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QueenAshy 09-10-2018 11:18 PM

Geometry Dash creating / osu!mapping wolfgirl!
Q&A (read before asking!)

Q: Are you into guys?

A: Do you or do you not know what lesbian means? Do I need to explain it again?

Q: Have you had ďthe operation?Ē

A: No. Itís rude of you to ask about the state of my genitals, donít do it again.

Q: How long have you been playing Geometry Dash?

A: I started when electroman adventures was the hardest non-unlockable level

Q: What is ďwolfkin?Ē

A: itís when Iím born with the spirit of a wolf. If you want more info, use google.

Q: How long have you been on HRT?

A: 3 months.

Q: When did you start playing osu?

A: 2015

Q: Do you have any ranked maps?

A: No

As most of you already know, Iím 18, MTF, lesbian, and wolfkin. But for those who donít, Iím just leaving it here anyway.

My entrance into rhythm games started in 2009 with tap tap revenge. I was decently good at it, but nothing major. I never really started playing many rhythm games on any proficient level until osu!, which I got really into. Like, so into osu! that it was just about the only game I played over the span of 2 years.

I recently got back into GD after playing it casually back in the day, and itís kinda worse than I remembered it as far as overdecorated and memory levels. The game itself is all around better tho, and itís way more pleasant to play on PC than mobile.

I came out in 2016, and Iíve been transgender since then with no signs of stopping. Unfortunately, cause of some gripes with a transphobic family member, I couldnt get on HRT or do much transition under much later on. But when I did, man, I really enjoyed it. Estrogen makes me feel so much more confident and at home in a way thatís hard to describe!

Anyway, enough about me. Feel free to ask me anything!

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