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TWG Jade Harley 09-20-2017 04:48 PM

Find your good ending!!


TWGood End!

Semi-Open Setup:

14 Players:

1 Superstar or 1 Hero of the People
1 Challenger or 1 Savior
1 Eternalisk α, 1 Eternalisk β, or Eternalisk γ

1 Mysterious Variable X

6 Ordinary Citizens

1 Mad Scientist or 1 Deathdealer
1 Dark Messenger or 1 Dark Contracter
1 Informant

1 Alien

Quirks: Town can win while a self-aligned 3rd party player is alive. If they are self aligned, then they LOSE upon town eliminating all wolves if they have not reached their wincon.

Superstar - An idol of legend whose skill on the stage is peerless. The more followers you have, the greater your influence. Gains different powers for the total number of Town aligned players alive (includes yourself):

10 Alive: Godlike Idol
Can execute 2 of the following 3 actions: Smart Investigation (returns role name), Roleblock a player, or protect a player from an anti-town night action (can include yourself)

9 to 8 Alive: Galactic Star
Can execute 1 of the following 3 actions: Investigation (returns Role Color; Red, Blue, Gray, or Green are the possible results.), Roleblock a player, or protect a player from a harmful night action (cannot include yourself)

7 to 5 Alive: Mythical Persona
Can choose to investigate a player (returns Town or Anti-town). The person you investigate will be protected from an anti-town killing action (you will receive it instead).

4 to 3 alive: Magnetic Charm
Can choose to target a player. If any actions are used on them during the night, you will be informed about the actions, but not who executed them.

2 alive: Idol From The Ashes
The host will declare the presence of the following role in the game at the beginning of the day: Superstar: An Idol Risen From The Ashes


Hero of the People - A true hero who fights for truth and justice, your true powers only reveal themselves in times of great crisis. Powers depend on current amount of town aligned players alive (including yourself). Receives a Vanilla Town PM at the beginning of the game

10 to 9 Alive: Hidden Hero
Vanilla Town. Seers as blue

8 Alive: A Hero Awakened
Receives a role PM declaring your true role, as well as a random green check.

7 Alive: A Hero Lost In Solitude
No additional powers

6 to 5 Alive: Heroic Entry
Becomes one shot bulletproof. Can choose to investigate a player (returns Town or Anti-town). Receives a PM from the host confirming the alignment of Mysterious Variable X.

4 Alive: Logic Defying Hero
Can choose one of the following actions: Investigate a player (returns Role Color; Red, Blue, Gray, or Green are the possible results.) or inform a random town player of your identity as the Hero of the People. You are not informed who is chosen.

3 Alive: Heroic Double Entry!!
Pick 2 players: You gain effects the following day depending on the number of anti-town players between them (you are not informed of the result):
0 - Bleak Hatred (Your vote is nullified and votes against you count for double. These doubled votes cannot cause insta)
1 - Strength in Virtue (Your votes against an anti-town player count for 2 instead of 1 but cannot cause insta with the extra vote power)
2 - True Power (Your votes against an anti-town player count for 2 instead of 1 but cannot cause insta with the extra vote power. Your vote only counts against anti-town players)

2 Alive AND 2 Anti-town Alive: Final Gambit: Heroic Last Reversal!!
If you survive the night and are not roleblocked, if scum would win by parity, play continues instead as long as you are alive.

Last Town Alive: Supreme Power: Heroic Last Justice!!!
If you are the last Town player alive, town automatically wins.


Challenger - You love a good challenge. You are a master disruptor, but from the chaos you can draw many important conclusions...

Once per night, pick up to 2 players. If they are targeted for night actions you will be informed which of them are targeted, and the results of those actions will be delayed till the end of the next night. If your vote during the day ends on one of those 2 players, during the night you will be informed what the action targeting them last night was, as well as who sent it.

After doing this, you will be inflicted with the [Challenged] status. For the rest of the game, you may only target one player per night instead of 2.


Savior - A superhuman protector, and an untiring ally to the downtrodden. As the game progresses, your power and confidence grows.

Night 1: You may target one player. They are protected from being killed that night. If that player is not targeted by a night action that causes death that night, you are killed at the beginning of the day.

Night 2: You may target one player. They cannot use night actions and are unaffected by night actions.

Night 3: You may target one player. Once per night, if they would be killed by a night action, they are protected.

Night 4: You may target one player. Prevent them from being affected by night actions from anti-town players (excluding Strongman kills).

Night 5: Once per turn, target a player. If they are town, both you and the player are protected from being killed. If they are anti-town, they are protected, but you are not.

Night 6 and beyond: Masterful application of the saving artes. You may target one player. Both you and your target are protected from night actions from anti-town players (excluding Strongman Kills). If you target a anti-town player neither of you are protected, but your target gains a +1 vote modifier the next day (the +1 vote cannot cause an insta).


Eternalisk α - An ancient being whose powers are all encompassing and mysterious.

Alpha Version Notes:

Begins the game as a 2 shot Vigi. On first use of your power, you pick 2 names, one is killed at random between them. If an anti-town player is killed this way, you gain the status [Mesopotamian Mystery], and your next shot can target the player of your choice. If not, you must pick 2 for your last use of your power; one is killed at random. If you kill an anti-town player while affected by [Mesopotamian Mystery], your power is recharged and converted to Vengeful, killing the player you vote for if you are lynched during the day.


Eternalisk β - An ancient being whose powers are all encompassing and mysterious.

Beta Version Notes:

Begins the game as a 2 shot Vigi. Your first use of your power can only kill from the bottom 50% of posters (excluding yourself and rounded down). If an anti-town player is killed this way, you gain the status [Mesopotamian Wrath], and the next use of your power targets a player of your choice. If they are anti-town, they will be killed. Otherwise, your last shot can only target players from the bottom 50% of posters


Eternalisk γ - An ancient being whose powers are all encompassing and mysterious.

Gamma Version Notes:

Begins the game as a 1 shot Vigi. Every time a anti-town player dies, you gain a stack of [Mesopotamian Mastery]. At 2 stacks, your power recharges and you can kill again.


Mysterious Variable X - A shapeshifting master of disguise. You alliances are fickle, and your powers are even more so.

At the beginning of the game, chooses one of 3 options. Hero, Villain, or Self.

Hero - You are town aligned and win when all anti-town players are eliminated. You receive a pm alerting you to the presence of either a Challenger or a Savior in the current game.

Your role becomes Stand-In Savior OR Fake Challenger, mimicking the parent role currently in the game. This role seers GRAY and returns ANTI TOWN until it is activated by the death of its parent role, in which case you will then seer GRAY and TOWN.

Stand-In Savior: Once during the game (at night), you can target a player. That player is protected from being killed in the night. Your role only activates after the Savior has been killed.

Fake Challenger: Once during the game (at night), target a player and delay any night action targeting them till the end of the following night (you will be informed if they are targeted). If you vote for them during the day, the next night you will learn who targeted them. Only activates after the Challenger has been killed.

Villain - You become a member of the scum team and win when you reach parity with town, or nothing can prevent that from happening.

Your role then becomes Initiate, which despite being scum aligned seers GRAY and returns ANTI TOWN. Your role has unique attributes:

Insider: You are informed who the members of the scum team, but they do not know your individual identity. Due to the Informant, the scum team are always alerted to the presence of an Initiate on their team at the start of the game.

Wretched Scum: You initially count as a town for the purposes of parity. You do not count towards scum teams parity with town until you are night killed. The first time you are nightkilled by the scum team, you become a full member of the scum team instead, gaining access to night chat and the factional kill.

Gray Matter: Can perform the factional kill if all other team members are killed. If you are not yet a full member of the scum team, you become one upon being the last scum alive.

The Mystery of X: At the beginning of the game and each following night, you may leave a one word message to be delivered to the scum team by the host. This word cannot contain any part of your forum name, anyone else's forum name, or be a proper noun. This ability works only as long as the Informant is alive.

Self - You are a 3rd party with the win condition: “Wins when every other power role, both town and anti-town, are killed or nothing can prevent that from happening.” As an organism made from the extremely dangerous Factor X, you begin the game relatively weak, but as more power roles die you pick up small but important advantages that give you an edge.

Your role is the Transmorpher (shoutout to litodude), which seers GRAY and returns ANTI TOWN. You have a single starting ability, and pick up more as the path to your victory progresses:

You begin the game with either a One Shot Vigi or One Shot Bulletproof (your choice)

Roles that must die for you to win:
Superstar OR Hero of the People
Challenger OR Savior
Eternalisk (Any Version)
Mad Scientist OR Deathdealer
Dark Messenger OR Dark Contracter

5 Roles Total.

After living to see these 5 roles die, you will leave the game victorious. If the town or scum team achieve their win conditions before you do, you LOSE.

After the following roles die, you immediately gain the corresponding power:

Superstar - Watch Out For Falling Stars:
At the beginning of the first night after you've gained this power, you receive stacking abilities depending on your past actions:

>Have not killed anyone successfully: Recieve a One-Shot Strongman Kill (Stacks with similar powers you already have)
>Have not been targeted by any night action: One-Shot Bulletproof (Stacks with similar powers you already have)
>Have not been voted for this game on the End of Day votecount: One-Shot Investigative Immunity (Seers as Town and Green the first time you are seered)
>Have gained no other Transmorpher powers before receiving this one: One-Shot Nexus (The first non-killing action used against you will instead target a random player. The sender of the action is not informed of the retargeting.)

Hero of the People - The Hero We Never Needed:
Receive a Host PM telling you:

>The roles currently alive in the game.
>The role of the last person you voted for.
>The last action used against you, and who used it.

Challenger - Challenge Accepted:
Become a Two-Shot Ascetic, nullifying the first 2 non-kill action performed on you. The first time you cancel an action in this manner, the next night you will receive the name of the player who sent the action.

Savior - I Don't Need Saving:
Each night can choose to do nothing. If you do, during that night you become untargetable for kills (anyone who tries to use killing actions on you will fail). Then you learn the name of one of the players who targeted you at random. Once you cancel a kill in this manner this ability becomes voided.

Eternalisk - What’s In A Name?:
Gain a factional nightkill. This does not stack with any one-shot vigi kill you might have and replaces it.

Mad Scientist - They Called Me Mad:
Receive up to 2 random unused tools from the mad scientists' cache.

Deathdealer - House Always Wins:
You gain a One-Shot Vigi kill (stacks with any similar powers you might have), and your next kill after you gain this power draws the blade Wakizashi to make the kill instead, a short katana that can easily pierce the guard of any foe. This turns the kill into a Strongman kill.

Dark Messenger - Return To Sender:
Become One-Shot Bulletproof (If you chose One-Shot Vigi at the start of the game) OR gain a One-Shot Vigi (If you chose One-Shot Bulletproof at the start of the game)

Dark Contracter - Game of Death:
During the night, you may name one player. If that player dies the next day and your vote on the End of Day votecount was on them, you are investigative immune the next night. If your vote on the End of Day votecount is on that player the next day and they do not die, the following night any killing action that targets you is redirected at them instead. Each of these abilities can only trigger once per game.


Mad Scientist - A reclusive scientist who’s technological prowess comes at the price of being slightly unbalanced mentally.

You have access to a whole host of tools. However, using these abilities in consecutive nights causes your night action for the 3rd night to include selecting a random tool from the ones remaining and having its “Darkside” effect activated. These effects are largely harmful for your faction, but the added bonus of using abilities in succession might be worth it!

List of Tools (Each one can only be used once per game.)

Hooked Claw - Roleblock
Drill Arm - Strongman kill
Plasma Bubble - Save a player from dying
Tiny Magnifying Glass - Color Investigation (Returns Role Color)
Motion Detector - If actions are performed on or by a chosen player, you will be informed they took place.
Escape Pod - Eject a selected player into orbit, completely canceling any action that targets them that night, as well as any action they use. (NOTE: You cannot launch yourself)
Poison Vial - The factional kill becomes a poisoned kill, delaying the death until the end of the next night, but in return the kill itself cannot be stopped by normal means. (Roleblocking the kill sender is the only way to stop the kill).
(NOTE: Running out of gadgets will roleflip you publicly the following day)

List of Darkside Effects:
(One of these effects are randomly applied at the beginning of any night where items were used the 2 previous nights. After applying this effect, night continues as normal. The pool of possible effects can only be applied from tools that have yet to be used. Darkside effects consume the tools they use at a 50% chance.)

Hooked Claw - Roleblock yourself
Drill Arm - Your factional kill tonight will have 33% chance of working as intended, a 33% chance of having the role name who made the kill attached to it in the game thread the following day, and a 33% chance being sabotaged and replaced by a funny picture of a broken drill, which will be posted in the thread by the host the following day phase.
Plasma Bubble - Trap a random member of your faction. If no other player targets them for a night action, they die. If they are targeted, they are protected from that action and are released.
Tiny Magnifying Glass - Investigates a random non-scum player and returns their full role name.
Motion Detector - Any action your faction makes will be announced in the game thread (using actual names, not role names.)
Escape Pod - You are launched into space without a helmet. READ: you die.
Poison Vial - A random town-aligned player becomes one-shot Deathproof (Lynch+Killproof)


Deathdealer - A killer born from shadow, your skill at ending lives is without equal. Your vast collection of blades lends a colorful variety to your methods of doling out death.

Draws blades corresponding to different abilities depending on the total amount of town-aligned players who are dead. These abilities must be used the night you gain them or they are lost. You can only gain each tier of ability once.

0 Dead: Draw the infamous Excalipoor. A kill made by you has a 50% chance of failing.

1 Dead: Draw Jambiya, a small curved dagger. This allows you to make a Ninja Kill.

2 Dead: Draw Zorlin Shape, a jagged blade coated with a strange toxin. This blade allows for a roleblock on a chosen target

3 Dead: Draw the violent dagger, Tiptaptwo. Select 2 players, if they perform a night action, you will be informed (You will not be informed who specifically made the action).

4 Dead: Draw Lurebreaker, a massive sword that reflects the pale light of the full moon. A kill you make tonight will not have role information revealed by the host in the game topic, only to your faction in night chat.

5 Dead: Draw Masamune, an ancient curved sword from the far east. This allows you to make a strongman kill.

6 Dead: Draw Angel Halo, a dark blade made from the fused remains of 666 angels. A kill you make roleblocks the target and reveals if they were targeted that night and by who.

7 Dead: Draw Nagrarok, a blade thats appearance heralds the end of the world. Choose a player. Their vote counts as -1 instead of +1 this phase.

8 Dead: Draw the legendary Yagyu Darkblade, a dark sword used by a famous ninja school. The blade is serrated for maximum damage and it glows with an ebon light upon being unsheathed. Automatically performs Yagyuu Shinkageryuu Shirahadori, a masterful sword technique that can stop and even redirect any attack. For 1 night, you will passively redirect any action used against you back at the person who used it.


Dark Messenger - A sinister servant for the forces of evil, your powers wax and wane with the phases of the game:

Night 1: Your vote during the next day does not count unless you vote with a fellow scum

Night 2: Tonight, you may choose 2 players. Switch any night actions targeting one of them to the other. If you successfully redirect a town action with this ability, you roleblock the player you vote for during the next day (You are not informed if you redirected successfully).

Night 3: This night, your kills have the following attributes if you are the kill sender: Ninja, Strongman, Suppressor (Your kills are untraceable, unblockable and roleblock the target before killing them). You are one shot bulletproof this night (wears off after the night is over).

Night 4: Choose one ability that activates the following day only: Gain +1 voting power as long as no other scum players vote for the same person OR Cancel the vote of the player you vote for the next day.

Night 5: Choose a one-time ability: Strongman OR ninja kill

Night 6: You are hated during the next day (One less vote needed to lynch that day)

Night 7 and beyond: Nothing.


Dark Contracter - A sinister villain who gambles with life itself. When things go your way, you gain important advantages over your competition.

Your powers work on a "credit" system. You begin the game with 1 credit. Certain events and actions you take during the day give you extra credits. The following is a list of actions that give credits and what you can use them for:

During any night phase, you may bet on who will be lynched the next day phase, as well as who will be killed by any night phase related killing power that is NOT related to the scum team. If you are correct on either guess, you gain 3 credits for one, or 7 credits for both.

Bonus credit opportunities:

Vanilla Town lynched: 1 credit
Town Blue Role lynched: 2 credits
Mysterious Variable X lynched: 2 credits
The person you vote for at the End of Day votecount is also voting you: 1 credit
You have received no votes at End of Day votecount: 1 credit

Anytime during the night, you may spend your credits to obtain abilities!! Stock is limited, but you can buy as many things as you can afford.


One-shot Motion detector - 2 credits (3 in stock)
One-shot Ninja kill - 3 credits (Affects kills you send only) (3 in stock)
One-shot Strongman kill - 3 credits (Affects kills you send only) (2 in stock)
One-shot Bus Driver - 5 credits (2 in stock)
One-shot Framer - 5 credits (Frames alignment, not color) (1 in stock)
One-shot Bulletproof - 6 credits (Self) (1 in stock)
One-shot Ascetic - 6 credits (Self) (1 in stock)
One-shot Smart Roleblock - 8 credits (blocks harmful actions targeting scum team only. Actions are considered harmful if they would negatively impact a scum ie: Being seered without investigative immunity.) (1 in stock)
One-shot Color Seer - 8 credits (1 in stock)
One-shot Chaos Lightning Rod - 12 credits (Choose a player. All Non-scum team night actions in the game are directed at the targeted player for that night. They die if the number of killing actions outnumbers guarding actions) (1 in stock)


Informant - A triple agent. Your job is simple: Pass along crucial info and don't get caught.

Your role has 3 powers:

- Informs your faction if Mysterious Variable X becomes an Initiate.

- Allows messages to be passed to the scum team from the Initiate as long as you're alive.

- While you are alive, Wolf Daychat is enabled. Once you are killed, it becomes disabled. Being roleblocked does not affect this passive ability.



- You are an Alien sent to earth to observe the phenomemon of TWG.

You are essentially a spectator.

You dont count towards the amount of town or scum alive for parity or for any power that checks for current town/scum alive.

You can place a vote if you wish to. While your vote shows up in the vote count, your vote has no actual power. You can be voted, but it does nothing, as you cannot be lynched, killed, or targeted by any killing night or day action. If you are seered it returns GRAY as color and ALIEN instead of TOWN/ANTI-TOWN). Other actions work as intended, as long as the end result is not the Alien dying.

If you would be lynched during the day, a picture of an alien is posted by the host instead, along with some flavor text, and the player with the next highest votecount is lynched instead. Your only actual power is the power of speech. Before the game you choose a faction (town or scum). You will win if the faction wins, and lose if they lose. If you choose scum, you may observe their factional chat (but not talk in it). Scum are not aware if an alien is spectating their chat.


Day start
Nightchat is OFF
Kitb is ON (Unannounced)
No Lynch is ON
No Kill is ON
Wolf Daychat is VARIABLE (ON when Informant is alive. OFF when they are dead.)
Twilight Chat (Wolf Pregame Chat) is ON
No actions are randomized in this game. If you send nothing, nothing happens.


Player List:

1. Blindreper1179 > VT, Killed N3
2. Shadowolfe > Dark Contractor, Killed N1
3. InDheart > VT, Survived to Win
4. mellonxcollie > Eternalisk Beta, Killed N3
5. kirkfan2255 > Savior, Killed N1
6. Charu > Alien, Survived to Lose
7. the sun fan > VT, Killed N1
8. DaBackpack > Superstar, Survived to Win
9. AragakiAyase > Mysterious Variable X (Transmorpher), Survived to Lose
10. Yeti/TWG Ike > VT, Survived to Win
11. Hakulyte > Informant, Lynched D4
12. Xelnya > VT, Lynched D1
13. Roundbox > Deathdealer, Lynched D3
14. DarkManticoreX2 > VT, Lynched D2



1. Prophylaxis
2. Celirra


All days are 48 hours. All nights are 24 hours. Days will start and end at 12am Server Time.


EDIT: Clarified alien role. Tweaked initiate.

> 9/16: Cleaned up formatting and role clarification.

> 9/17: Revamped Self-Aligned 3P and rebalanced Mad Scientist and Deathdealer

> 9/19: Clarification: Twilight Chat is on. Scum does not know if an alien is spectating their chat or aligned with them (thus the identity of the alien remains unknown to them).

> 9/20: Final tweaks. Reworked One-Shot Thunderdomer. Is now named Dark Contractor and has new abilities and mechanics. Changed interaction with Self Aligned 3P (No longer autoloses because Vanilla Villain role doesnt exist). Rebalanced Dark Messenger to have a clearer niche of a strong midgame with a weak early and lategame. Tied Wolf Daychat to the Informant role to create more oppertunities for counterplay against their day chat powers.

> 9/20 (2): Clarified Dark Contractor.

> 9/20 (3): Last minute adjustments to alien role, 3P Savior and Challenger powers. Role Tide Game

> 9/23: (More) role clarifications for Alien and Mysterious Variable X. Fixed really bad wording that somehow made it into the final draft of the game setup. Clarified KitB mechanics.


Stand by for important game-related information




Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


TWG Jade Harley 09-20-2017 04:53 PM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
Currently, roles are being assigned, PMs sent, and other behind the scenes stuff is happening. I will make an update post with other important game details when i am finished. DO NOT POST.

TWG Jade Harley 09-20-2017 06:52 PM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
Alright so sending pms is hard mode i guess. I'm finally done, every PM is out. If you haven't gotten one, send me a PM.


>Wolf pregame chat is on.
>Any role that has pregame actions needs to send them to me or they will be randomized
>Phases start and end at 12:01am Server Time
>Day Phases last 48 hours, nights last 24


EDIT: Phase will start at 12:01am server time, September 21st

AragakiAyase 09-21-2017 12:02 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!

probably not gonna post much tonight, pubg and then bed

Charu 09-21-2017 12:03 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
I'll pubg in your bed if you know what I'm sayin'

AragakiAyase 09-21-2017 12:03 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
yeti are we friends this game?

AragakiAyase 09-21-2017 12:03 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!

Originally Posted by Charu (Post 4586322)
I'll pubg in your bed if you know what I'm sayin'

sorry my bed is full

no vacancy

Charu 09-21-2017 12:04 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
What if I force myself on your bed?

What then, bucko?

AragakiAyase 09-21-2017 12:05 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!

Originally Posted by Charu (Post 4586325)
What if I force myself on your bed?

What then, bucko?

there is a very large barrier to entry

<<< is one

TWG Jade Harley 09-21-2017 12:07 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
The sun rises on another day. Two forces, as ancient and immortal as the concept of time itself, once again gather together to wage war. The struggle is always the same, and they have waged a similar battle countless times before, on a near infinite amount of battlefields, over the course of untold eons.

But after an almost incalculable number of battles, today things will finally be settled for eternity. The forces of good and the forces of bad clash for the final time, and the winner will have their ending etched in history forever. Each side has picked their champions, and their deadly game is about to begin, honed to a brilliantly fine point through sheer repetition.

But both sides, in a twist of ironic fate, choose to depart from their usual strategies in an attempt to gain leverage over the other. This is the story of their battle...as told by a slightly eccentric narrator.


*ignores people who posted before i said you could >:[*

well technically i guess i gave the time so i have myself to blame.

anywaaays! day start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 1 has started, and will end at 12:01AM server time on Saturday, September 23, 48 hours from now

AragakiAyase 09-21-2017 12:11 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
flavor mm

haku that's enough lurking

inDheart 09-21-2017 12:11 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
day start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charu 09-21-2017 12:12 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase (Post 4586326)
there is a very large barrier to entry

<<< is one

inDheart 09-21-2017 12:13 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
let us welcome kirk

TWG Ike 09-21-2017 12:14 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
can the mafia just tell me who they are so i know the friends im fighting for

TWG Ike 09-21-2017 12:15 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase (Post 4586323)
yeti are we friends this game?

are u tryin 2 pocket me bub

Charu 09-21-2017 12:16 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!

Originally Posted by TWG Ike (Post 4586333)
are u tryin 2 pocket me bub

Heh, silly Ike, you're too big to pocket!

AragakiAyase 09-21-2017 12:17 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!

Originally Posted by Charu (Post 4586330)


TWG Ike 09-21-2017 12:17 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
friendship in mafia is like 50 first dates

i get paranoia-induced amnesia and forget why i trusted u last game and we gotta start all over again

Charu 09-21-2017 12:17 AM

Re: TWG CLXXII - TWGood End!
What are we gonna do on the bed?

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