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psychoangel691 10-27-2016 05:58 PM

2016 July/August Set 3 (Complete)
5-25-001 Orchestra

Light of the Seven

James May 11-3-2016 10:09 PM

Re: July/August 2016 Set 3
The file's alright, although lol Marshmello. In the ending, I would have accentuated the jumps from the start of that js section for consistency. Also, I disagree with the vocals being layered in the break, but that's more of a personal nitpick if you wish to say. Overall, its a good easy file to warm up with.

I can't critique this file. I don't know what to say for this file. It's technically correct but it just feels so...forced? I don't know the proper term for it. But I honestly can't say the right words on this.

Yes, I love this file. It feels right to play with. Flow felt nice and nothing felt to erroneous. Peronally, I would just go through some of the mini-anchors along the file itself but its a cool file.

Simple file, although I have personal nitpicks that the drums aren't being layered consistently. Personally I would have made another chart with the drums layered.

Light of Seven
Cool easy file I guess? It didn't feel too memorable to play I guess. Felt like it was copy-pasta throughout the file to be honest.

SC_coolguy44 04-23-2017 10:59 AM

Re: July/August 2016 Set 3
5-25-001 Orchestra [7/10]: Overall, this is a pretty fun file. The jumps at the beginning could be single notes to continue the consistency of the grace section (m1-m6). m8-m16 could've used bursts instead.

Alone [7.5/10]: I really like the file. Some of the stream didn't make sense though. I especially thought the dense stream from m36-m57 could've had a bunch of minijacks in those sections instead.

Credits [5/10]: While the beginning did feel nice and onbeat, the rest of the file felt like a dump file where nothing really went to anything except for maybe a couple of the minijacks.

dust [10/10]: This is a perfect easy file that gives the beginner player a tutorial on difficulty spikes. The buildup (m17-m33) makes the file even more fun.

Light of the Seven [9/10]: A nice, fun, easy file to play. Yes, it's on beat, an easy file with constant stops can feel weird at times but it is still fun.

DossarLX ODI 05-9-2017 09:30 AM

Re: July/August 2016 Set 3
DarkZtar finished the primary judge task for July/August 2016 Set 3. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the July/August 2016 thread. This also concludes the July/August 2016 Regular Batch Period.

[3/10] 5-25-001 Orchestra {The Flashbulb} (VisD)
-Sync seems a tad late. Might be on my end though
-5.291 this note is the same pitch as the prior 3 notes. Should be on the same column
-7.283 these notes are the same pitch as the ones at 5.291 so at this point you have 3 different columns representing the same note pitch all within ~8 seconds. Please fix. Not usually this nitpicky with pr but when there’s not a lot going on musically and layering is minimal, pr is what stands out the most.
-20.714 I see what’s going on with the additive layering, but you really should have jumps on the louder drum hits as well
-40.793 sweep starts after the 16th and should likely be a 3 or 4 note sweep depending on whether you want to drop the jump in favor of a 4 note sweep
-41.915 there are some interesting rhythms that can be created if you choose to represent the lower timpany notes going on in the background, up to you though.
-45.904 should be a single
-46.527 missing 16th
-48.148 missing 8th
-51.887 should be a single (though at this point there are other drum hits that you weren’t putting jumps to earlier but are now, but I can’t see how the music intensity has changed to warrant a change in layering scheme.)
-54.586 this last note needs to be much close to the 4th
-54.889 should be a single
-54.006 should be a jump, and the 8th jump before is also called into question based on 51.887
-57.008 ghost 16th and the jack should be on the 2 notes after the 4th.
-57.880 at this point I’m convinced you want to layer the softer drum hits so you need to go through the entire file and make this consistent. You’re MUCH better off removing the jumps you have since putting jumps to all the softer drum hits that you have as singles leads to basically having extended jumpgluts in sections like 58.379
-60.747 drum hits have different timbre so at least one of the columns should be offset
-62.867 glaring inconsistency, this should look like the single-jump-hand combination that you had earlier (similar to the jump-jump-hand combination, but the first jump was noted as an error)
-63.988 missing 16ths
-62.736 C/p error from before
-66.357 ? empty space in notes like this where there is still music present kinda gives the impression you didn’t check your file before you submitted.
-several of the layering inconsistencies and missing 16ths persist throughout the file but I’m ending the review here.

[7*/10] Alone {Marshmello} (VisD)
-25.302 there should be an 8th jack here for pr and consistency (you did it earlier to match the synth)
-**37.769 File was great, and then this happened. Pls fix the vocal syncing.
-52.771 just condense this into an 8th jump, the 48th grace just feels out of place in this section.
-70.300 4th should be a jump
-71.568 not sure why you swapped to putting jump to the synths when you could have stuck with putting jumps to the vocals. This transition would have been much cleaner, and you would have more to work with in this drumroll buildup.
-**74.946 alright the whole “I’ll use three 32nds to acknowledge the cymbal burst that actually persists through the majority of the beat” does not work at all. Just make the jumps white or something (and consider removing the rest of the white notes since they’re just to abnormally high or low pitches)
-**101.992 last note is a ghost note
-File’s honestly pretty good aside from that odd 32nd section.
** = stuff that must be fixed

[7*/10] Credits {Frums} (VisD)
-**18.110 polyrhythms suddenly start here when you didn’t have them in the two instances prior? (probably easier to just fill in the polys for the 2 prior instances)
-28.669 keep the consistent 8ths going, it matches the kind of droning on and on that the background synth provides (fill in this 4th)
-31.183 ^ same comment, but fill in the 8th
-39.395 same thing as 28.669
-**55.799 check the jumps around this measure, either the sync drifts or you have the 16ths misaligned.
-**63.760 also this 16th jump seems inconsistent with each repetition, double check the section for this.
Other than the things mentioned file seems fine.

[6/10] dust {dangerkids} (VisD)
-16.635 these 4ths are really ambiguous. Even when I turn up my volume quite a bit, I don’t really hear any discernable sounds other than the pitch oscilating in intensity slightly. Probably better to just remove all the fill in 4ths until 23.079.
-23.079 speaking of having the note density pick up here, the strings are consistent 8ths here, fill those in.
-43.385 move to 2, having this 8th on 3 results in 3443 pattern for 3 different pitches
-43.601 considering how subdued the song has been up until this point, this crash should really be a hand
^pretty disappointing that the layering doesn't beef up here with the heavier percussion
-57.316 wait that’s really the end of the song?
There’s not much wrong with the file tbh. It feels a bid bland, but it’s serviceable. The song choice is what I feel hurts the overall submission the most. It’s just a minute of ambient buildup and then the file abruptly ends. I’ll give this a 6 so you can appeal the rating and get a second review if you like, but I can’t promise it’ll be much better.

[8*/10] Light of the Seven (Ghost in the Machine Cover) {Ramin Djawadi} (VisD)
-**46.580 there’s a faint higher note here which I’m assuming follows what you put a jump to in the earlier instance of this pattern. Make it consistent, either add the 4th here, or remove the 4th earlier. I’d recommend adding the jump here.
-**55.580 should be a single note
-**66.581 add a jump here to follow the descending high pitch melody.
-74.081 remove placeholder
Short and simple, well done overall. Song’s pretty too. Fix the couple things noted.

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