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Taaammy writes...
at 4:14:57pm on 6/26/07
huhh ..?
why .. ? ;O
Shadow Neko writes...
at 12:19:51am on 11/20/06
mkay sure. :D
Shadow Neko writes...
at 11:53:15pm on 11/19/06
Ah ok thanx. C: And yeah i have a myspace. Me and my friend use it alot. xD It's www.myspace.com/neko nabi/
Gray Fox writes...
at 11:51:46pm on 11/19/06
Okay, but do you know where exactly that song is on FFR?
Regards, Gray Fox
Shadow Neko writes...
at 11:47:11pm on 11/19/06
Ah yeah i have some ppl talking about the chupacabra. Yeah, its creepy lookin. Its some kinda mutant thing that sucks the blood from goats. :o But I wouldnt worry, It's actually just an urban legend. C:

Hey, mind if i add ya? :D
Gray Fox writes...
at 11:38:12pm on 11/19/06
Mwa ha ha ha ha! Sorry, but I just got one of my best scores on that final fantasy 7 battle song. Can you beat my score? check my recent games played to see. *snickers*
Regards, Gray Fox
Shadow Neko writes...
at 11:26:09pm on 11/19/06
ah i see. Ive never lived in usa...The weather here is freaking cold in the winter. x.x We have lots of tall buildings like the CN Tower and The Canadian Place. The CN Tower is really creepy loking when youre on the glass floor cuz u can see the ground and ppl and stuff from like 200 feet up in the air. o_o Havent been in the canadian place yet, but anywayz, yeah. Its cool here, too. :D
Gray Fox writes...
at 9:52:03pm on 11/19/06
Hey the less pressure the better thank you very much. Sorry, but this has been putting some stress on me lately *lol*.
Regards, Gray Fox
Gray Fox writes...
at 9:44:24pm on 11/19/06
Heh, just trying to finish my second sim, so very stressed out at the moment. My day was most enjoyable, I slept in mostly so it was good *lol*. Well, that message was in Navajo if you didn't know. Okay, take care and I'll ttyl ! ^-^
Regards, Gray Fox
Gray Fox writes...
at 9:21:35pm on 11/19/06
*ROFL* translation: how are you today?
Regards, Gray Fox
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