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why is it that
Pikachu larment - 2g with stick
As of now...
And I guess as long as FFR is still around, I think i'm going to keep my profile up as an archive. Like any good Sociologist would do, there's so much rich data and thoughtful memories on here. I mean, I've had this site in my back pocket for over a decade. So many of my formative life experiences started here: the love, the heartbreak, the friendships, the anticipation of getting messages from my friends, the late nights on the shared family computer trying to type and smash arrows quietly in the middle of the night...

Sometimes I wish I could have written my thesis on this place, to truly figure out all that I felt and found precious to me. I used the spirit of online communities, so there's at least a little something there.

Seeing all my old friends on here leave, grow up, fade in and out of life, I can't help but feel so terribly lonely scrolling through my old pictures and messages.

In a way I've come to haunt this place.

While I am a stranger to most, every once in a while there is a whale's call that finds it's way back to me. An echo of an old friend.

I'm proud to be one of the earlier members of this place, through it all. I really wish I could touch base with everyone who has left.

Thank you, FFR, for everything.

Level 100+ AAAs
[color=#AAFFFF][b]Level 100+ File[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (Difficulty)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]AAA Date Achieved[/b][/color]


[color=#AAFFFF][b]endleSSStation[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (101)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]October 17, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]Epileptic Crisis[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (100)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]October 11, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]Rave 7[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (100)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]October 10, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]where is my balls[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (100)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]October 9, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]Winter Wind Etude[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (101)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]October 4, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]do i smile?[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (101)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]October 2, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]Unconnected.[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (100)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]September 27, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]Heterochromia Iridis[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (101)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]September 24, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]cold (Kurorak's Bootleg)[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (101)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]September 22, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]White Walls, Part 2[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (102)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]July 29, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]Jamais Vu[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (100)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]July 11, 2019[/b][/color]
[color=#AAFFFF][b]A Dichroic Glass Snafu[/b][/color][color=#FFFFAA] (100)[/color][color=white][b] - [/b][/color][color=#FFAAAA][b]May 15, 2019[/b][/color]
12th tournament reflection
12th tournament reflection

Round 1 - Machines - 1-0-0-0

Cool song dont like jacks but whatever, 47 seems about right

Round 2 - Starchaser - 3-0-0-1

really bad at jacks lol got 8th this round, worst round in tournament, 54 seems pretty ok

Round 3- Old Skool - AAA

AAA’d on my second try easier than starchaser change my mind

Round 4 - Steel River - 3-0-0-1

Ahaha more jacks much stress, 63 seems ok

Round 5 - Let’s Get Crunk - 27-0-1-8

no no jacks, got 2nd this round, no no n o o

Round 6- Altale - 23-0-0-2

Easier than crunk change my mind

Round 7- Celestial Horizon Another - 23-1-0-4

Not bad too lazy got 2nd

Round 8 - -Ricochet Love- - 29-0-0-5?

big stamina
We Are The Sound (Jun 2018 - Jan 2019): https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7763gx220zib3e/We%20Are%20The%20Sound.zip?dl=1

individual charts (Jun 2013 - Feb 2019): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1tv7k4jr07ts1kd/AABUclmGvbUwVEiWrev20n0Ha?dl=0

osu: https://osu.ppy.sh/users/2520707

Apparently I'm still alive.
I made this profile in ~2 hours.

Rose is by the lovely casentine, sourced from https://casentine.tumblr.com/post/166614706124/sunrise.



[ ] Oni
[ ] Tell
[ ] Coactive

[ ] D6

[ ] <500 avrank
[ ] <200 avrank
[ ] <100 avrank

[ ] 500 AAAs
[ ] 750 AAAs
[ ] 1000 AAAs
Nega Master
Back from the dead (sort of)
To those in my list of friends, i am not fully dead yet. A lot apparently changed since my last appearance. But how would i know? I couldn’t check cause of my being sooooo busy. Work happened, family issues happened, this happened, that happened, all of that. The chats been changed from what i’ve last seen. How in the world i’ll be able to use it i have no idea at the moment. Even so, death has not taken me away from here completely. Sheesh I keep saying death like i’m dying when i’m not. I don’t know, i’m either lost or i’m just going crazy. (Note to self, don’t try to type stuff online when your high >_<)

*i was not high when i posted this, i swear*
Insert nostalgic feelings here.

Prob won't check on this for a while, but ye it'd be nice to get in touch with some people from way back during the cringe years.

I don't use Skype, but I have a Discord. Reply here or PM me your Discord tag and I'll add you on there asap.

(Or don't XDDDDDD k until I look here again.)
File Thoughts
With a Cherry on Top - I made that one specifically as an intro to the concept of instrument colors and it worked out well
Gravity Blast - needed more color theory on the bloops than just white. Well received but I really wish I'd done more with the colors (Icy I'm still looking angrily at you for dumping on it months after the tourney)
Steel Monster - what the fuck was I on stepping that lmao, what even are those 32nds and bursts. The jacks are fine for the most part
Luna Ascension - way, WAY too many whites and the converter shat on them
Aerospace - no real complaints, actually. one of the only ones I wouldn't change along with Cherry
Gonna Take You Down - Feel like this is the first time I made a file that got pretty well-received in SM (...2010ish I think I made that for its pack?), the FFR conversion is good but there are some frame wonks on the green and white notes near the end and the song choice felt a lot stronger at the time
Skate or Die 2/Town Theme 1 - Easy AAAbait files, Town Theme I literally put together in like 15 minutes for an easy batch lmfao
Iced Innocence - From the clapback it got you'd think it had more white notes than it did but meh. Not that bad not that good
Myriagon - Decent-good file. Nothing much to say but the converter ate ass on the few white notes that are there lol
Neurotoxin - That's actually the second version I made, the first was deemed too similar to LG's SM file and I recreated what you see on the engine today from scratch due to that judgment. Good file, was a high placer in FFR awards that year for top file but doesn't feel that special due to being the second creation. (ftr I agreed with it being too similar and made the change willingly, the diminished opinion is more due to it taking a second attempt lmfao)
Teeny Weeny String Bikini - lol gunther (only real gripe is the random af 32nd note right near the beginning of the file that I somehow didn't clean up into a red jump, how'd I miss that like an idiot)
Gene Gadget 1 (yes it counts bmah and I collabed on this) - pretty fun! bmah made the most enjoyable parts of the file from the skeleton I gave him and you should go commend him for it, if it were as I left it there would be quite a few annoying patterns or understepped/inconsistent portions
Overall opinion: Files I have in aren't like, egregiously bad per se, but for the most part they have nitpickable areas, aren't really that memorable and/or are basically "lol lay off the white notes you nerd." I think the most annoying file is Steel Monster just because of the atrocious 32nd and 24th usage and probably the best one I have ingame is Neurotoxin (just based off general opinion that I've noticed)
My cancer has gotten worse
Found out on friday that its malignant and requires serious surgery and treatments. going in for major chemo in a couple weeks
Could I take first place?
It's spooky season boys
Kyuin unlocked!
70+ AAA's
The divine suicide of K
Heavenly Spores
O (Piano Version)
going on -spring wind-
Powerpuff Gabberz
Ambient Angels
Pure Ruby
Eternal Drain (Heavy)
Melonman's OP
Zombie Killing, Blood Spilling
Lawn Wake I
Fast Asleep
Dark World
Sonic the Hedgehog (Dubstep)
BB Evolution
proof of government brain washing
how is this being ignored by the masses. proof of
devonin appreciation section
comment something nice about devonin
anime in rhythm games
i have always wondered why anime is in alot of rhythm games. just because alot of rhythm games are made in japan dosen't mean that you have to put anime in it. i really never decided to search it up.
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