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  1. Need some GFX for banner and BG for my version of Bloody Tears (IIDX Edition)
  2. 1000 creds for sig
  3. -Ultimatum's PS Art-
  4. Vector Arrow Request
  5. Musician's Avatar
  6. Make Me Banner For 40K Credits.
  7. Suggestion
  8. What is your desktop?
  9. andili makes banners :(
  10. [1k per signature]
  11. Banner competition
  12. ITT: We Request Renders
  13. stuff stuff and stuff STAT 9999 credits!!!!
  14. My Coconut
  15. avitar animations
  16. Recruiting Graphic designers for my site
  17. Graphic Request (paying 6k)
  18. Extremely Cheap Amateur Banners
  19. My Paint Art
  20. Some Oekaki
  21. Banner, Sig, Avatar, for 35k
  22. FFR pics?
  23. Color Stricken
  24. I drew this in paint.
  25. Anyone up for making program icons?
  26. Photoshop Outsmarted Me Once Again, Help Please?
  27. Make me a cdtitle for 10k!
  28. I need some header, and bannar type art.
  29. Can anyone find me a picture?
  30. help~
  31. Make Mr.Nothing an avatar for 10k creds
  32. Avatar and Sig for 5,000 Credits each
  33. Recoloured Photo
  34. Make me a cdtitle for 10k! V2
  35. Make me a cdtitle for 10k! V2
  36. Some stuff I make on MS Paint
  37. Not quite MC Escher but...
  38. Calling all graphical artists!!!
  39. Signature!
  40. Requesting a banner and background for profile
  41. I've gotten better at digital art in Photoshop
  42. Is my Sig any good?
  43. Banner and Background!
  44. i got bored
  45. ,
  46. profile banner/background
  47. Doing GFX again for free
  48. Adobe Photoshop 5.0
  49. Make me an avatar for 500 credits!
  50. Make Sprite- an avi for 20k!
  51. make me a sig for about 4k
  52. Want 10k?
  53. Make Lumph a new avatar
  54. EnR wants to update his profile, zomfgz.
  55. Please make me one!
  56. [TeRa] the penquin needs work on his belly. (graphics help please)
  57. Make me a cdtitle and other junk for whatever
  58. 20K credits to anyone that can draw this!!!
  59. Super Smash Bros. pic plz help
  60. I need a CD title
  61. Requesting a CD Title
  62. Little Adice to a newb Simfile Editor
  63. Making banners for 10,000 creds
  64. gfx plz
  65. lifeguard avatar
  66. Can you make me a banner
  67. needing background and banner
  68. Ultimatum's One-Stop Shop
  69. Graphics!
  70. Some gun outlines I did in MS paint
  71. Requesting a banner; paying 25k minimum
  72. I made a background for myself with Photoshop
  73. Constructive criticism is needed.
  74. Planet wallpaper made entirely with Adobe After Effects
  75. Xception wants Graphics
  76. .:It's Not Too Late:.
  77. Rzr seeking a graphic designer for my website...
  78. Cars in Photoshop!
  79. Make DN_Catastrophic a banner plz?
  80. Still looking people!
  81. Rushy needs a new siggy!
  82. Who wants 30k?
  83. Banner and Background Wanted!!
  84. Banner and Background Wanted!!
  85. Banner for credits.
  86. Post Your MS PAINT Stuff HERE!
  87. I need a CD title
  88. BANNER?
  89. i need a new avatar
  90. make me a new avatar for 1000 credits
  91. New Painting
  92. ShineyThighz Avi/Siggy Requests
  93. i need a backround for my profile
  94. Ori needs new banner and background...
  95. My first image
  96. make jellygod a new banner for 7k credits
  97. High Quality FFR Arrow Render
  98. Make me matching everythingz!
  99. Zag [Avatar and Signature Request] Zag
  100. Make me a siggy and get some stuffs.
  101. "Warning header" for sale. Photoshop file.
  102. Soulstone wants a banner and background! :X
  103. web 2.0 buttons
  104. Customstuff Wants New Profile!!!!! Credits Offered!!
  105. New option with Banners and Backgrounds
  106. I need a new background
  107. Dark Sea and Galaxy Siggy! (please!)
  108. Display art in music
  109. I need a new CDtitle...
  110. Forum Signatures
  111. FFR Community Keyboard Pack
  112. Design me Forum Icons and Buttons for credits
  113. Support Banners/Buttons for DDRHQ
  114. I need a CD and BackGround Title by the 14th.
  115. Need a .gif for siggy...
  116. I need a cdtitle.
  117. cdtitle Pl0x
  118. Paint My Phone For Credits!
  119. Looking for extreme detail artists
  120. Make me a new Avatar OH MY GOD YOU KILLED KENNY
  121. Make me a banner for 45k
  122. Pokémon Avatar Shop
  123. I'm in need of assistance! =D
  124. Help with designing things.
  125. New background for 25k credits
  126. I need a hand
  127. I need a siggy
  128. 10k credits for gfx for 'The Navy Song' by Billy Talent.
  129. I'm In Need Of A Siggy!
  130. The "Falling Into" Photoshop Contest
  131. Ori needs a cdtitle
  132. avatar
  133. banner, avatar and junk
  134. Some past siggies
  135. Robertsona is offering 15,000 creds...
  136. Help on adding new fonts, please. :]
  137. Maid Of Fire Avatar Needed!
  138. Simple request
  139. Make Jerry an avatar for 10-30k credits
  140. Some Sig I made
  141. Shawn needs a cdtitle. 15k credits!
  142. 7k Credits for a Siggy Image
  143. funmonkey54 Is Looking For New Stuffs (15k at stake)
  144. Taking Request for GFX
  145. My first real drawing.
  146. opinion
  147. Drawings...question :o
  148. Abstract Sig
  149. Some trad. art that pwns (Aka Verr's cardboard stuff thread)
  150. Lord Tyriel's Sigs! Yes!
  151. Someone make me a better looking siggy
  152. Tex Needs A SLUSHO Banner/Siggy!
  153. Looking for an Avatar and Banner...
  154. [Soulstone] Pseudo Skill Token
  155. Need quick GFX!!!
  156. make EnR graphics for his file, 10,000+ creds.
  157. Requests
  158. i need a new simfile banner (500+ credits)
  159. CD Title needed (CREDITS offered, of course)
  160. EnR needs a simple background.
  161. Make me a new CD Title/Touch up my current one (HUGE credit reward)
  162. Make me a CD Title!
  163. Make Me an Avatar (Please...)
  164. I need Graphics For some filez :O
  165. Mr.Nothing needs a new avatar!
  166. Discolored Konatas
  167. make me some kinda of unique mine for sm 4.0
  168. Make Me Crap! [With Credits & Stuff]
  169. Make me a Banner
  170. Awesome Wallpapers
  171. Make Me an Avatar
  172. Avatar,Banner,Background.
  173. Paying for Banner/Sig
  174. Make me a banner for 10K
  175. Looking for Banner and Background!!
  176. Commissions
  177. Make me... a midnight feel. (four things)
  178. Make me a banner for 5k Credits
  179. Ok then, lets try this
  180. looking for banner-paying 5k credits
  181. Make me a freaking avatar
  182. banner pls
  183. siggy
  184. Hello :]
  185. I need SM graphics, will pay credits, or my soul, or...
  186. AC Siggy request
  187. 5k for Banner :D
  188. Another thread--- Picture Wars!
  189. Paying Well For A Banner.
  190. 10k for a banner
  191. CD title for a sig
  192. I need a Banner and Background!
  193. Need a banner..
  194. Make me a StepMania CdTitle - Paying
  195. Byakuya Kuchiki banner
  196. 20k For a sig banner
  197. Need Checker Patterens!
  199. Make Mr.Nothing's Profile beautiful for 20k creds!
  200. In need for a BG and Banner x]
  201. Stepping Második Galamb, need graphics!
  202. in need of Love Cheat! graphics (5,000+ credits!)
  203. 50K credits if you make me a sig
  204. Criticize My Art Please?
  205. i need a lable 15k
  206. Make Villy an avatar for 10K credits please?
  207. New funny siggy for 5,000 creds
  208. New stuff
  209. Simfile graphics needed (10K per set, probably)
  210. Quick render, please!
  211. credits for background/banners etc..
  212. Requesting a profile banner/background/avy
  213. Make my banner (38k)
  214. Avatar Request -- 1000 Credits
  215. Signature Request -- 1000 credits
  216. Start Menu
  217. Simfile graphics request (15k credit reward)
  218. Someone modify my current avvy!
  219. Need Token Images for FFR
  220. 15k Credit reward for Simfile Graphics
  221. New Avatar
  222. Ye Olde Photoshop Shoppe [Version 2]
  223. Creedy's Art
  224. Make me a banner+avi for 10k.
  225. Avatar Plox :)
  226. FFR Upgrade Problems
  227. My drawing blog! :D
  228. 15k for new Avie
  229. How to get rid of white backgrounds?
  230. Offering 50k.
  231. Offering 25K credits for a new avi
  232. two graphic requests
  233. Hello anyone want to make me a banner for my simfile group
  234. GIMP - Things I've made with it. (And info on GIMP)
  235. Mini-Contest: Color this Picture
  236. Photoshop Stuff
  237. Need Avi, will pay 25k or possible subby
  238. Video Tutorials (Photoshop)
  239. banner for 3k
  240. FFR Bookmarks
  241. KH banner for me
  242. I vector'd this render after awhile.
  243. Mini-Contest: Vote For Your Fav Art!
  244. Mini-Contest: Vote For Your Fav Art!
  245. Need a sig, name your price
  246. Coloring Contest #2
  247. Need Background/avatar
  248. I make gfx!!
  249. Making Banners/Avatars/Signatures/Any Gfx
  250. Need a banner! 10K!