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http://s02.flagcounter.com/more/6jj copy that link, paste it into your browser and press enter. srsly! :D Well, I'm Scarlet, - 18. - random. - an idiot. - I play WoW. - I amz a noliferZ. - love is a backstabber. - apparently I am gothic (so I've heard) - I actually don't care :D wooopieeee bai :3
anything that has to do with wolves, anmime/manga, music, final fantsay, my friends <3, skateboarding and games!! :D
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- 3 days grace - 30 seconds to mars - aerosmith - ACDC - afi - after forever - an cafe - as I lay dying - avenged sevenfold - avril lavigne - billy talent - blessthefall - blink 182 - BoA - bowling for soup - breaking benjamin - bring me the horizon - bullet for my valentine - children of bodom - coldplay - cradle of filth - cute is what we aim for - dashboard confessional - de heideroosjes - death cab for cutie - delain - dir en grey - disturbed - drop dead gorgeous - enter shikari - enya - epica - evanescence - fall out boy - flyleaf - foo fighters - funeral for a friend - goldfinger - good charlotte - gorillaz - green day - hammerfall - HIM - hoobastank - imogen heap - iron maiden - jimmy eat world - Kanon Wakeshima - kill hannah - korn - lemon demon - limp bizkit - linkin park - lost prophets - making april - Marilyn Manson - maximum the hormone - mcfly - millencolin - misfits - miyavi - my american heart - my chemical romance - nightmare - nightwish - nine inch nails - nirvana - nofx - olivia lufkin - on/off - orange range - panic! at the disco - paramore - pennywise - pink - rage against the machine - rammstein - rascal flatts - red jumpsuit aparatus - Rie Fu - rise against - savage garden - scary kids scaring kids - school boy humor - seether - simple plan - slipknot - something corporate - sr-71 - story of the year - sum 41 - swithfoot - system of a down - t.a.t.u. - taking back sunday - tenacious D - test icicles - the used - tibal ink - "weird al" yancovic - within temptation - yeah yeah yeah's - yui and I prolly forgot some >.> I also like game/movie/anime OST's :3
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nightmare before christmas, underworld, interview with the vampire, pirates of the caribbean, lord of the rings, dude where's my car?, final fantasy 7 advent children, and alot of other movies :D
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Posted on: July 19, 2009, at 11:59:10am   [3 comments]
leaned something today:

playing FFR with 2 hands is HARD! D:
and anoying,
and it makes me feel like a total noob again xD

but I have to learn! lol
maybe if I play with sdkl, I can keep up with the faster songs (:

go me! :D

Posted on: July 19, 2009, at 06:05:27am   [1 comment]

I have reached a rank below 10000!

wooooot!! :D

Posted on: August 16, 2008, at 06:05:01am   [0 comments]
yep.. parents are really anoying, now i remember ¬¬


Posted on: August 12, 2008, at 04:19:59am   [5 comments]
now I'm 17 :']

wohoooooo <33

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Brandon Negron writes...
at 1:55:57pm on 6/12/11
you are beautyful
NeonSky111 writes...
at 2:26:28am on 3/16/11
Killer profile
sk8terboy88 writes...
at 7:28:34am on 11/4/09
:D WOW THATS FRIGIN SWEET im still in the process of learning sadly LOL but when it comes to music im good and singing and playing drums:)
sk8terboy88 writes...
at 4:27:41pm on 11/3/09
^^ awesome how long have you been playing bass for and can you play any songs:)
sk8terboy88 writes...
at 2:28:54pm on 11/3/09
:) nice to meet you to:) and same with my day iv been doing absilutally nothing because theres nothing to ever do here LOL but listing to music and learning how to play guitar mostally:D
sk8terboy88 writes...
at 1:44:06pm on 11/3/09
:) hey hows it going and hows ur day going so far also im chad by the way i lov meeting new people and make new friends so i thought it would kool if we could be ,,/ also LOV UR TASTE IN MUSIC and profile
sasori_of_sorrow writes...
at 2:25:56pm on 10/27/09
your very welcome
sasori_of_sorrow writes...
at 12:11:22pm on 10/27/09
Pretty much the same
Just chatting and making new friends on here XD
BTW you are very pretty :D
sasori_of_sorrow writes...
at 8:20:07pm on 10/26/09
hey whats up
cooke71892 writes...
at 7:27:50pm on 10/26/09
i've been goood, u?
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