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i'm victoriaVANITY. i'm 16 years old and i live in cambridge ontario. i have black hair. and 11 piercings, eyebrow, bridge, lipx2, tongue web and septum as well as 5 in my ears. i have four tattoos, a heart on my left hand, two stars on my chest and a treble clef on my left wrist.
music, art, ddr.
Fav Music:
emo, screamo, ska.
Fav Movies:
american history x, fight club.
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Sarah~Jane writes...
at 10:11:43am on 5/11/07
you are very pretty
Sarah~Jane writes...
at 10:11:31am on 5/11/07
re very pretty
all_alone writes...
at 8:57:06pm on 5/10/07
xxCocainexRail writes...
at 1:05:19pm on 4/17/07
heyy! add me <32
rollyjancher writes...
at 10:20:38pm on 9/24/06
wats up want to be buds?
Mansuraieru writes...
at 6:47:50pm on 9/2/06
Wow. I didn't expect such beauty. Now, all flattery aside, I'm commenting cause you were on the page when I was playing my game.
Feel loved for I have commented.
SephyxCore writes...
at 6:45:10pm on 9/2/06
Hello :D
blade_sliver writes...
at 6:36:03pm on 9/2/06
TenThousandFists writes...
at 6:33:28pm on 9/2/06
ur really hott
Synthlight writes...
at 9:06:48pm on 5/28/06
First person to post on your wall.