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Coming back to FFR after years. I'm going to fill out my profile a little at a time. That's me in my profile picture.. It's me wearing a deadmau5 head I made for Halloween. I got some ink that I'll add pics of eventually. I'm always interested in meeting new people on here so comment or PM me.
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ShadowDueler97 writes at 3:51:31pm on 3/20/12
Yay for Deadmau5!
crazykitty66 writes at 10:13:12pm on 3/10/12
missiekix_06 writes at 2:24:26pm on 3/9/12
Hey you! What's been going on? I kinda missed the ffr world. It's been a long time!
xRareSumo writes at 7:44:18pm on 3/8/12
I try to talk to everyone that friends me or votes on my profile. If I miss you, feel free to PM me first or comment.
SavannaGurl writes at 5:51:34pm on 3/7/12
Well then, welcome back :)
SavannaGurl writes at 6:08:46pm on 3/6/12
Thanks for the friend request ^-^ welcome to ffr
missiekix_06 writes at 6:06:11pm on 3/6/12
kairi50 writes at 4:32:50pm on 3/5/12
welcome to ffr :3 sup?