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Hi FFRers. Rob aka Robbie here. Engaged and have 2 year old son. Retired FFR Player. Hit me up nikkas. Follow me on twitter :D - @Justify_rN. Also hmu on Xbox - Justify rN. I play CoD and Assassins Creed mostly nowadays.
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Anything but Rap and Country....country sucks.
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botchi246 writes...
at 7:03:33pm on 11/25/15
miley lol?
NSane writes...
at 11:36:12am on 8/22/14
What's up?
Lambdadelta writes...
at 12:22:08pm on 9/29/13
You disappear and reappear.
Why don't you just stay xD
Sky Kitten writes...
at 6:48:46pm on 8/28/13
D: *waves hello anyway*
prongsie writes...
at 12:54:35pm on 8/28/13
Robert Narwhol
euphoriakisses writes...
at 7:57:30pm on 12/8/12
I miss you tooooo! What's new?
euphoriakisses writes...
at 8:17:01pm on 12/6/12
Cuppy_Cake writes...
at 10:37:19am on 10/8/12
Yes. Give the little man kisses for me and tell Angelica I said hi! And text me some time, okay? Love you <3
Cuppy_Cake writes...
at 6:42:52pm on 10/3/12
Hehe I've been really good. as you can probably see from the comments on my wall?I have a wonderful man in my life and everything seems to be working out for me c;
Cuppy_Cake writes...
at 1:11:04pm on 10/2/12
How's my little man and Angelica? I closed my fb account, so I can't keep up to date.
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