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Well this is my third account on here, my previous account was xxfallenxangelxx14 but it was hacked and I can't get onto it now. Anyways, my name's Sasafras, I go by Sass or Sassy. I'm a vegetarian ^.^ and I'm weird, deal with it(: feel free to message me, I like talking to people, ususally. http://vampirefreaks.com/xChaoticxLovex http://www.formspring.me/sassykinz
art, music, jack skellington, vegetarianism, animals, makeup, converse, guitar hero, DDR, weird people, poetry, going to concerts, hot tea, criminology, balloons, weird/different/crazy hairstyles, invader zim, unicorns, snoopy, piercings, tattoos, mosh pits, frogs, skittles, random dancing :D
Fav Music:
Pretty much anything except country, hip hop, rap, and gospel. I'm more of a rocker.
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TD_flak3dout writes...
at 12:16:18am on 1/31/12
Hey, how are you. Been awhile.
ChloeCannibal writes...
at 11:16:02am on 9/5/11
So bro,
Your stunning!
And i like your profile :P
tryme415 writes...
at 6:54:54pm on 9/4/11
yea feel free to text me =) pm me and ill give ya the #
Norsk writes...
at 4:13:17pm on 8/29/11
happy belated welcome to ffr n_n
tryme415 writes...
at 11:12:35pm on 8/27/11
hello you seem quite awesome, and your adorable welcome to ffr a third time.
raskanally writes...
at 9:14:49pm on 8/27/11
i like your hair.
i like your musical tastes :)
Synthlight writes...
at 1:24:56pm on 2/17/11
First person to post on your wall.