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I am 25 years old from Sandefjord, Norway. I have a bachelors degree in game programming. I am working on a game project with a friend. The name is Lunar Radiation, and will be a vertical shooter/rpg in 2D. We will focus on gameplay and replay value, and the game can be played by casuals as well as hardcore gamers. It will be easy to learn but difficult to master. If you remember games like Tyrian or Raptor (and add some rpg elements), then you probably know what type of game this will be.
Game and application programming in C/C++ and OpenGL. TV series I am watching: Dexter, Stargate Universe, The Big Bang Theory, The Event and The Universe.
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Dance, Happy Hardcore, Metal, Rock and Trance.
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Comedy, Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery, SciFi and Thriller.
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Posted on: June 30, 2012, at 08:59:27am   [0 comments]
Uncharted Peak is a web browser role-playing game available at unchartedpeak.com. It is free to play, but there are optional payment options to enhance your game.

Fight your way up to the peak of a mountain in a medival fantasy setting. Ferocious animals, haunting undead, magical elementals, bandits and trained warriors stand in your way.

- Battle monsters in turn-based tactical combat on a battlefield grid.
- Find equipment, trade it with your friends and create the best warrior.
- Fight other players in duels or guild versus guild challenges.
- 15 zones featuring hundreds of different monsters.
- Hundreds of items with own magic and unique versions.
- Quests to show you the path ahead.
- Find exclusive mounts and fill up your stable.
- Three character races with their own unique bonuses: Humans, Dryads and Demons.
- Six different player classes with unique spells and playing styles: Templar, Monk, Berserker, Enchanter, Guardian and Rogue.
- Each class has six different feats and one ability, in addition to its special attributes.
- Statistics to track your progress.
- Take part in the online community with personal profile pages, guild pages and ladders.

Please check it out :)
Posted on: March 14, 2011, at 03:17:51pm   [0 comments]
300 AAAs at last! :)
Posted on: January 24, 2011, at 01:16:36pm   [1 comment]
27 billion points divided by 31 890 games played, equals 846 660 score in average per level. Can someone beat that? xD
Posted on: October 30, 2009, at 03:59:27pm   [0 comments]
Played some FFR this week x)
Posted on: July 6, 2009, at 12:32:48pm   [0 comments]
I have been around on this site for a while now. Actually 6.4 years!

My first profile:

Two years later I created this profile :)
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Ch3ri3 writes at 3:49:37am on 3/26/12
hei! har trodd siden har vært nede, så har ikke vært her på 2år :') hvordan går det med deg? :)
jarsh writes at 8:10:29am on 12/27/11
Hello, I read about the Lunar Radiation game you are making. Those are my favorite kinds of games. I'm 30 years old so I like old school vertical shooting games. If there's any way I can play this, let me know.
Unreal143 writes at 3:45:17pm on 4/12/11
Du er en kortfattet mann :) Takk skal du ha ^_^
Unreal143 writes at 3:34:04pm on 4/12/11
Okei, det funka dårlig :P fikk 35-6-0-8 :)
Unreal143 writes at 3:33:18pm on 4/12/11
Du spurte meg om jeg kunne slå din skeletor for en stund tilbake. da hadde jeg 86-43-0-55.
Første forsøk på 1 mnd gav meg dette :)
Riotpolice writes at 6:07:15pm on 3/28/11
Your very much welcome!
Unreal143 writes at 4:43:26pm on 3/22/11
Prøv å slå 23-0-0-2 på Caprice, så skal jeg snart prøve å slå skeletor-scoren din. Må bare bli litt bedre på rolls først :D
Unreal143 writes at 3:26:27pm on 3/22/11
Ahh, tok det for gitt at du gikk fra Vista :)
4 VC AAA så langt i dag, yay :D
Unreal143 writes at 1:13:05pm on 3/20/11
Du bruker stand alone flash player ikke sant? Jeg gikk fra vista til w7, og jeg kan love deg at vista sliter 10x mer både når det gjelder SM og FFR. Stand-alone Flash player 8 + velocity funker ypperlig her! Du kan jo ikke leve med lag spikes :)
Unreal143 writes at 4:20:06pm on 3/19/11
hehe -.-' En ting du knuser meg hardt på er tier points. Noe som forteller meg at du fortsatt er et stykke bedre enn meg :)