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Andrew WCY
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Levels specific to mp
I feel so naked without a level displaying my skill due to DJMAX, but I can't really level up without playing multiplayer in which I don't have any friends to play against.
Makes me wish there were like skill analyzers or something to keep track of my skill.
Stay tuned for my upcoming packs!
Thread: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?t=150744
Finally made it to D2 just now lol by FC'ing Inspector Gadget [Dr. Steel]

Slow progress but surely! ^^;

Just for my own note:
D7: 95
D6: 83
D5: 69
D4: 59
D3: 50
D2: 26
D1: 0
1400 AAA's
Made my next milestone! Brings me up to 44 on the Top 100 AAA'S (which was mentioned in earlier random thought) I now only have 37 more to AAA (including all tokens) in the "Very Challenging" category which may be a slow process. Wish me luck, hopefully make 1500 in the next month when I move onto the Master stepfiles and start getting some good AAA's :)
my account age is my real age backwards

i just realized that my profile age is still wrong lol oh well
Restaurant of Patience
A meal
that's done cooking
when you've forgotten
you were hungry
I FC'd not one but TWO lvl 41 songs??! HOW?
Today Bamalama really pushed me to become a better FFR player than I thought I was. Earlier this noon, he had me play two lvl 41 songs that I never played before and viola I FC'd them both! I'm like whaaaaa?? Because I'm still lvl 25 and can't even FC some 20's songs :O !!

Less Talk More Rokk was the very first 41 song I ever FC'd, never saw that coming at all :O

On Pointless Fast Rap I made all perfects and goods, no boos or avgs. What in the world!!

The 4 20's songs I've been struggling to FC are:


-Back to the Gate

-Rill Rill Remix

-HOOT Remix

I also unlocked two other 20's songs today with Bama but I think I can FC them easily :P hopefully. They're Abyss (Downbeat Mix) and Agenda X
Andrew WCY
My progress so far...
I'll keep this column updated.
FFR ranking:

19/May/2019: Top 130
[You Time: 14-0-0-0
AAA Equiv = 89.91]

19/May/2019: Top 140
[Japan Style Breakcore!!!: 1-1-3-2
AAA Equiv = 90.39]

17/May/2019: Top 150
[FREEDOM DiVE: 3-0-1-0
AAA Equiv = 91.55]

3/May/2019: Top 175
[Anima: 7-0-1-1
AAA Equiv = 88.63]

29/Apr/2019: Top 200
[Schmollbluk: 14-0-1-0
AAA Equiv = 91.08]

3/Apr/2019: Top 225 (reclaimed)
[My Fxxkin Desire For You: 3-0-1-0
AAA Equiv = 85.38]

23/Mar/2019: Top 225 (overtaken)
[Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms: 23-0-2-1
AAA Equiv = 86.44]

12/Mar/2019: Top 250
[Schmollbluk: 14-4-1-5
AAA Equiv = 87.78]

16/Jan/2019: Top 300
[Anima: 13-0-1-2
AAA Equiv = 85.91]

1/Jan/2019: Top 400
[Our Journey and Epilogue: 7-0-1-0
AAA Equiv = 87.67]

31/Mar/2019: St. Scarhand [Heavy] get
[Love & Justice AAA]

14/Jan/2019: Hong Kong #1 get
[Head Banger: 7-0-0-0
AAA Equiv = 83.58]

2/Jan/2019: Ascension to D6
[Welcome to My Kastle: 4-0-0-2
AAA Equiv = 84.84]
Trick Or Treat
I realized that April 1st (April Fools Day) you trick, but on October 31 (Halloween) you treat...
Ahead of me
piquing my interest
a queer message
spoken in clicks
written in braille
or a dialect thereof
growing distant
it draws me
pens stabbing the canvas
like an hourglass
pendulums swaying
from behind
the casing clothed
subito accelerando
end of act one
red light
I love FFR :))
I love FFR so much. I can't start this thought any better because it's what's truly on my mind right now. I have been really loving Osu! mania as well... but coming back to FFR, I realized just how amazing n beautiful n simple n perfect this game is. I just love how you can hit notes exactly when they come into the hitbox and how so many amazing people on here like icyworld and SKG_Scintill and hi19hi19 and so many others make some beautiful files that contain the most intricate and well thought out patterns that just feel amazing when you fingers come into and out of certain patterns. I really have such a passion and respect for this game and I had wished I was more involved in it sooner but I am most certainly becoming a stronger influence to others and the newcomers that I see come on here who need help understanding the game. Thanks once again, for all your support and to everyone who makes FFR the best place in the world ^-^ cheers to you n cheers to all !
d4 time
Feeling happy :))
I've been practicing lots n lots but I think what's made the biggest impact on my life and motivation for playing this game more comes from a certain special someone who just brings pure joy and happiness n warmth to my heart. She makes me very happy and I'm ecstatic that she is part of the FFR community :)) you're freaking awesome n you know who you are ^-^
did someone say
1300 AAA's
That's right, with everything below "Very Challenging" now AAA'd, and about 135 left to AAA in that category. Wish me luck :)
Well, it's been a slow climb...
coming up on my first million listens on soundcloud yey
Pippi Långstrump

Pippi has one saying that i really love:
'Det har jag aldrig provat förut, så det klarar jag säkert!'

And trnaslated it would be something like:
I have never tried it before, so I'm sure that I will make it!

It is never to late to try something new
woah hello
Heeey I'm actually playing again!

So, how's been things?

Well, first, I've been managing the archive. For those who don't know, I have a Archive full of StepMania versions; my goal is to catalog all of them.
You can visit that here: [url]jose.heysora.net/SMBuilds[/url]

Second, I'm already at university. It's getting a little difficult to actually socialize because I'm an introvert, but I am trying.

Third, I'm finally doing something big! It's called [url=projectmoon.dance/]MoonDance[/url], and it's the future version of StepMania. I'm currently working as the 3D/macOS version development guy. Learning quite the essential skills when it comes to handling situations and problems along the way.

And well, and now it leads us to here.
What am I planning to do?

Well, I'm gonna try to get that Tier 5. And the most amount of AAA's as I physically can. Because I know there's a bunch of charts there that I can beat, but never touched. Now it's the time.
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