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Meh, What's there to know or worth saying,? Was born in 93, fairly average person, I like to play FFR, build lego, have a black hole for a stomach, enjoy playing any rhythm based game.
Rhythm games, physics games (Garrys mod, Far Cry, Crysis etc.) Lego - I am a mad Lego fanatic - Models (Planes, Cars, etc.) Climbing things, Shooting things (Video, Picture, Gun, etc.)
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Way too much to choose from, but I generally like anything. With the exception of rap and country.
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Star Wars (The Original Six), The Boondock Saints, Scarface, The Godfather (All Three Parts), Enemy At The Gates
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Posted on: January 23, 2009, at 12:35:56pm   [0 comments]
Almost everything depends on perspective. What one person says, someone else could completly take out of hand just because of there perspective on the topic. It's like someone selling guns, it's nothing different from selling, say, car parts or radios. It's the same really. You get up, get on the phone, you meet you clients, discuss a fair price, make a delivery, recieve payment. It's what men have been doing for thousands of years, trading one thing for another. But if one attaches morality to it, makes it evil. That's just there perspective on the topic.

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ubersoldier writes...
at 1:22:08am on 10/9/09
Of course Renard is bomb.
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 12:10:03pm on 10/8/09
Renard is bomb yo.
disnikbmw writes...
at 12:44:38pm on 9/23/09
hey watsup
love ur icon!! lol
ubersoldier writes...
at 8:56:27pm on 12/8/08
HI HI to you to.
Platniumchi writes...
at 8:36:53pm on 12/8/08
Hi Hi
ubersoldier writes...
at 2:48:44pm on 12/6/08
shminghong writes...
at 8:11:25pm on 12/5/08
knuckles_lover246 writes...
at 8:58:08pm on 11/16/08
kool avi!
Destatsi writes...
at 6:16:28am on 8/21/08
tealinia_93 writes...
at 5:42:43pm on 3/18/08
lol Third to post on your wall! xD
Love the avi! ♥
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