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  1. FFR vs. DDR
  2. Paranoia Survivor max (heavy) VS Legend of max
  4. DDR for GCN
  5. Show offs that always fail
  6. Torn legs
  7. I wanna see if we have some good ddr players who play ffr!
  8. MAX
  10. What is your favorite video or pic?
  11. has any1 ever AAAed MaxX Unlimited
  12. Sada - Starfield from Beatmania IIDX 9th Style
  13. Where can i download ddr songs except for kazza
  14. What is the absolute limit?
  15. dance pad:which pad lasts longest?
  16. This would be Kewl!!!
  17. Score in, Freestyle out?
  18. r old pplz good at ddr??
  19. Tasselfoot
  20. EZ2 Dancer?
  21. Low price for DDR + PS2.5 + Decent pads (help)
  22. !!!New Game!!! (WOot)
  23. Embarassing DDR Moment
  24. Talk about barely moving your feet..
  25. The New DDR is the best so far
  26. legend of max
  27. Im just wondering has any1 ever beat Omega on foot
  28. IIDX - Best BG Video Evar?
  29. DDREX Mission Mode
  30. Does FFR make you better at DDR?
  31. Who's the best DDR controller players here?
  32. whats the wierdest place you ever played arcade DDR?
  33. !!!HOLY COW!!!
  34. Chatting problems of a blonde
  35. DDR Song Question
  36. Any one have a clue?!?!(help me out)
  37. Any pop'n..
  38. Wat does SM mean
  39. DDR on Playstation Advice
  40. Which came first...
  41. DDR For PS2
  42. Dancing stage Euromix
  43. Which is best for Beginners?
  44. japanese 8th mix
  46. DDR Club
  47. DDR Ultramix 2 songlist announced
  48. Pop'n Music U.S. Locations
  49. samba de amigo
  50. 20, November
  52. Funny DDR moments...
  53. happy!
  54. isnt it great!
  55. Another nice topic!
  56. Third person to AAA MaxX Unlimited
  57. Change the forum description.
  58. favorite ddr ultramix 2 song?
  59. Your version of DDR?
  60. good song to freestyle to on standerd
  61. Best dancepad for the money?
  63. Canadian players: what's the cheapest way to get a pad?
  64. HELP!
  65. In the groove
  66. people who mastered heavy mode only
  69. ITG vs DDR
  70. DDR ultramix2 for x-box
  71. Gackt doing ParaPara?!
  72. Wat are some Good 9feet songs??
  73. What DDR game do you play?
  74. Strange Improvements
  75. Anyone have the metal dance pad?
  76. Madcatz pad
  77. Your Best LOM Score
  78. Who Here From DDR Freak Are Also On Here?
  79. Kakumei!!!
  80. Do alot of you play double panels?
  81. pump stepfiles?
  82. OMG
  83. Story time (YAY)
  84. Ignition Mats..do you have one?
  85. The official DDR creator...
  86. DDR Extreme (arcade version) Question
  88. No-one plays Xbox-Live!!!
  89. I just got a Metal Dancing Platform TX2000
  90. New DDR Pad and a Question
  91. :D I'm home paddin finally
  92. Favorite Beatmania/IIDX Song
  93. A question.
  94. Dance Dance Revolution for PS1
  95. Imported Japanese DDR Games
  96. Why Do You Really Play DDR?
  97. Who can finish the Oni Corces on the 6th mix?
  98. This is going to be fucking cool, With Mario included!
  99. screw soft pad question
  100. Max period
  101. matsuri japan help on heavy
  102. Is Max 300 super max-me mix harder than legend of max???
  103. Your Dance Maniax best
  104. Pad Problems
  105. Hard songs- and easy songs
  106. DDR Max 2
  107. Max Guide
  108. Does anyone know which DDR game, "Shooting Star" c
  109. is this a good pad deal?
  110. Funny things you have seen at the arcade..
  111. Endurance
  112. Holy hell
  113. Finally Konami! Finally DDR for GCN!
  114. Adapter
  115. so few ddr players on smonline?
  116. FreeStyling
  117. Challenge Courses
  118. How often do u play??
  119. Does anybody know the...?
  120. Great night at the arcade.
  121. Add own songs?
  122. Super Joybox 5
  123. What shoes do u wear??
  124. favourite ddr
  125. In The Groove
  126. Sign here if...
  127. IIDX
  128. DDR so gay
  129. Does anyone LOVE to do Drop Out?
  130. What's your favorite song?
  131. who wanna challenge meeh in DDR?? anyone i can beat u! :)
  132. The Official AAA Thread
  133. My first DDR party...well kinda
  134. im building a team in Corpus Christi Texas
  135. You won't believe.....
  136. Where you Play DDR at (arcade)?
  138. how do you get challenge?
  139. Which DDR?
  140. Other Music Game Videos Downloads
  141. ne 1 from south texas wanna challenge
  142. Should things be changed?
  143. Can you use the oni glitch to get elevated high scores?
  144. GirLs Playing DDR
  145. Songs great for DDR!
  146. Amplitude
  147. Show your true talent.
  148. What's more important, rank or score?
  149. Can anyone tell me what their favorite music is?
  150. who plays max 300 heavy mode??? i do!
  151. ddr macines??
  152. DDR parties!
  154. Songs Ratings!(Please do not argue a lot){Use for referenc}
  155. Where do you play DDR and which DDr do you have?
  156. ITG >DDR officially from experience
  157. Sum1 plz help me about amplitude online!!!!!!!!!!!!
  158. Favorite DDR songs
  159. whats the hardest song now with IN THE GROOVE
  160. redoctane metal pad problems
  161. Funny How...
  162. dDr SoNgS: wHiCh Is ThE BeSt?
  163. Request a song!
  164. DDR Extreme (old topic new person)...
  165. Which DDR machine has Party4U?
  166. What FFR Songs Would Be Good For DDR?
  167. RevenG
  168. This would be sweet...
  169. Is there a DDR in The Atlantis?
  170. Longest Endless mode run
  171. Playing Home versions or Arcade???
  172. Another Brag
  173. Who will stay?
  174. PLEASE READ THIS .......I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  175. PPP is the easiest thing ever.
  176. PSM270
  177. who here.....
  178. Toy's March
  179. Cool DDR/ITG Moments
  180. Gitaroo Man
  181. expert ddr player trying to play pump it up
  182. DDR Teams
  183. Does anyone have guitar tabs for any DDR songs?
  184. Whats your favorite DDR song artist?
  185. Going to a tourney on Friday. Yar.
  186. DDR problem
  187. Not Fair!
  188. Oni Scores, post them here! (thats challenge mode btw...>
  189. What song are you working on?
  190. Yee Broom!
  191. Birmingham's very first tournament! -sponsored by REDOCTANE-
  192. School can be Cool
  193. Don't you hate it when....
  194. In The Groove
  195. ITG (In The Groove) Mp3's
  196. What's the best DDR game for PS2?
  197. requesting to go to GB arcive
  198. Tough but obscure Standard songs.
  199. NE0N FM
  200. How Do YOU Use YOUR DDR Outlets?
  201. which song most ...
  202. What 3 songs do you choose?
  203. do u choose heavy light or standard?
  204. wut is a cobalt flux?
  205. Fixing my DDR pads
  206. DDR Extreme 2
  207. dont get ddrmax2
  208. omg another pad topic
  209. DJmax V-Disc event
  210. Sheraton Anaheim Hotel
  211. Importing pads
  212. DJ MAX
  213. Bragging Time
  214. Starshot's Scores
  215. guy takes tumble on ddr
  216. Djmax - Open-beta update
  217. Hooked on FFR..now I want the real deal.
  218. Dancing Wookie
  219. DDR Ultramix2 (Xbox) or DDR Extreme (PS2)
  220. How long did it take you to do heavy?
  221. Best DDR pad ever
  222. speed 9 and other versions?
  223. cant finish a song?
  224. Can't get enough Bemani music?
  225. What is the best position for DDR?
  226. Help with my DDR pad (the red octane ignition pad)
  227. DDREX2 poll
  228. DDR music
  229. Need Help for passing Maxx Unlimited Heavy.
  230. DJMax June 9th Update
  231. Max songs
  232. did anyone notice this?
  233. hmmm I just played ITG at my local arcade...
  234. import drives 4 ps2
  235. What is the difference between stream and voltage?
  236. 42684 pattern
  237. Rate Pump It Up
  238. Do you think DDR Extreme(US) sucks?
  239. DDREXTREME(US)...
  240. Look what i bought, help with deciding.
  241. Import question... (please answer)
  242. help
  243. Pump It Up: In The Groove 2
  244. AAA songs
  245. ITG or Extreme 2?
  246. Is this a good game?
  247. YES!! i aced dropout on heeavy
  248. whats the best DDR pad out there?
  249. Do you like the DDR song called "Butterfly''?
  250. What your favorite DDR song