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DossarLX ODI 09-9-2018 07:11 PM

Dossar's Foot Play goals
On September 3rd I adjusted my StepmaniaX Stage to a more playable state and had my first session on it. The up arrow is still a bit funky, but otherwise the pad is pretty good.

This thread is for tracking some goals I have related to foot play in addition to weight loss goals.

July 2019 Goals
- Normal clear lamp on all 18s
- Break 980k on another 18
- Pass Egoism 440 CSP 19

- Pass 10 total 15s, with at least three of them being from the Pendulum pack

Click the below spoiler for the 2018 entries.

September 2018

September 7
There was some 170-range streaming this day, but it was more suited for crossovers. I got my first Crossover Spectrum 13 star this session and a pass on exotic ethnic 1.8 rate that raised my 1.7 rate score from a while ago by 2%.

September 9
This session was an hour of only playing 170-range stream songs. The most notable score was a 32 measure run at 173 that I played three times, and the best score was 97.76%.

September 11
In this session I tried out fitkicks for the first time with socks over them. They're certainly good for streaming after you get used to them.

It's worth noting that this is probably the most 14s I have played in one session and I got my first FEC on Silence 1.1x rate. Be Lovin was improved from my first pass which was around 70%. This session was very tiring, and I'll probably have a similar one Thursday.

September 13
Today I started the session differently; I only played three 12s and then after that I only played 13s. I played exactly thirteen 13s this session, starting with accumulating around 120 measures of 155 from Last Message (this was hard to jump into after only three songs), and accumulating about 350 measures of 170-range stream from the other songs. Squeeze is 173 BPM.

September 15
After this session, I've decided to update the September goals to be about consistently playing 13s rather than the specific 170 BPM goal I had previously. After playing a handful of 12s, I did mostly 13s and passed London Evolved 14 again from 170 BPM Eternal with a really bad score.

September 17
In this session I re-passed two Pendulum 14s and FC'd Breathe. Crush is around a 6% improvement from my previous pass. It was a pretty good session, although failing Granite 6 measures from the end was unfortunate (the jack-heavy patterns in that chart kill me).

September 19
This was the first session where I passed 16 measures of 200 BPM stream. I did it four times and after that I was very sore. I might consider uploading the 200 BPM training video I took.

September 22
Since the session on September 19 I noticed my right leg had a sting. For some reason I was also feeling super fatigued (mind and legs felt heavy), and was barely able to do 16 measures of 175. Definitely the worst session I've had so far, and I'm hoping how I felt this day is not recurring (if it is, I'll consider seeing my doctor).

I also got a better idea of what goals to move over to October and what they should change to.

September 25
This session was more reassuring but still not that great. I was able to play Breathe three times in a row near the end of it (the 32 measure 173 stream) and the highest score was only a 93% although it's an improvement from the last session. I'll probably continue building a foundation on the 170 range for a while.

September 27
I was going to have a session today but then the down panel had a sensor that was acting up. I'm currently trying to figure this out, and will probably get a better look on Sunday. Saturday I'll be playing over at a friend's house instead.

September 29
Got my first pass on Calamity Fortune SX 14 this session, playing on a friend's setup. On Sunday I got the down arrow on my SMX pad back to a playable state.

October 2018

October 1
This session was a great start to October. I played Calamity Fortune 5 times in succession. The best score was a 92% break with 5 misses, where all misses were in the longer stream section and all the notes outside of it were FC'd. I also got my first 90 break on Hold Your Colour Bipolar Vocal Mix SX 14, FC'ing the last stream. Both were on video too! I should note that Hold Your Colour Bipolar Vocal Mix was after Calamity Fortune, and its speed in the 170s felt way more manageable than 200. The two runs I had were 86% and then 93% (main difference was cutting down misses, the accuracy was similar).

Calamity Fortune 5 times in the session

Calamity Fortune SX 14 - 92.33%

Hold Your Colour (Bipolar Vocal Mix) SX 14 - 93.34%

October 4
Mind felt heavy today and didn't get as much sleep the past couple of days, so it was expected this session wouldn't be that good. I was still able to get 12 measures into the middle run of Calamity Fortune SX 14 though, even if it was a lot of greatrushing.

October 6
Pretty good session today. I played a turn/candle heavy chart with 32 unbroken measures of 175 five times in succession, and passed Silence 1.2 rate afterwards as the last song.

October 8
I almost FC'd three sets of 4 measure 220 runs (simpler patterns with a turn every half measure), focusing more on speed this time. However, the down panel was probably more fragile than I thought compared to the other ones and it got a crack. Messaged Kyle to see what I can do in the meantime -- otherwise, no more sessions until that's resolved.

October 13
Played DDR A and got a 930,000 break on Fascination Maxx CSP 18 and broke 920,000 on Come To Life CSP 18. It didn't take very long to start getting into these, which to me is an indication of my speed improving. The replacement panel also arrived today so I'll get to installing that on Sunday in addition to adjusting the left and right panels.

October 15
Was doing pretty good before the rubber supports became uneven and I had to stop to turn the pad over and re-adjust them.

October 18
Was feeling rather sluggish today, but at this point the right panel started to totally screw me over. I still managed to barely pass Breathe SX 13, with 19 misses on the right arrow. I spent over an hour adjusting it and it should be better after my riser frame arrives (I ordered it earlier this week).

October 20
I visited the Round 1 Maine location for the first time and it was a pretty good session.

Highlights include:
- First Single 18 950,000 break (Max 360 ESP 18)
- Another Doubles 18 Pass (Paranoia Revolution EDP 18)
- Two new ESP 16 AAAs (Life is Beautiful and Wadatsumi)
- Passing Pursuer ESP 17 (Life4 on this can be stressful with the slow reading)
- Fascination Maxx CSP 18 double digit greats and single digit misses

October 23
Played on the StepmaniaX Stage for about 40 minutes before it shut off and didn't turn back on. Sent Kyle an e-mail about what I can do.

October 25
Highlighting in red to indicate it wasn't actually a session. I took this night to open the control area and adjust the power brick to not be loose, and the pad turned on again. I also installed the riser frame.

I'm just going to take the rest of this week off and start again on Sunday. I'd rather get some more rest and go fresh Sunday, despite how much I want to play on the pad right now with the riser frame installed. Eyes and mind are heavy. In general, this was an uneventful month so I'm not that concerned about doing this.

October 28
The riser frame helped, although I'd like to see if the right panel can be lowered a bit since it's currently the highest panel given how the sensors are laid out right now.

Today was an alright session, first hour session in a while without the pad having some sort of weird thing happen. Socks had a lot of grip though.

October 30
Last session for October. Focused entirely on DDR songs today to cover speeds faster than what I'm used to (180+ BPM) and be more familiar with the files next time I play on a DDR A machine.

In the future, Be a Hero ESP 17 might end up being my first 990k break, and I can see myself breaking 950k on a few other 18s.

November 2018

November 1
Played for about 45 minutes before the right arrow convinced me to stop and adjust again. This month I'll have a focus of tuning the bottom-right of the up arrow, and the inner two corners of the right arrow. I'm not sure why these particular areas are so special when it comes to the pressure applied.

November 3
Another pretty good session. For the first 20 minutes I warmed up with ITG 10-13 and then went over to some DDR songs. I got less than 10 misses on Paranoia Hades CSP 18 with decent accuracy, so surprisingly enough this could be an 18 to aim for a 950k break. The first half with the jumps is usually what wrecks my score in addition to the 12th jacks in the middle though.

It's also worth noting that I lost 1.5 pounds of water weight this session, and it was 1 hour 15 minutes. Definitely nice to have a longer one than 40-45 minutes.

November 5
Today was a great session for speed! 1 hour, did a good number of 190+ BPM charts. The November goals are looking like more of a reality next time I go to a DDR A machine.

November 7
Had a Dave N' Busters meetup and realized that if I didn't want to get the technician in trouble I had to keep my shoes on so my performance wasn't good. In addition, the up arrow was bad (true story, ITGAlex got 11 greats 12 misses on Come To Life CSP 18 with most of the misses and greats on up)

November 10
My legs were super stiff today for some reason, anything above 160 BPM was impossible to control this session. I played mostly songs at or below that BPM range and had some pretty good accuracy though.

November 12
Today my speed and accuracy was pretty good but from a stamina standpoint, not so great.

November 14
Best session of November so far. I got another star on a 14 and it's the fastest 14 star I have as of now (169 BPM), with the previous one being Endless Flyer SX 14 at 160 BPM. Speed Over Beethoven also crushes my previous score of 88.27% from September 11 this year where I ran out of juice at the end and my score fell apart.

Also broke 90% on Senorita Speedy Mix SX 14 for the first time, a major improvement from the previous 84.78% score I had from September 11 this year.

I also got an accuracy increase on Calamity Fortune but the misses were a good deal higher.

Speed Over Beethoven SX 14 - 96.79%

Senorita Speedy Mix SX 14 - 93.65%

There You'll Be SX 13 - 98.03%

November 21
Session was pretty good, I played some songs from DDR again to prepare for the Saturday Maine R1 visit to accomplish my DDR goals for this month.

November 24
So much happened in this session that it has its own post. In short, accomplished the goals I listed for this month on DDR A.

November 28
Legs weren't really feeling warmed up today, but still managed to do a lot of songs around 160 BPM.

November 30
Last session of November. Done at the Taunton Round 1 location, you can find the score post here. It ended with a bag 0.25x speed modifier pass, the first one I've gotten on a DDR A machine. :)

December 2018

December 6
This was my last home session before leaving to California. It was pretty good and made me look forward to playing DDR A for any Round 1 trips we would make!

December 13
A solid DDR A session at Puente Hills Round 1 with Seth. More information can be seen in this post.

December 22
Still in California, this was the first day I used Skinners for a full DDR A session. The results were nice! See the scores in this post.

This is the last session I'm listing for 2018. There was some PIU play in between December 13 and 22 but I didn't list them here. I think my most notable accomplishments were that while not being a pump player, I was able to get my first S on a singles 15 (Final Audition) and a stage pass on a singles 16 (Flying Duck).

DossarLX ODI 09-9-2018 07:11 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
January 2019

January 5
First session of 2019, also at the Round 1 location in Maine! See more information in the score post.

January 23
First session at DnB this year, with ITGAlex coming along. I got my first Doubles 16 FC and 980k break this day (PSMO Doubles 16). It's also worth noting ITGAlex got 37 perfects 1 miss on NGO CSP 18.

January 28
This week I'm trying out playing every day, but not necessarily the most intense sessions. I still played a few DDR 18s and ITG 13s, but not to the extent of some of my other hard sessions.

One of the rubber supports on my SMX pad got loose, so I also had to readjust that after 50 minutes of playing. I'm hoping I don't have to adjust this every session as it stops the session short and also is exhausting to flip over the pad and having to use the vise grip, taking about 15 minutes to adjust and losing my warmed state.

January 29-30
Combining both days into one post. Some focused hour sessions again, and on Thursday I woke up to a nasty charley horse at 3 AM. Took a break Thursday to rest for my first 19 pass attempts on Friday.

February 2019

February 1
This is the session where I passed my first two 19s. It's also worth noting that a co-worker played his first DDR set this day as well, as I introduced him to DDR A. :)

See this score post. Over The Period CSP 19 was my first 19, and then my second 19 was Valkyrie Dimension CSP 19.

February 6
Had a Dave N' Busters session. Only a few scores this time around, so it doesn't have its own post. Summary:
- A few upscores and another doubles 15 FC
- 5th doubles 18 pass

Scores in the below spoiler to prevent page stretching.

February 9
Second trip to Maine R1 location of the year. I noticed the left and up arrows were much less sensitive than the pads in Taunton, MA so I was noticeably getting more misses on harder charts. I got my second 17 AAA this day and a few more videos. You can see the score post here.

February 22
Session before the Silver City Summit. I got a larger monitor that makes playing less strenuous.

February 23
I got top 16 in the Silver City Summit! You can view the bracket/results here: https://challonge.com/scsddr

Definitely the largest DDR tournament I've been to and the hype was real. I upscored Blew My Mind CSP 18 to a 950k break in my match with Dwayne (the round where I was eliminated).

Ended up stepping on a screw with my left heel though, so that's going to take some time to heal.

February 28
Left heel was feeling better at this point although still not quite recovered. I wore socks that had more padding in this session to make it more tolerable.

March 2019

March 2
Great first session for March, and it was a crossover based day! I got my first exotic ethnic 2.0x rate pass and upscored a couple other charts that I previously had below 80% passes on. See this post for more details.

March 8th
Home ITG session where I got an FC on Silence 1.2 rate. Pretty good before the Round 1 Taunton trip the next day!

March 9th
This week my team at work also started a gym routine where we have an hour session so I'll be doing a mix of walking and/or running on Mondays and Wednesdays after hours.

First SDP, and second 16 PFC.

Beautiful Dream was a huge improvement.

17s and 18s
Pursuer is my first GFC, although technically not an upscore. Dead End Groove Radar Special is my first time getting less than 10 misses so that was nice.

Valkyrie Dimension was an upscore from 827k and Over The Period was an upscore from 801k. Paranoia Revolution I failed 2 notes from the last jump, where I actually saw "MARVELOUS" on the jump followed by a "FAILED" screen. I also stepped on a screw during that run which was a double whammy, but I can try it another time.

March 13th
Walking/Running after hours.

March 16th
Endorphin was a big improvement, DDR Megamix I finally broke 990k on both the ESP and CSP, and I got a pass on Paranoia Revolution CSP 19 (even though it's lower than my fail I'll take it for now :) ).

Next time I'll see if I can upscore Over The Period CSP 19 to 840k, or possibly 850k. I'm going to try mirror next time.





March 18th
Walking/Running after hours.

March 20th
Walking/Running after hours.

March 23rd
Got my first 19 850k score on with Valkyrie Dimension. Also passed OTP 19 twice but with worse scores than my best, and improved Paranoia Revolution CSP to a 829k pass (now my pass is higher than the 809k fail!)

March 25th
Walking/Running after hours.

March 27th
Walking/Running after hours.

March 30th
Visited a friend's house to play on his setup after not trying it for a few months. Nothing particularly inspiring.

April 2019

April 1st
Walking/Running after hours.

April 3rd
Walking/Running after hours.

April 6th
Turns out one of the corner wheels feel out and I had to put it back in. Afterwards I had a decent session.

April 9th
Got another decent home session. I'm hoping to only have to adjust the corner wheel that fell out every few sessions rather than every session.

April 11th
Another home session. Nothing particularly inspiring, although it was good preparation for the next Round 1 Taunton trip.

April 13th
The hardest DDR session I've had to date. Broke 860k on two 19s today and passed 19s for one set. See more in this post.

April 15th
Walking/Running after hours.

April 19th
So this Friday my friends and I went to the game room during Anime Boston. They had one DDR A machine and I passed Over The Period CSP 19 twice today. It turns out the machine was offline so I couldn't scan my e-amuse card, meaning that I was limited to the guest mode options (e.g. no 0.25x speed increments, no changing noteskins or direction such as mirror). Looks like I can play Over The Period 1.5x speedmod comfortably now (originally played it on 1.25x).

April 20th
Still at Anime Boston this Saturday, I played a couple of DDR sets. Passed OTP again for a total of three times this Anime Boston weekend.

April 22nd
Walking/Running after hours.

April 24th
Walking/Running after hours.

May 2019
See this post for May 4th and May 11th sessions.

See this post for May 27th session.

June 2019
See this post for June sessions. This was the month of my first ITG 15 pass (Hold Your Colour)!

Celirra 09-9-2018 08:46 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
I'm super jealous you have a SMX pad, from what I've heard they're amazing to play on.
I'm surprised you haven't changed it to have a non-button centre panel though, but I guess that's counter intuitive if you have any desire in smx the game...

Anyways good stuff!! It's also cool to see it motivating for fitness etc

I wonder if there would be enough interest for a pad scores megathread on ffr, btw... I know theres actually a bunch of people who play various pad games here (ddr/itg/piu)

choof 09-9-2018 11:16 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
i don't care if we're playing dance dance revolution i will NOT tell you about my feet
dat exotic ethnic, damn...

DossarLX ODI 09-10-2018 06:19 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals

Originally Posted by Celirra (Post 4647960)
I'm super jealous you have a SMX pad, from what I've heard they're amazing to play on.
I'm surprised you haven't changed it to have a non-button centre panel though, but I guess that's counter intuitive if you have any desire in smx the game...

Anyways good stuff!! It's also cool to see it motivating for fitness etc

I wonder if there would be enough interest for a pad scores megathread on ffr, btw... I know theres actually a bunch of people who play various pad games here (ddr/itg/piu)

I legitimately felt sorry for anyone that wasn't able to get the wave in early August this year. All 100 units sold out within 3 minutes. I ended up missing the first two waves (apparently they sold out in 6 minutes in the previous available units), so it was relieving to get one from this set.

A few things about working with the SMX pad:
- I did replace the center panel with the gray metal panel originally, and it's noticeably higher than the other panels which makes play worse. It's also incredibly hard to remove. Never again.
- Keeping the original panel allows for a smoother surface to play on. Currently the middle panel is a bit lower than the other four panels, but that's much better than being higher. I'll need to get a raiser frame if I want the middle panel to be on the same level as the other panels as best as possible.

At some point in the near future I'm planning on compiling together some recorded videos I took when modifying the pads. Basically, there are four load cell sensors in each panel and you need to take at least three main things into account to get the panels to a better state:
1.) Adjust the outer screw of the sensor
2.) Spin up the sensor head so it's closer to the panel
3.) Loosen the panel a bit so it doesn't restrict the sensor from movement. This does raise the panel slightly.

choof 09-10-2018 07:04 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
what would be a good pad to buy if I can't get one of those bad boys?

YoshL 09-10-2018 09:00 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
smx are like >1k lmao
pdp are garbage don't touch them
impulse is coming out who knows when but i'm literally waiting for them because i've played on a prototype and it was probably better than any arcade pad i've played on
http://maty-taneczne.pl/ - might be your best bet if they ship to the US (i haven't checked) i know a bunch of people who have one of these and say that it's really fucking good quality. even with some egregious shipping costs, this could potentially cost less than a pdp but still be by far the best choice for an intermediary


checked the polish pads, they do ship to the US, and even though shipping is like 100 extra euros (base price ~150 euros), it's like literally the same price as a PDP but like infinite times the quality

DossarLX ODI 09-11-2018 08:44 AM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
To elaborate on what YoshL mentioned about some of the pads:

StepmaniaX Stage (SMX pad)
StepmaniaX Stages started as $1,337 each. Now they're $1,360 and can be expected to increase to approximately $1,385 when you take into account a yearly 2% inflation rate. Shipping is also high (for me it was $275). This means you'd actually aim towards spending roughly $1,650 for one of them if you go with the shipping option as opposed to local pickup.*

*Reason why I started with the shipping method as opposed to other options listed like local pickup is due to the insanely high demand where you battle time vs. buying the pad. Because the demand was so high, the pads sold out within 3 minutes of the link going live for the 100 units that were available in early August this year. You can expect something similar to happen in the next wave. People have expressed concern about locking a purchase request once the user is brought to the order details screen so they don't have to rush in the order.

Something else to consider about SMX is that it is highly supported by the original manufacturer. There is a central store you can go to for most of your needs: whether it is sensors, riser frames to push up your center panel for more level panels, etc. There is also a software configuration tool to check your pad's sensitivity in real time when you are adjusting it. All in all, it's a great pad but the price is definitely up there and every wave could take anywhere from 4-6 months at the current rate. I'm not sure entirely what the bottleneck is, but this is currently the case.

Precision Dance Pad (PDP)
I got one of these originally, and if you're planning on playing songs mostly below 180 BPM and below the 13 ITG level range, these are okay. But when it comes to higher level play, they don't fair very well -- I can agree with YoshL that if you're seriously going to be into the game, these are not the best option. When I got mine it was $350.

Impulse Platforms
The rumored price for an individual Impulse Platform pad was in the range of $600-$800. This means you could potentially get one for nearly half the price of one StepmaniaX Stage, also using sensors based on load cell technology.

As YoshL mentioned, there have not been any units available for Impulse Platforms yet. It's not clear when they will be releasing the first wave of pads, and the lack of transparency as to what the roadmap is (e.g. next two months planning on testing, then release early 2019) is what is turning some people away from this pad as an option despite the positive feedback about the prototype.

DossarLX ODI 09-12-2018 08:16 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
Updated the scores post to have spoilers so it's not as long of a post vertically. September 11/Tuesday has been included as well, being the best session so far.

evanescence_death4ever 09-13-2018 01:45 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
Did you participate in Stamina RPG 2.0 this year? Best remote tourny ever. UI for the tournament was fantastic, Ian (archi) the Godfather of Stamina is a boss. ECS [East Coast Stamina] this year is going to be awesome.

I'll have to read through this thread to check out your stuffs. PAD MASTERRACE! (lol keyboard is dead to me)

DossarLX ODI 09-13-2018 02:41 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals

Originally Posted by evanescence_death4ever (Post 4648699)
Did you participate in Stamina RPG 2.0 this year? Best remote tourny ever. UI for the tournament was fantastic, Ian (archi) the Godfather of Stamina is a boss. ECS [East Coast Stamina] this year is going to be awesome.

I'll have to read through this thread to check out your stuffs. PAD MASTERRACE! (lol keyboard is dead to me)

Long story, but I've been away from the main ITG community for around a year now and I'd prefer it to stay that way, at least for now. Unless there is a good reason for me to come back, I'm better off with the New England Rhythm Gamers group and Happy Feet's Discord.

Without having to worry about the drama and consistent harassment, I can actually enjoy this game again and be goal-oriented with communities that have a growth mindset. Things might be different now, but there's no rush to come back. :)

Edit: Wording was a bit harsh before.

Edit again: Updated the scores post with today's session (September 13). I played exactly thirteen 13s!

aperson 09-23-2018 06:21 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
Need more updates bud quit slackin!!

DossarLX ODI 09-24-2018 07:38 AM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals

Originally Posted by aperson (Post 4649936)
Need more updates bud quit slackin!!

I like your enthusiasm -- the routine is definitely important :)

I updated the September post with the two most recent sessions. Tomorrow I'm hoping it will not be like Saturday (more details in that post).

DossarLX ODI 10-5-2018 06:43 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
September 2018 Reflection

September 2018 Goals
- Play every two days
- Pass exotic ethnic 1.8 rate
- Get a star/96% break on a Crossover Spectrum 13
- Get down to 142 pounds
- Consistently play 13s
- Pass Rhythm and Police KOG G3 Mix 2.0 rate

Passing exotic ethnic 1.8 rate and getting my first 96% break on a Crossover Spectrum 13 was exciting! I also played a decent number of 14s this month, clearing out most of the other 14s in DDRStream PreSupernova (see September 11 session).

The weight loss goal above was very ambitious when I found out how my weight moves around. I'm currently 149 pounds so I actually gained 1 pound overall, but I did get down to 146 at some point this month.

I tried playing every two days unless something came up that would throw off my sleep (in which case it was three days). I try to have my sessions at a consistent time to make sure I don't play too late or early. I've changed the goal to be 2-3 depending on the situation.

In terms of the pad, it's been modified to a pretty good state, although the up arrow is what gives me by far the most misses in the bottom right corner of the panel (so in other words, my right foot). The bottom left corner doesn't seem to give as many misses, and I've learned that even though the pad is full of 15 KG sensors, not every sensor is the same. I had to a replace a faulty sensor in the down panel with one in the center panel. Kyle was nice enough to send some spare sensors :)

For October, it would be a good idea for me to focus more on my speed and stamina before getting back to my other rate ventures (e.g. Rhythm and Police KOG G3 Mix 2.0 rate).

With that in mind, I have updated October with the following goals. I'm focusing on improving my speed a bit more, since I rarely play songs with streaming above the 170 range.

October 2018 Goals
- Continue maintaining a good state of the pad: get a riser frame, check the sensors regularly
- Play every 2-3 days
- Get down to 145 pounds
- Play 200 BPM in at least half the sessions
- Break 90 on several 14s

dAnceguy117 10-6-2018 05:11 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
I admire the heck out of this. I think my own goal is to get to a point sometime in the next 5 years where I invest in a decent pad and make time to play this consistently. Keep goin!!!

DossarLX ODI 10-6-2018 07:29 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
Today's session made me realize how important flush panels are (well, I should say convinced to get a riser frame). I was able to pass Silence 1.2 rate and get a similar score to my previous pass (92.90%) but man it was death with the slightly raised panels.

Going to place an order for the riser frame the coming week :)

aperson 10-14-2018 03:21 AM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
Damn your October progress is really nice. Sorry to hear about the crack putting a temporary hold in your sessions. Make sure to get in some running, rowing, or biking so you don't fall out of form.

DossarLX ODI 10-14-2018 11:36 AM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals

Originally Posted by aperson (Post 4651098)
Damn your October progress is really nice. Sorry to hear about the crack putting a temporary hold in your sessions. Make sure to get in some running, rowing, or biking so you don't fall out of form.

The panel arrived yesterday and I'm going to install it later today! According to Kyle lexan material should not break that easily, especially with how I step. I was given a replacement part.

aperson 10-26-2018 07:52 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
you should try some distance running in windows of ITG downtime/low motivation. I've been really surprised at how good of cross training they are for each other.

aperson 11-2-2018 07:12 PM

Re: Dossar's Foot Play goals
check out magnetic csp as another 17 that you may be able to 990k break on. It doesn't have any bullshit except some crossovers which you seem to be pretty solid at.

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