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les go

also lv 90 before a full year of playing :oooooo

went up 2 divisions today
might play more i guess
i got my first 70 equiv plays
OT 13.5 Round 4
Nice song with a nice file. No bs so I'm not upset like last week. I have trouble with jack section and the sudden burst but other than that its much slower JS then my normal. I think I'll start placing higher once it becomes more speed based since I'm bad at accuracy, unless jacks are in the file.
i hit 6k gg
its been a decent time. ive been from 12k to 6k. time for 600
im bout to get on dis GRIND YO
== sensational squirrel ==
resistance 4: straight outta pyongyang
epidermis v2: once upon a time i said wow why did nobody step the drum solo and made this, i wish i cleaned up some parts. still my best chart imo, but if epidermis is so good why isn't there epidermis v4 and v5???
my so-called life: i wouldn't change a single thing about this file
non-stop: patterns smooth as tilamook butter

== cute tier ==
herbie goes ballistic: honK
crows ghost: we have more splits than olympians
stinger: surprised it got into the game because back then this file was (and still is) pretty dumpish, would kiss on the cheeks
love hurts (lonely dance mix): if i had a nickel everytime somebody messed up on the funky jumptrill yum
red vector acid minute: what year is it
salieri strikes back (oni): fun but i will admit the first half drags a lot
harvest dance: thank u corn19 for showing me the ways
v^3: bad song choice but speedup part is rly smooth
queen of rose: i love blazblue and i love the guitar parts in this

== meh tier ==
bodies in the house next door: spooky yet boring (scooby would not approve)
ongyilkos vasarnap: i stpeped this?????
chipscape: colored hands and quads are so hip and cool in 2013 right
five karots: 6 7 8 9
masodik galamb: making this led to my so-called life (goodpun)
checking you out: generic and meh
spin the disc: that burst in the middle is bad

== swirling toilet bowl ==
within life: im sorry i will never step rock songs agane.. ...
steel for pappa: for 1handed play only
mellann: idk how this even got in, this is super unpolished ugh i hate myself
amber shores: i thought it would be cool to have non stupid rolls but turns out i suck at choosing patterns
dishevel: just stop
earth quake: i think upbeat songs from o2jam are better off as easy songs in hindsight
beyond abilities: badly synced and poor pattern choice
we are hi-speed: trash song choice
strangeprogram: jumpstriem
hajnal2: plain and uninspiring
lawn wake III: youtube poop
OT 13.5 - round 4
You are in division 2!

Division 1: I'm Sorry I Failed You

Division 2: Flora - We have someone in d2 who AAAed it. Anyways, I will have to improve my skill quite dramatically to advance.

Division 3: 2008

Division 4: Viden

Division 5: THE FAUST [Heavy]

Division 6: 12 Bar Bloops

Division 7: Japan Style Breakcore!!!

Division 8: Odd-22
Matt Tenken
RANK 6,000????????!??!!?!?!!
im not that good. fix your ranks. i should be like. 19k or something
Australian Assassin
For the foreseeable future, I don't see myself coming back to this game. I know no one here will need to, but if you want to contact me or want to pick my brain about anything then please message my discord:

I'm also in the FFR Discord if you need me, just @Australian Assassin.

It has been awhile. I've missed FFR, and I miss playing it daily and grinding for grand total, but I never accomplished my one goal of getting veteran status. Kinda sucks but what can ya do about it. I got nearly halfway so that's an accomplishment in itself, right? :)

Thanks, guys. Seeya.
Things to do, I guess
[ ] - Play every song
[ ] - Level 35
[ ] - Level 40
[ ] - Get a D2 top 16
[ ] - Get a D2 top 8
[ ] - Top 100 at 90% of level
[ ] - 200 FCs
[ ] - 300 FCs
one score and im dipping again
dont expect much lmao
Things I did, I guess
11/15/20 - 1st Place - WirryWoo's Self-Improvement Tournament
2015-2016 vs 2020
This year has been quite the year to derust. I started really wanting to grind this game up when quarantine stuff started here and I was forced to start working at home.

Here's what I've done in 2015-2016.

Get a statistically D6 score
Obtain a #1 on my top 15 scores
AAA a FGO (For Guru's Only or 85+ file)
Make friends with people in the community
Activated Blaze Mode (clutching an advancing score on the last day)
Hosted a meaningful tournament

Now to compare and see what I've done in 2020.

[x]Get a statistically D6 score (They're now 17 songs deep!)
[x]Obtain a #1 on my top 15 scores (tied for #1 at least)
[]AAA a FGO (For Guru's Only or 85+ file)
[x]Make friends with people in the community (and always hoping to make more!)
[x]Activated Blaze Mode (clutching an advancing score on the last day) (Event Token won with 0-0-0-5 score on Naive Hopelessness)
[x]Hosted a meaningful tournament

I don't do AAA counts and stuff like that as I'm too lazy and could have a lot more AAA's and FC's. It'd just bore me to death to be honest with y'all. However, some scores that I've gotten have managed to shock me on what I've been able to do. Just a few months ago I told myself I'd never get better and I'd always be a failure at FGO's, but here we are. I've gained almost 2 levels since I was last at my peak, and I hope to complete this level-up and more as long as I'm still remotely motivated to keep playing.

OT 13.5 Round 3
This song is good but a little too long for me to AAA without effort I will never put into this file. I would have a 2 raw good score but note 1076 has an 80% chance to appear behind the receptor making me too upset to play this song until this bug is fixed. Long breaks seem to cause a bug where the first note after the break makes the note appear behind the receptor. This note isn't in a dense section and it's not due to frame lag. This effect can be observed on other files as well and sometimes even with the first note. (Go through the lower difficulty files, you'll find a few). Very not happy.
me bad at game dat go tap tap
its what the title says. but like yeah :c
D2 @ OT 13.5 - round 3
You are in division 2!
Division 1: Vega - The more colorful, the more tough xD
Division 2: Right Now BLUE Ver. -- it said in small words - prepare to be kicked out (first try like 30+ goods)
Division 3: Trip to the Moon (Club Remix) v2 - feels repetitive, steps repetitive, although it does not look so. Some will like it eh well..
Division 4: TEM SHOP (Ben Briggs Glitch Hop Remix)
Division 5: Tower of Heaven -Full moon Revenge-
Division 6: AiAe
Division 7: The Beast
Division 8: Finding Her Not
10,000 total FFR Games Played
I know that my account is old as fuck and this probably doesn't seem like an "accomplishment" - but I had quit for a good minute and very recently, rekindled my passion for the game! So here's to a goal crossed out - next is top 500 players in the world. Currently 794. Cheers, FFR!

Perhaps I should play Round 4 soon...
I'll get to it in the next few hours.

E: Never mind. I'm too lazy to do so
OT 13.5 Round 2
Song and file is good. Got nerves the first day and died towards the end. Came back to it a few days later and got the AAA first try that day. Didn't play the other divs files because im lazy.
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