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hey guys, I'm Tommy, but you can call me Jakeo =] DDR is one of my current hobbies. aside from Melb shuffle, b-boying, volleyball, and martial arts =P I'm kinda new on this site, but I'm no stranger to DDR. challenge me on pad and we'll see what happens xp haha. So i've been into DDR and all rhythm games in general for about 4 1/2 years. But Pump It Up is my main rhythm game right now. I play competitively in tournament in both games and i hope to make it big someday. Volleyball is absolutely my #1 sport and i have a big passion for it. I was a starter on Varsity in my highschool team as a sophomore ^_^ I'm gonna be a junior next year. Well on my free time i like to Melb Shuffle alot, since i love hardstyle, along with all types of trance and techno. (gotta love the Drum n Bass the most ;)) and i LOVE K-Pop and J-Pop too =] B-Boying is also another passion of mine, but unfortunately i dont do it as often anymore. And I've always loved martial arts, and I'm learning some Wushu at the moment :) well i love meeting new ppl, and i accept all requests. So, if you wanna get to know me, just talk to me XP
Rhythm Games Volleyball Melbourne Shuffle B-Boying Martial Arts Everything Techno K-Pop (Epik High! =]) J-Pop (AKFG! =])
Fav Music:
Korean Pop: Epik High DBSK H.O.T JTL Outsider Japanese Pop: Ayumi Hamasaki Asian Kung-Fu Generation Aqua Timez Nijabes Shing02 Gackt The Pillows Techno: EVERYTHING
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Me playing Canon-D Crazy
Posted on: July 2, 2009, at 11:26:32pm   [2 comments]

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SiLvEr_WoLf11 writes...
at 10:04:36am on 7/10/09
nah. I don't own the game and I don't feel like forking out the money for a dance pad lol. I like playing it at arcades though
SiLvEr_WoLf11 writes...
at 9:14:42pm on 7/9/09
oh, nm either. Just being bored. chatting and whatnot
SiLvEr_WoLf11 writes...
at 8:25:20pm on 7/9/09
hey. How are you?
Corriinee. writes...
at 10:04:07pm on 7/5/09
Ahaha, I see.
Corriinee. writes...
at 9:36:34pm on 7/5/09
New York seems like a lively place.
I wanna go there someday soon. Aha.
Corriinee. writes...
at 8:51:39pm on 7/5/09
Oooh. Aha. coool.
Rofl, what's wrong with Rhode Island?
Corriinee. writes...
at 8:39:33pm on 7/5/09
California. [:
Corriinee. writes...
at 8:05:14pm on 7/5/09
Rofl. Those're always fun.
Corriinee. writes...
at 7:54:56pm on 7/5/09
It was pretty freaking fun. xDDD
How was yours?
Corriinee. writes...
at 5:49:18pm on 7/5/09
Oooh. Ahaha. Heey. [:
Nice to meet you too, Jakeo.
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