Winged Angel 01-9-2017 01:38 AM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
man idk if I'm just grossly underrating the difficulty of this file but it feels pretty simple and I know it wouldn't take too long to AAA if I had access to my old setup

someone as skilled as you I feel should at least be able to match what I posted here

sickufully 01-9-2017 03:22 AM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
Yay for AAA. Not yay for not being in my top 15.

edit - apparently this is a good score? At least it's in top 15.

Precarious 01-9-2017 03:26 PM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~

Fantasticone 01-11-2017 02:41 PM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~

MikeShinoda12345 01-11-2017 05:35 PM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
i don't ever really play ffrmania, and i'm not very good at really hard files, but this is probably among the best scores i've ever gotten at least with my skillset

Byste 01-12-2017 12:21 PM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
So close D: I need a new AAA high score, 11 is embarrassing...

In other news, super excited for this song. I can feel the new max combo tokens about to be unlocked :D Also, AAA equivalency > 0 HyPe

Edit: Gave FF Battle another try today and after a few sloppy starts I got this :D Worse max combo, but overall much better.

dragonmegaXX 01-13-2017 09:34 PM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
Unlocked Metro by accident.
Im almost back to where I was back when I stopped playing forever ago. Kind of hype to get things going again.

Hakulyte 01-14-2017 11:48 AM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
Played some FFR today.

Fantasticone 01-15-2017 03:37 AM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~

Callipygian 01-15-2017 03:48 PM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
Runny morning AAA is really good, such a frustrating file.
Of course you NEED me is really solid! Electro rush as well.
Grats on Otaku heavy, Precarious!
Make the fire burn is pretty clean, Fantasticore.
Haku, go improve that wizdomiot, you muppet.

ULTIMEGA 01-17-2017 10:16 AM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
Not exactly impressive. But I like the song.
I consider this a sightread, so please ignore the restarts.

Edit: Accidentally posted the wrong score. Oops!
Edit 2: Wrong one AGAIN.

Edit 3: YES!!!

Edit 4: Solid replay.

Edit 5: Highlight of the day Double Helix Sub-20. Such a clean run too.

Edit 6: Sub 90.

Edit 7: Would have been a sub-10, but lag hit on the second 48th note burst.

xXOpkillerXx 01-19-2017 10:21 AM

Re: FFR Scores ~2017 Remix~
Recent scores I got, still in the game :)

Mayyyybe I can lower this or even AAA ??

This is p.much optimal for me, both goods were expected so I'm happy with this

I've had a blackflag on this for years.... now this. Fuck that ending wall lol

Cool AAA, didnt choke finally.

And this....

I got it just now during warmup and hands are now shaking, feels good.

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