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You always hear your parents say "You're too young to know what love is." But that's not true... I love the sky right at 3:33 PM, I love the color of the leaves during fall. I love the way showers fix everything. I love how ice cream taste better out of the carton rather than in a bowl. I love long weekends with just friends. I love it when my friends call me beautiful. I love holding hands just for the heck of it. I love it when people smile, especially at me. I love how my mom makes Halloween cookies for me. I love to hear the new gossip about friends. I love how sometimes I can't get you off my mind, and I know that you're think about me too. I love sitting outside with friends, talking. I love talking to people on the phone for hours. I love it when people tell me "I need you". I love being the person others come to for help. I love always being right and knowing everything. wow i luv u 4 reading this!!!
i luv 2 skateboard and surf, i always go 2 pacsun and hollister, i am constantly IM'ng peoples and im always getting asked out! also i love guyz and i will go 2 teh mall with ya!
Fav Music:
pop,rock,metal,country some, hip-hop r&b, rap classical techno nature almost any kind of musicI'm into pretty much everything from Bob Marley to Tupac to Gabe Bondoc to Underoath, but my favorite bands are Less Than Three, Blink 182, Red Hot CHili Peppers, Third Eye Blind, Taking Back Sunday, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Relient K, Hellogoodbye, Gabe Bondoc, Parokya Ni Edgar, Bob Marley, Escape The Fate, Lovehatehero, Dapohne Loves Derby, TUpac, Boyz II Men, Chris BRown, Passion, Underoath, John Mayer, Deathcab for Cutie, The Cure, Linkin Park, Muse, Moving UNits, Bloc Party, Panic! at the Disco, Say Anything, Saosin, My American Heart, AMber PAcific, ... and more to be added check my song history list for sum sic songs.
Fav Movies:
titanic, the hills tila tequila i luv new york spongebob waterhorse elf i love almost any movie
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Posted on: January 5, 2008, at 03:01:29pm   [2 comments]
hey ffr can become bored if u ... hmmm i dont know what im talkin bout'

hey shut up and leave

aughhhhhhh bored.
ouch that hurt i poked my eye LOL

Posted on: January 5, 2008, at 03:00:09pm   [2 comments]
if i go on meebo u go on it
meebo m
meebo me
meebo meeeee!!!!

single II
Posted on: January 5, 2008, at 02:59:34pm   [2 comments]
i'm not single and all you losers are.
not really.
i have a boyfriend for those of you who don't know.

My damn thoughts
Posted on: January 1, 2008, at 01:29:51pm   [0 comments]
my thoughts are when u will leave me alone i don't know!!! damn i dont have any thoughts

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annie_no_pants writes...
at 3:42:02am on 7/9/09
Your comments to people sometimes...
8 Hour Whore writes...
at 1:31:05pm on 2/22/09
love the name
Cousintony writes...
at 12:45:13pm on 8/31/08
whats up?
xo_Rawr_Reptar_ox writes...
at 12:36:04pm on 8/31/08
YESH if u wanna hug me just hug me!!!!!!! lawl!!! and i <3 Tokio Hotel! bill is like hawt especially in Monsoon
xo_Rawr_Reptar_ox writes...
at 6:41:50pm on 7/24/08
omg!!! i luv metro station
ibecrazy writes...
at 7:52:27pm on 6/8/08
xo_Rawr_Reptar_ox writes...
at 9:30:21am on 4/1/08
sixohnine writes...
at 10:53:02pm on 2/29/08
i love your about me and the shower thng its truee lol peace ad me tho lol x/D
elaxion writes...
at 9:10:27am on 2/29/08
Do You Have A Myspace?
Teten writes...
at 1:17:25pm on 2/28/08
nice "about me" !! ;) yay you're cool ^^
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